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Glyos, more broadly referred to as the Glyos System, is a indie toy line/joint system produced by Onell Design. It was created by Matt and Michelle Doughty, and is sold on their website,

The lineup uses a simple peg-and-socket system known as the "Fit Function" that allows them to be rearranged in nearly limitless ways. This system is used in various other compatible lines, the companies producing them being known to fans as "Sister Companies".

The line's story takes place in the fictional "Glyos System", a galaxy at the edge of space. New planets and rifts are constantly being discovered here. It is home to many alien species, some native, and others who have settled on various planets. The story is told primarily told through comics and an 8 Bit Style series of flash games and videos known collectively as "passcode".

Story Tropes:

  • Benevolent Precursors: The Delphi have helped some species advance (Armovors)...
  • Eldritch Abomination: The Vilser, an extradimensional species composed mainly of tentacles who almost destroyed the Glyos system twice.
  • Grey-and-Grey Morality: The line seems to contain no true "good guys" or "bad guys", unlike many of the 1980s toylines that inspired it.
  • Mascot: Pheyden (and later Hades) is the "face" of the Glyos line since he was the first created character.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: The Glyos joint system is used by several other toylines including Banimon, Outer Space Men, and Callgrim.
  • Multiverse: the Glyos system has many "times and dimensions," including Phanost's timeline, the horrible Vilser-infested dimension of Bio Pheyden, Zorennor, and the Stealth Dimension.
  • Neglectful Precursors: The Delphi have also destroyed other species (Granthans).
  • Retraux: The "Passcode" subseries is depicted with NES style graphics, music, and SFX.
  • The Place: The line is named after the Glyos System, the galaxy in which it takes place.

Toy Tropes:

  • Art Evolution: Early toys had very simple paint jobs and used "Parts Swapping" for parts of the character that were different colors. When the line started to get more popular, the paint jobs started to become more complex (with many od them being used for the below-mentioned homages) and all figures were molded in one color, with the rest being paint.
  • Homage: The folks at Onell love these.
  • Kibbles and Bits: Some people use every single part of a set in their builds, which sometimes creates weird backpacks or huge guns with pieces sticking out everywhere.
  • Monster Mash: A recurring theme made prominent in a few waves such as Wave 76 (Vile Vendettas) and Wave 84 (The Wrath of Halkennite).
  • Palette Swap: Every toy in the line comes in various colors.
  • Secret Shop: A Secret Store was once available that could only be accessed by beating the flash game "The Cliffs of Granthan".