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Tear Jerker / Twitch Plays Pokémon HeartGold

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  • The Villains' Lament. A somewhat more sympathetic view on the antagonists of sagas past.
  • Given that the rival's name is '4' and Giovanni's son was named Silver in Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal, the implications are pretty horrifying.
  • Weakness, explaining why and how 4's Aipom was switched for Houndoom.
  • Immediately after meeting Bill in person, Croagunk was deposited in the PC.
  • Bill imprisons Alice.
  • Farewell to Diglett.
  • After defeating most of Team Rocket at the Radio Tower, inputs stopped working and Ao was paralyzed. Joey called to see what was wrong, but she was unable to answer him.
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  • After fighting Clair's Honchkrow, A ended up forgetting Shadow Sneak for amnesia. Some portray this as A gaining head trauma from the Air Slash it suffered from during the battle.
  • Groudon was released.
    • The guard will never get the mail Kenya was supposed to deliver. He's probably still waiting for him.
    • Immediately after, inputs stopped working. Aoooo was just staring at the wall, unmoving, horrified by what she had done.
    • The worst part is that, for the first time in a long while, the Mob was unified by the Cianwood Treaty, which was a compromise stipulating that Groudon would remain in the Day Care until after Jasmine was defeated and Team Rocket disbanded. They made good on their promise and fixed their Broken Base... for all of about one day before the release. The entire compromise was for naught, and the well-meaning unity of the Mob suddenly shattered, only to be replaced once again with the unified desire for revenge against Bill.
  • Poor Trapinch.
  • The Final Word of a God
  • Banette was released for no reason. Even worse, its Pokedex entries say they take revenge on those who abandon them.
  • Ao headed home to give mail out, but ended up almost tossing Vibrava's Grass Mail—the team's last memento of Kenya.
  • Goodbye, Route 9, my old friend.
  • The fact that this may be the final time the Mob will ever beat Misty.
  • The last half of the game, knowing that this is the last time the Mob will be seeing where everything started. They took a photo in front of Red/Alice's house and were overcome with feels upon seeing the place where Lord Helix was revived now in ruins.
  • A final goodbye for Kenya. Even more tear-jerking when taking the above into consideration, and knowing that each protagonist has gone through a similar ordeal.
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  • Domino No. 17. "What we do has consequences, Bill."
  • Aooo sold Kenya's Grass Mail.
  • Bill's final plan has a heartwarming moment with Zigzagoon.
  • Mount Silver.
  • "So the first thing I did was talk to the guy who gave us Kenya..."
  • In the Intermission, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was started. The Mob was a Cubone and their partner was a Charmander... who they named Abby with the use of Democracy.
    • Trolls later deleted the save data, killing Abby again.
  • Someone restarted the game to deliver Kenya's Mail.
  • The End of the Bill Saga.
  • Zigzagoon is Sad.
  • Zigzagoon vs. 4.
  • One last message from Bill.


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