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Tear Jerker / The Garden of Sinners

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Overlooking View

  • Poor Kirie. After her illness she didn't hold any feeling to live anymore, and yet she saw Mikiya as her Living Emotional Crutch despite he never noticed her.
    "But I have a feeling that this person should be able to fly to anywhere he wants if he tries. That's why...I really wished that he could take me with him"
  • Kirie’s suicide and Famous Last Words:
    Since I’m weak, I cannot do as she said. That’s why I cannot overcome this temptation. The flash of light I felt when I was stabbed in the heart. The overwhelming torrent of death and the beat of life. I always thought I had nothing, but there is still that simple thing left in me. What’s there is death. This fear that sends a chill down my spine. I have to feel the most death I can to feel the happiness of life. For everything in my life I have ignored until now. But it probably would be impossible to die like I did that night. I probably cannot hope for such a striking end. That death pierced me like lightning, like a needle, like a sword. That’s why I will try to come as close to that as possible. I don’t have any idea right now but I still have a few days to think about it. And I’ve already decided on the method. I don’t think I even need to say this, but I think my end should be a long fall from a place overlooking the world.
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  • This line from Touko, after witnessing the suicide.
    “She had no reason to kill herself. She just wasn’t able to fly”

Murder Speculation - Part 1

  • Shiki's dillemma about her newfound love for Mikiya. Let's put it like this: Shiki and SHIKI like him, with this being the only other thing that SHIKI has known besides murder. As such, she feels that since he won't remove himself from her life, she'll remove herself from his, so she tries multiple times to distance herself from him, but Mikiya keeps going after her.

Lingering Sense of Pain

  • Fujino, faced with death, in a calm and heartbreakingly sad voice, tells herself that she doesn't want to die. That it hurts (her sense of pain had been artificially removed since she was young) and that she wants to be here, love someone, and experience living. Normally, she would've been screwed either way since she's got a terminal disease. Good thing Shiki's Blue-and-Orange Morality has some sort of sense of pity or something.

Hollow Shrine

  • Shiki realizing that SHIKI is dead and gone. It tears her up so much that she nearly just lets herself die.

Paradox Spiral

  • The fight between Enjou's parents is pretty hard to watch.
  • Enjou remembering his childhood memories, crying as he realizes that he never truly understood the sacrifices his parents made for him. And the significance of the key. Oh, the key….
  • The moment where Enjou gives Mikiya his farewells and gives him Shiki’s key to her apartment. Harsher in Hindsight when you remember Enjou's childhood memories about the key to his house.
    "Just take it. It’s you who needs to keep it safe from now on".
  • "How I wish this spiral was a paradox."
  • Enjou's Famous Last Words from the light novel
    “My family didn’t deserve to die like they did. They weren’t so bad that they deserved to be killed! I’m not worthless. I existed! I’ve lived!”
    • Replacing the short but equally heartbreaking last words from the film
      "I was here."
  • The cafe scene near the end of movie 5, where Shiki and Enjou give their last farewells.
  • Paradox Spiral's ending theme, Sprinter's lyrics are absotutely heart-breaking, give the unnecessary yet unavoidable Heroic Sacrifice.
    "The only thing we can do is helplessly scream
    That we're alive until we run out of strength.
    Does it reach you?
    Do I reach you?
    Smash the sweetness of despair and start sprinting right now
    To the end of the spiral..."

Oblivion Recorder

  • Azaka reminiscing about the old neighbor of their childhood. His family had abandoned him and he was all alone, but young Mikiya befriended him and became his Living Emotional Crutch. The neighbor soon passed away of old age and even young Azaka was very depressed about it. Little Mikiya decided not to cry and hold back, much to Azaka’s concern.
  • Satsuki Kurogiri´s death in the light novel, at the hands of Ouji. Alas, Poor Villain, indeed.

Murder Speculation - Part 2

  • Shirazumi's diary in particular, revealing that the Magnificent Bastard was once an average teenager who went through a lot of hell after being rejected by Shiki, accidentally murdering someone and having his Origin awakened.
  • Shiki and Shirazumi's reactions towards Mikiya's supposed death.
    • Shirazumi's reaction in the light novel. After stabbing Mikiya in a fit of rage, he calms down and has a huge Sanity Slippage moment, reminiscing about his high school days with Mikiya all the while. It's sad, and it's twisted, and we see a human side to Shirazumi that's almost always buried, a human side that Mikiya's presence brought within him. Which makes it even more of a Tear Jerker when it's revealed by Word of God that Shirazumi was a Deadpan Snarker with a Friendless Background...and you realize that Mikiya was probably the first real friend he'd ever had. Too bad the film made Shirazumi more focused on Shiki and handled Mikiya's "death" quickly.
      "...And so, the part of me that still holds the old Lio Shirazumi quiets and fades. I'm sorry, Kokuto. It looks like the part of me you believed in has now finally disappeared."
    • Shiki's reaction. She becomes stricken with despair as she clutches the knife that stabbed him and lets Shirazumi attack her limbs. Despite the deadly assault, Shiki reflects on her loss believing that Shirazumi had already done his worst by killing Mikiya, her Living Emotional Crutch. After reflecting and expressing her grief, Shiki suddenly gains her resolve, enters into a Tranquil Fury and slashes Shirazumi in seconds.
  • Mikiya finding Shirazumi's corpse.
    "I am sorry old friend. No matter what situation you had found yourself in, you did not deserve to die..."
  • After killing Shirazumi, Shiki collapses and realizes that she really doesn't have any reason to get up, since her Living Emotional Crutch is apparently dead. Then Mikiya then claws his way back to her as they both hug. Doubles as Heartwarming.
    "But...I'm a murderer."

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