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Tear Jerker / TOME

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T.O.M.E (The Remake) provides examples of:

Episode 00

How about hearing the agonizing screams of Kirbopher/Zetto while he feels the sensation of getting his arm ripped off? Yeah, that'll do it to ya.
  • The entire episode, if we're being honest.
  • The Reveal that Rubirules is the one who gave SOFTDI her body, considering what he does to her in the future.

Episode 01

  • Alpha's saying how he really wants Nylocke and the others to like him. It helps establish Alpha is kind of friendless and lonely.

Episode 04

  • Despite it being a heartwarming moment as well, Alpha saying he's never had friends like the Five-Man Band before. Kirb ruins the moment by calling him a loser, but it's still a sad one.

Episode 05

  • Flamegirl and Kirbopher's brutally insulting each other nonstop to the point and Alpha's trying to stop them until he eventually screams "STOP IT EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP!" which shocks everyone. It only gets worse from there.


Episode 06

  • The episode is called Dragon Drama. Of course there are tearjerker moments.
    • To start off, we see Nylocke break character for the first time. He is so torn about his desire to help Kirb because it directly takes away the escapism he wants from his real life. To see Nylocke, the character who seemed to be the most outgoing character, become so distraught is too sad.

Episode 07

  • Kirbopher findng out Alpha signed up for the Gemini Tournament without telling him and his reaction, as well as him failing to put up a facade that he was happy with the outcome.
  • Alpha's despair over the events of Episode 05 and how badly it's affected him, and just how guilty he feels because of what happened.


Episode 08

  • Kirbopher's giving up on the Gemini Tournament and just being completely despondent the whole time.

Episode 10

  • How everyone's badmouthing Alpha because of the stuff that happened with the Forbidden Power, and after battling a bunch of players trying to make him use it, all he can do is angrily vent that he just wants to be done with the Forbidden Power for good.
  • The Wham Line that reveals Alpha's real name to be Michael and how people outside of TOME view him as a weird anti-social nerd because he's a Shrinking Violet who stays home and plays video games. This heavily implies that he's heard them say this about him, yet also gives hope that Michael could have friends outside of TOME.
    • Meanwhile, Flamegirl's begging him to wake up because he's unconcious from losing to Demon Zetto.
  • "Well... Maybe this is about as good as it's going to get."

Episode 13

  • Rockoon discovering who Skeight is and realizing in horror that he's been nothing but mean to him.
  • Alpha and Kirbopher splitting apart from each other because Kirbopher doesn't want Alpha to get mixed up in the mess with the Forbidden Power, to the point that Kirb yells at him about how Alpha needs to just stay out of the bullshit and how nothing will be the same anymore if Alpha and the others get back.
    Kirbopher: "You're nuts."
    Alpha: "Probably."

Episode 14

  • Nearly all of Episode 14 after the fights with Odboll and Tigerlily. Those who have had a history with anxiety and stress due to neglect or a lack of acceptance will feel this one the most. Not only is Neomutant knocked out, but Nylocke is captured by Zetto and turned into a component for the near-complete antivirus program. While this worries both Alpha and Flamegirl, they manage to keep it together as it's just them now. They're assaulted by Kizuna and Zetto, and while Zetto is talking to Kizuna, Flamegirl screams in agony as she is presumably killed by the antivirus in her character consuming her completely. The antivirus energy goes into the Dragon Bug vaccine program and powers it up, and the first thing it does upon activating? It repeats Flamegirl's exact scream. Alpha's face reads pure terror. At this time the Forbidden Power is released and on the move, the Netkings unable to seal it away. The Dragon Bug flies into a portal taking it to Sanctuary but Alpha angrily grabs onto it and rides it there. Zetto switches back to Kirbopher and tries to take the Power down, now called Kajet. He puts up a good fight but is crushed in its grip in the end. When Alpha gets to Sanctuary, he hops off the Dragon Bug and one of the first things he sees is Kirbopher's lifeless body. Upon seeing this, he doesn't even say anything. With all his friends being gone, Alpha lets out a Skyward Scream. What drives this home is the look of sheer fear and dread on his face. The poor guy starts hyperventilating and sucking on air as memories of his friends flash through his head, him coming to the realization that they're gone and he's alone. As he screams his eyes roll back in his head and the camera pans up, ending the episode. You can hear his emotional pain through his scream. The loss of the people he cares about, the ones who accepted him for who he is, causes him to positively LOSE IT.

Episode 15

  • Alpha attacking Zetto in a fit of rage after finding out his true identity. Zetto doesn't even fight back, he just holds him off, until Alpha grabs him and starts screaming at him. To see their friendship slowly fissure and crack up to this point is pretty heart-wrenching in itself, but this just puts the icing on the cake.
    • Making this worse is Alpha having what looks like a near panic attack because Kirb got swatted by Kajet and wasn't getting up. Until his Spotting the Thread moment, he thought one of his only friends was dead... and then he found out that that friend was actually the cause of everything.
  • Zetto crying and saying sorry for all he has done and how he spends the entire episode trying to save Flamegirl from what happened.
  • The sendoff for Gamecrazed after the reveal of them being SOFDTI's avatar as they say their goodbyes and accept whatever fate is in store for them.
  • When Kizuna admitted her feelings for Zetto in an emotional standoff against SOFDTI out of fear that she might spawn another Forbidden Power and hurt Zetto all over again. And then Zetto shoots her in the back to protect SOFDTI as she looks horrified at him and logs out.
    • Not made any better by the Fact Bubble special revealing that Zetto and Kizuna weren't on speaking terms for a while after that event. As well as the fact that Zetto's intent in shooting her in the back wasn't just to save SOFDTI, but as a way of saying "please, no more..."
  • The memorial to Kirbopher in the credits that's just his sword and his hat. The character is dead for good thanks to his Last Stand.
  • The live-action ending where Alpha, Flamegirl, Nylocke and Zetto all finally meet in person and Flamegirl runs up and hugs Alpha once he gets her attention. Then they all get in for a group picture in the video camera recording the moment with a piano version of Battle On playing.
    • And then the four words that end off the series after that image fades out speaks volumes.
    SOFDTI: "Thank you for playing."

TOME Shorts

  • Plan Z. Just... Plan Z.

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