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TOME finds itself with a plethora of original music made for the series, from those such as Weston Durant (Kajetokun) and Yoav Landau (The Living Tombstone). And it's all awesome.

  • "Battle On!", a lighthearted, laid-back, pop-rocky song that serves as the theme tune of the show's first season. With instrumental, orchestral, jazz, and rock remixes.
  • "The Battlegrid!!", the main battle tune of the series that serves as a throwback to classic JRPG battle themes.
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  • "Mildly Important Boss Fight", another fun throwback to JRPG games that plays whenever the heroes are up against a stronger-than-usual foe. It really does sound like a mildly important boss fight!
  • Alpha's theme, "A Hero's Wings", which starts off on a somber note, emphasizing his introverted personality and desire to be liked, then picks up and becomes more triumphant, representing the confidence he gets from the Forbidden Power.
  • "Hot Stuff Comin' Thru", the theme of Flamegirl, a chill, calming beat that refers to her down-to-earth nature.
  • "Dragon of the Cold Steel", a dramatic and victorious piece, fitting of Nylocke and his over-the-top roleplaying antics.
  • "Purple Shadows", a mysterious yet surprisingly upbeat and catchy tune that serves as the Leitmotif for Gamecrazed.
  • Last of the heroes' Leitmotifs is "Dangerous Duo", which works as both Kirbopher's theme and the theme of Shogun and Tsuzuku.
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  • "The Hacker Factor", a simplistic beat that refers to the mysterious hackers and their unknown plans.
  • Season 2 gives us "The Hacker Factor Multiplies", an amped-up remix of the aforementioned Hacker theme, meant to signify how badly shit is going to get real now that we know what's going on.
  • "Survive the Drama", the theme for Zetto, sounds surprisingly gloomy in reference to Zetto's hidden motivations, but the fact that it's quick and dirty emphasizes his confidence and ability to kick ass.
  • "Fun Times", a goofy and cute tune that plays whenever something significantly less-serious is going on in the series.
  • "THE VIRUS", a dark, foreboding, and genuinely chilling theme that starts off quiet as the Forbidden Power awakens within Alpha's consciousness, and slowly becomes more apparent as it starts taking full control of him.
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  • "Awaken The Beast", a very savage sounding tune that calls to the Forbidden Power having turned Alpha into a near-mindless creature with only the capacity to kill, picking up occasionally to emphasize the urgency of the situation.
  • "A Hero's Weakness", a Lighter and Softer version of Alpha's main theme.
  • "Penultimate Battle", an absolutely epic, tournament-style battle theme that plays during Alpha's fight with Zetto in the Gemini Tournament.
  • "Endless Clash", a much slower theme that builds up to the final battle of the tournament, with Nylocke and Gamecrazed facing off against Zetto and Kizuna. Also plays in the climactic fight in space between Gamecrazed and Webmaster.
  • "Survive tHE VIRUS", a Dark Reprise of Zetto's theme, combining bits from "THE VIRUS" and "Survive the Drama", to make an epic, yet desperate-sounding tune for a virus-possessed Zetto that starts with what is akin to a warning siren to ensure you don't forget how screwed you'd be.
  • "Heroes Don't Ask Questions", the main theme of Season 2, a much less lighthearted and more intense theme that represents the main characters' evolution through the series.
  • "Green Groves of Peace", the relaxing theme of the combat-free Sanctuary region, not out of place in a Pokemon game.
  • "Intensity of the Kings", a truly epic fight song that plays through the heroes' fights with the creators of TOME themselves, the Netkings.
  • "Dance of the Queen", a rearranged version of the Netkings' theme that plays when Flamegirl fights the sound designer of TOME, Kindarspirit.

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