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    Active WMGs 

What is Plan.Net?
  • At the beginning of every episode before the "Netking Software" symbol, there is a symbol in which a USB cord loops around a network with the words Plan.Net in front of it. The USB cord and Network are a reference to the various season logos of TTA, but the meaning of "Plan.Net" itself is never explained...
    • Given the conversation that occurs in Episode 00 between the Netkings, it is likely the company that hired Netking Software to start working on TOME. This is not confirmed, however - it's only stated that "Plan.Net's expecting us to deliver on this game", meaning that Plan.Net could be any sort of party who needed TOME to be completed.

Characters' Real Names
  • As of the Grand Finale, only four characters have had their real names revealed to the audience (five if you count SOFDTI), which is significantly fewer than in TTA (where almost everybody's real name got revealed eventually). Alpha is named Michael, Flamegirl is named Stephanie, Webmaster is John, and Rockoon's name is Rodney Rockwell (unique in that he's the only character whose surname is revealed in the whole show, a distinction not even held by the main characters). This, of course, presents some interesting possibilities for the other members of the cast. The first episode and the real-world context behind other names strongly imply that Kirbopher/Zetto's real name is Christophernote ; aside from the fact that he is a self-insert of Chris Niosi in many ways, he also mentions that his username "Kirbopher" is "like Christopher, except Kirbier" in the first episode, possibly indicating that he got the inspiration for his username in much the same way as Niosi himself. It is also likely that Nylocke's real name is Colin, considering that the original Nailock was named such because "Niloc" is Colin backwards (Colin being another one of Niosi's friends at the time). However, because Martin Billany's portrayal has become such an iconic part of the character, it is equally possible that Nylocke's real name is Martin, which seems to be a widely accepted bit of Fanon among some circles of the fan community. Kindarspirit was named after an admin from Kirby's Rainbow Resort (Sarah Jacquie), suggesting that her real name is Sarah, but it has also been suggested by some fans that her real name is Samantha, which would seem to befit her characterization in some ways. Finally, Kizuna is the TOME version of Ruri from TTA, who was directly based off of Niosi's girlfriend at the time (Santana Questa), which would seem to suggest that her name is Santana. However, given her alias "Tigerlilly" in TOME, it is entirely possible that her name is "Lilly" or a variation thereof. There is very little evidence to support any names one way or another for any other members of the cast, and since Niosi appears reluctant to give any further insight into the matter, it would appear that any other information will remain a Riddle for the Ages.

SOFTDI/GC manipulated the lottery for the Netking challenge.
  • Because she wanted to win so her friends could meet her parents.

The lyrics to "Heroes Don't Ask Questions" are actually Alpha singing about Zetto.
  • The lyrics to Heroes Don't Ask Questions seem to be Blake Swift singing about Alpha, but in retrospect, they could also be about Zetto. Both were innocent young men looking for true friends, who ended up getting involved with more than they ever imagined and are put in dangerous situations. Some of the lyrics, however, particularly "At the edge of Heaven or Hell..." seem to apply more to Zetto than to Alpha, since Zetto was torn between his friends and Rubirules's grand master plan, putting him in a moral dilemma.

SOFDTI can possess people just like The Forbidden Power can.
  • This isn't a prediction about future events so much as curiosity over whether or not she can do it too. She might prefer not to do it unless she had to, and even then, she might be a bit hesitant or guilty about doing so, especially without proper permission.

The world of Mega Man Battle Network takes place in an alternate universe where Rubirules got his way.
  • After being defeated in the Season 2 Finale, Rubirules's description of what he was trying to accomplish sounds an awful lot like the world of 20XX in the Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man NT Warrior franchises, which Word of God acknowledges in the final Fact Bubble Special. Who's to say Rubirules's work with SOFDTI didn't influence Dr. Hikari on some level, and help create NetNavis as we see them in the MMBN series?
    • This would even make sense from a timeline perspective - TOME takes place in the years 2020 and 2021, and MMBN takes place in the undefined year of 20XX. Who's to say that Dr. Hikari didn't notice SOFDTI shortly after Rubirules's hypothetical victory, and that Lan was born in the later part of the 21st century (say, the 2070s or 2080s?) By then, the world Rubirules was trying to create would have long since happened.

Zetto used to live in the New York City area, but moved to Seattle when he got a job at Netking Software.
  • This would parallel how the real-world Chris Niosi used to live in NY, but moved to California to pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry. In Episode 2, Kirbopher suggests to Sniperwheel that "maybe [they] come from the same place", referencing how both Jon Jafari and Niosi himself have lived in the New York area. It would make a lot of sense for a young, fresh-out-of-school Zetto to move to Washington state to pursue a Tech industry career, especially if he had gotten a good job offer out there beforehand.

TOME is meant to be a reconstruction of virtual reality stories.
  • .hack is a straight example (the characters do make friends and fight evil online, but there are some campy elements), while Modern VR stories like Sword Art Online have a darker take on the concept (although there is still some Camp there, too). With this in mind, TOME seems to be mainly based on the .Hack model, but does away with a lot of the Camp and features some dark aspects such as the Forbidden Power. The characters face personal challenges, but these are resolved by the end; and ultimately the story comes out better for it.

    Resolved WMGs 

Gemini Tournament Teams
  • Nylocke/Gamecrazed (Confirmed)
  • Hyprelynx/Elescope (Confirmed)
  • Tsuzuku/Shogun (Confirmed)
  • Saturndiva/Whyti
    • Seemingly confirmed - see the Cameo Event video, in which every character in a known pairing is lined up next to their partner - so are these two.
  • Granda/T-Bones
    • Seemingly confirmed - see the entry directly above.
  • Flamegirl/Demonking (Both Fire Spellcasters?)
    • Jossed
  • Sniperwheel/Character voiced by Egoraptor
    • While not impossible, considering Egoraptor's passionate review on newgrounds and his opinions of subtitled video games on his tumblr (which are similar to Niosi's talking avatars), this seems very unlikely. Do read the review though, it almost caused a Fandom Rivalry.
      • Well, considering how Kirb did a fan animation and remix of GameGrumps. It's safe to say Kirbopher doesn't have a lot of bad blood towards Ego, if any at all; still unlikely for him to appear in an episode though.
      • What about Sniperwheel and someone voiced by PeanutButterGamer? He works with JonTron a lot, and doesn't have Ego's criticism of the show (as far as I'm aware.) Although, they wouldn't be able to make Game Grumps references, which would be the main reason for having Egoraptor there in the first place.
      • It should be noted that Chris O'Neill (aka Oney), who also criticized the early episodes of TOME very harshly, made a cameo appearance in "Infectuation", and since he (like JonTron) is a close collaborator with Egoraptor, that might (emphasis on might) be a good sign for Arin's chances of making a cameo himself.
      • Since Jon and Game Grumps are splitsville now, it looks like the odds of Arin making a cameo have pretty much evaporated.
  • Kirbopher/Sniperwheel
    • Jossed.
  • Alpha/Kirbopher
    • Jossed. Kirb teams up with Archy
  • Alpha/Flamegirl
    • Confirmed
  • Zetto/ Ruri (assuming that is her name in this iteration)
    • Seemingly confirmed, judging by this teaser art for Episode 8 posted to the series' Facebook page
  • Zetto/Tigerlilly
  • Rockoon/Doubling : Niosi has stated that he enjoys their dynamic, and in episode 4 Rockoon said that he misses Doubling.
    • But they've both been identified by several people as hackers.
    • Confirmed in the new short "Rockoon's Modern Strife". In a twist Doubling is playing as a different character. A fighter named "Skeight". He joins Rockoon in the tournament, with Rockoon being unaware he's secretly Doubling.
  • A Hacker team will show up. Possibly with an Early-Bird Cameo of characters from the original series.
    • Confirmed. See above
  • Serpentine/A Gamecrazed Evil Counterpart. or Serpentine/A Hacker. And they'll be paired up against Nylocke/Gamecrazed.
    • The Gamecrazed counterpart would likely be Splat, or TOME's version of Gamecrasher.
      • Doubling is also an evil Morphological, but both he and Splat have been ID'd as hackers, so that's a no-go on either of them competing.
      • Until episode 8 or Word of God confirms it though, them being excluded just for being hackers is just an assumption.
  • Kirbopher/Zetto
    • Jossed.
  • Serpentine/Demonking (hey, he did say Nylocke would pay)
    • I really doubt he'd go straight to the guy who harassed him through the entire region for knowledge he said he can't teach to get "revenge" for one small misunderstanding.
  • Granda/Demonking (another potential anti-Nylocke pairing)
  • Serpentine/Granda (and another)
  • Neomutant/Splat
    • She works for D-Buggers too, and he could get with her to get over Flamey.
      • Splat, like Neomutant, has been outed as a hacker. Asterob was contracted by the admins to make the mansion that she broke into, so he'd probably be good enough testimony to bar her from competition.
  • Neomutant/Rockoon
    • Again, public use of hacking is not likely to give him permission to participate in public events.
      • He got around his hacker reputation by making a new bright red character "Rackoon".
  • Zetto/Neomutant
    • A quick and easy way to confirm Zetto's affiliation with Also, it provides an It's Personal angle for both Alpha and Flamey at the same time.
  • Neomutant/Tigerlilly
    • A more direct form of help from D-Buggers.
      • Jossed, the pairing is Neomutant and a new hacker, Dustbunny.
  • Asterob/Sniperwheel
    • Basically confirmed from their appearance in the Cameo Event video; they're lined up next to each other, just like every known pairing for the tournament.

Gemini Tournament match ups

First Round

  • Nylocke /Gamecrazed vs Saturndiva/Whyti (GC fought SD in the original, and it's likely they'll maintain at least some of the fights there if they can)
  • Alpha/Flamegirl vs Neomutant/Partner
  • Kirbopher/Archy vs Zetto/Partner
    • The only WMG on this list to be confirmed...and it's only partial. Archy gets taken out in the first round and for some reason is not allowed back in, and Kirb essentially gives up when the battle starts, making this a fight in name only.
  • Kirbopher/Archy vs Alpha/Flamegirl (Kirb did say he'd kick their ass.)
  • Nylocke/Gamecrazed vs Neomutant/Partner
    • ( Reasoning: At the end of episode 7 Tigerlilly says Neomutant's next mission is to retreive an "item that's eluded them". Neomutant's next mission might be to steal the drain edge from Nylocke and Gamecrazed so that they can store the forbidden power inside it.)
  • Alpha/Flamegirl vs Cameo Event Winners
  • Nylocke/Gamecrazed vs Cameo Event Winners
  • Kirbopher/Archy vs Cameo Event Winners
  • Zetto/Partner vs Cameo Event Winners
  • Rockoon/Skeight vs Cameo Event Winners

  • Semi-finals
    • Nylocke/Gamecrazed vs Asterob/Sniperwheel (Their matches in Round 2 are against nameless mooks, and Demonking, who only advanced to that round because they fought other nameless mooks)
      • Confirmed.

  • Finals (in order of most likely to least likely):
    • Zetto/Kizuna vs Nylocke/Gamecrazed (To mirror the final match in the original version)
      • Confirmed.
    • Alpha/Flamegirl vs Nylocke/Gamecrazed (Possible; A good-hearted match to close out beating Zetto and/or whatever hacker threat that arises)
    • Zetto/Kizuna vs Asterob/Sniperwheel (Less possible; A decisive, depressing and dismissive win to further drive home the loss of both remaining protagonist teams)
    • Alpha/Flamegirl vs Asterob/Sniperwheel (Yeah, no.)

Nylocke receiving the drain edge is foreshadowing for something big that will happen during/after the tournament arc
  • Since the drain edge is a very powerful item it could be foreshadowing for something that will happen in a battle during the tournament, or possibly set up how he could win the tournament. Or some unknown event during/after the tournament. And if it's any of those things you know he's going to do something badass with it.
    • The fact that it's in on an actual sword which can hypothetically be separated from the character, rather than a blade that seems to literally be the character's arm, means that it might be able to store Alpha's "forbidden power".
      • Jossed. They were after Asterob's shield and the Forbidden power cannot be contained by Asterob's beta items.
      • Un-jossed. Nylocke uses the drain edge to contain the Forbidden Power from Zetto after he absorbs all of it, similar to the original.
    • Also the fact that it seems impervious to any damage, and that it can unleash ChargedAttacks the same way Asterob's shield does, seems to suggest that it could even absorb Zetto's Ki Attacks, and send them back at him. Gamecrazed himself said breaking it was "impossible".
      • Confirmed that he uses it to absorb Zetto's Ki attacks.

That wasn't who you thought it was at the end of episode 11
  • At the end of episode 11 our merry batch of heroes was confronted by a Netking using Zetto's old skin,. Obviously it can't actually Zetto for two reasons. The first reason is that Kirb was right there in front of him and both characters had colored pupils the whole time, but they never we never saw both sets of eyes at the same time so we can't be certain. The second reason is that who ever it is used Zetto's old costume not his new one which we saw earlier in the episode.
    • It is possible the person using Zetto's old skin is Kindarspirit. We never saw her new costume, and we se a silhouette in the crystal that "Zetto" breaks out of that looks close enough to Kinderspirit that it may be her.
    • Considering the color of the crystal that you-know-who breaks out of, it's possible that it's really Rubyrulez (or TOME's version of him) using his shape-shifting abilities.
  • Confirmed to be Rubirules, Netking #4.

The order the Netkings are fought in will be in reverse order from TTA. Also, the order the characters appear in the credits will be the lineup of who fights them
  • In TTA, Webmaster invokes the netking's policy of "fight one, fight them all" to involve the main five in the plot. This wouldn't have worked in TOME do to the separation of the Netking arc and the Demon Zetto arc by the season gap, so Gamecrazed wins a lottery instead. In TTA, Kirbopher 15 fought Webmaster, Gamecrazed fought Blitz 128, Flamegirl fought Kindarspirit, Nailock fought Rubyrulz and Kirbppher 15 (again) fights EXE. Since Execk is is the reboots's answer to EXE and Alpha fights him (replacing one of Kirbopher's two matches), and assuming that Webmaster is the last Netking the players face, it is only reasonable to assume that either Flamegirl or Nylocke will face the Netking in the pink-decorated room with the Double Zetto, the other will face the Netking afterwards, Gamecrazed will take the subsequent fight (Alpha already seemingly confirms this, as the main five may or may not know Webmaster is the final challenge and Gamecrazed was nominated for taking the "final" fight), while Kirbopher/Zetto takes on Webmaster.
    • This would actually work well in accordance with the "Webmaster is evil" theory above -
In TTA, EXE unveils himself as a villain and the true mastermind behind the D-Bug org at the end of TTA's Season 2. If Webmaster is the final Netking the players fight (in EXE's place compared to TTA), Webmaster may very well be the true mastermind behind all the events occurring with the forbidden power. This would be especially symbolic if Kirbopher (who is Zetto in this incarnation of the story) fights him- what the players think is merely the final Netking challenge may actually be the ultimate battle of good and evil in TOME.
  • Proved to be mostly false; while the Netkings were fought in the reverse order while compared to TTA, the characters do not fight them in the order they appeared in the credits. The netkings keep their numbering though (with Execk being #5, Rubirules being #4, Kindarspirit being #3, Bitshrum (the reboot's Blitz 128) being #2, and Webmaster being #1; Zetto and Kizuna are #6 and #7, respectively, meaning that an extra Netking has been added (unless Kizuna goes crazy and becomes the reboot's version of Darkeyesofanubis, but that's another WMG. Alpha fights Execk, Nylocke fights Rubirules, Flamegirl fights Kindarspirit (keeping the Designated Girl Fight from TTA, although Flamegirl only takes on Kindarspirit because Gamecrazed was promised the final fight, Alpha and Nylocke had already gone and Kirb was...ah... out of commission), Kirbopher fights Bitshrum and Gamecrazed takes on the "final boss" Webmaster.

The story will completely diverge from TTA after the tournament
  • We've already had two filler episodes that were longer than the ones with adapted material, and the tournaments already been changed to a tag-team one, so it's safe to say it's going to be entirely different by the time we finish with that arc
    • Confirmed. Zetto turning out to be Kirbopher is a Shocking Swerve which has no antecedent in the original TTA.
  • Sort of. Although Zetto is really Kirb and Kizuna is the leader of the hackers, much of the plot remains the same, with some arcs shortened and others lengthened or adapted into a different arc of the story, such as the Challenge of the Netkings.

Flamegirl will get virus powers instead of Kirbopher
  • Aside from being Alpha's love interest in the show Niosi hasn't been able go much of anywhere with her character arc so far. This has been noted in episode 5 when Kirb and Flamey argue with each other. And Niosi clearly wants to make her more of a badass this time around. Giving her unique powers is one way he could do that. So in an effort to figure out what's going on with Alpha she'll stumble upon a virus power that puts her into a similar situation to the one Alpha's in. Also the D-bug in TTA has purple FLAMES. c'mon! It totally makes more sense for her to have it!
    • She's shown to be using some sort of power with a purple flame around her in episode 7. Niosi also states in episode 7's commentary that it was planned all along before episode 1 was even made for Flamegirl to get the purple flame's powers in the reboot.
      • That, however, was confirmed to be the result of Ravenfreak planting that violet flame power on her back in Episode 3, specifically as a means of keeping Demon!Alpha in check. Whether this implanted power will result in virus powers is anyone's guess, but if a Cooldown Hug is all it takes, I doubt the Hackers would intentionally give Flamey that extra power.
      • Well they call it a power themselves in the show, but aside from that it's practically Word of God by this point. Chris has stated in a commentary of episode 07 that it was always intended for flamegirl to get the violet flame power instead of Kirbopher. And the script supervisor Liz mentions her getting "a power of her own" in a fanart for the show.

The Five-Man Band will patch everything up by the end of Episode 08
  • This is because "Fraggedquest" was originally intended as Episode 08 (before Niosi rescheduled it for Episode 04 to serve as a suitable finale in case he decided to end production on the series), and all is well with them at the beginning of the episode (in fact, questing together could be interpreted as a whole "burying the hatchet" gesture). Because "Fraggedquest" being moved to fourth bumped everything after it, this makes the original Episode 07 the new Episode 08.
  • Jossed. They actually seem more divided than ever, but make up a couple episodes later.

  • is being sent by Ruri or whatever her name is in the reboot. Being Zetto's likely partner in the tournament, she may be sending them after potentially strong competitors to test them, as well as provoke the virus within Alpha.
  • Could be the random red cat seen in Episode 03 and 05 with transformation powers. It could also be a player since it appears to log in to the game like one in Dragon Drama.
    • Or the cat IS Ruri, who can transform like Ravenfreak did.
      • I am 90% sure that this is the case. In this early concept art of TOME done by Kirbopher, not only is Ruri's color scheme the same as the cat's, but she also has the same bell on her tail that the cat has.
      • Confirmed.
    • In the episode 3 Commentary Blake Swift says the logo "looks like a Kitty" the logo also has four circles for eyes, just like the Tigerlilly's four eyes. A cat also appears earlier in the same episode (one episode after the icon was first shown). And a red cat appears in episode 05 before Tigerlilly attacks. Tigerlilly might be the leader of the Hackers, observing the main characters and hacker henchmen in the form of a small red cat, and testing if the main characters have the Forbidden Power in the Robotic Cat form.
  • is this reboot's version of Voltarius. Tigerlilly is the confirmed leader of the group, like how Voltarius was leader of the D-Bug (and D-Bug II) in the original series, and appears to be some mecha suit hiding a character inside, much like Voltarius was with TTA!Zetto.
  • Since at least two characters have shown that you can make new characters by creating different accounts. It's likely that Tigerlily could be anyone else introduced in the show playing the Tigerlilly character.

Zetto is Kirbopher using Multiple Accounts (Multi-Boxing)
  • At least one person who commented on Newgrounds believes this, and it's actually possible in some games to run two game clients on the same computer. In other games you have to run them on multiple computers. The only question would be if there are any restrictions on Multi-Boxing in TOME that make it impossible. In fact there's plenty of details that suggest Zetto and Kirbopher are the same person, such as:
    • Along with Kirbopher, Zetto was another name that Niosi used on the TV Tome forums that TOME is inspired from. They also have the same voice actor in both the original and the reboot of the show; in fact, they're the only named characters who share a voice actor. Even most of the extras have their own individual voice actors!
    • We know that Demon Alpha's attacks cause the people they affect to log out. Moments after Kirb was knocked from the game, Zetto signed in.
    • Upon signing in, Zetto's first words are "Well, it's about time" which are the words Kirb greets Alpha with in episode 1.
    • Zetto has some apparent familiarity with Alpha.
    • Some time after Zetto retreats from the crater he left Alpha in, Kirb signs back in.
    • They both love PvP, so much that they end up seeming like the online gaming version of a BloodKnight.
    • Finally In episodes 2 and 4 Kirbopher is passionately against giving any real life information about himself to other players, even his friends. Instead of being simply paranoid, the real reason for this is because he's really someone else, and revealing his real self would reveal his other identity!
      • Or he could just be naturally suspicious of giving personal information to people he's never met in real life, which anyone in their right mind would be.
  • Still, the personalities between the two are different, from friendly competitive and borderline obsessive. If the virus power causes a change to the person in real life instead of giving them head trauma upon kicked out, it might be a believable case. Especially if Kirb vaguely remembers what happened and is actually beat up about not just pushing Alpha off the deep end, but thoroughly handing his ass to him.
    • Their personalities being slightly different is also believable if they're roleplaying. Which a multiboxer might do anyway if they didn't want their multi-boxing to be obvious.
  • This theory makes more sense if Zetto is the main account. He could be the Inspector Javert using Kirbopher as a mole character to investigate the "forbidden power". Note that Zetto doesn't even have to be The Mole or Inspector Javert intentionally. For all we know he could be a famous player or a Netking, who draws a crowd, and originally created the Kirbopher character so people wouldn't bug him with questions while he's playing. Meaning all of Kirb's character development up to "Awaken The Beast" and after that would still be real.
    • Also if Zetto has the same backstory as in TTA. Feeling the pain inflicted from the forbidden power on the Kirbopher character would likely provoke him to sign in as Zetto. Since it hurt him in the past, if he's not still obsessed with it in this version he'd likely want to protect other people from being harmed by it.
  • Jossed. Kirb and Zetto appear in different areas at several points in Episode 8, and eventually are matched against each other, with Zetto the winner.
    • Not really. As noted earlier in the first entry it's possible to run two accounts at the same time in some MMO's, or you can use multiple PC's as well to play two characters in the same place. In fact if it were one person controlling both characters the fact that Kirb let Zetto kill him, and barely even moved, and didn't even speak, during the match makes sense, because it's harder to control two characters at once, and make a convincing fight because of the amount of multitasking it takes, and possible lag that would come with it.
  • Zetto's angry rant towards Nylocke seems quite personal as a "Reason You Suck Speech", with "awkward social antics" and "pathetic coping mechanisms". Plus, as the first time being genuinely pissed off in his showing thus far, he sounded a LOT like Kirb. The only thing that stays my vote is how in the previous episode, Zetto was listed with a different voice actor: Tony A. Campbell.
  • Confirmed in Episode 10.
    • Zetto's character breakdown states this was one of the first ideas that came up when the "remake" was just beginning to be conceptualized's identity is...
  • ...Hyprelynx! Clearly the logo looks just like her head and their names are both computer puns! Or it could just be Zetto again like in TTA.
  • Rockoon. The logo looks a bit like him.
    • Rockoon has also never been seen conferring with, despite being by far the most frequently-appearing hacker.
  • Tigerlilly. The logo "looks like a Kitty", has four circles for "eyes" just like Tigerlilly, the logo is reddish, and so far this is the only other antagonistic character to appear in TOME, aside from Rockoon and the "Forbidden Power", that frequently interacts with the main characters.
    • Seems to be confirmed in Episode 7
      • In addition, Tigerlily is also Kizuna, as well as the mysterious red cat.
  • Or alternatively maybe it just looks like a cat because thinks cats are evil

Alpha and Flamey are going to hook up in Episode 07.
  • Either as a Relationship Upgrade, or just as partners in the Gemini Tournament, or both. Niosi has been implying that 07 is going to be an Alpha-centric episode, and the romance has mostly been on the back-burner since "Highest Form of Flattery", so he'll probably want to revisit that. He's also stated that we're going to learn a bit more about the personal lives of the players in 07, and one of the easiest ways to do that is establish a relationship between two of them that (presumably) carries on outside of TOME.
    • Considering pretty much all of their development as a romantic couple apparently happened before the series started (and all of Flamey's development is dependent on Alpha), the only thing left for them to do is kiss.
      • Also worth noting is that Alpha has yet to appear without Flamey (whereas she at least got her own short), so that dependency goes both ways to an extent. Therefore, an Alpha-centric episode would most likely feature her anyway.
      • Partnership confirmed. Relationship seemingly upgraded, but isn't much different from how it was before.
      • Actually there is a small difference now. Now they're a Battle Couple.
      • Again, how is that different than before?
      • Actually, Niosi says he doesn't consider it to be a relationship upgrade in episode 07's commentary!
      • So...does that mean this WMG is Jossed?
      • Their Relationship Upgrade is Jossed because: in their words it's "heavily implied, to happen but they haven't officially gotten together yet."

If Alpha and Flamey ever go on a "date", that's when we'll finally see ;Sanctuary
  • This also applies to any other potential romantic pairings, like Nylocke/Whyti.
  • The "lush green groves" make the most sense for a romantic venue in TOME, and since there's no battling there, it's a good opportunity for the characters to just talk. And since Kirb, GC, and Nye are all pretty battle-happy, it's an easy way to ditch them in ;Mechcity or ;Lavendera so that they don't tag along.
  • Jossed, Sanctuary is seen in the final scenes of the season finale.

Kirbopher, and Flamegirl's "Rivalry" over Alpha will come up again in Episode 07
  • Basically Flamegirl and Kirbopher's rivalry over Alpha that Nylocke implies in episode 05 will come up again. I also don't think Niosi would just leave his own character hanging, after what happened in Episode 06, and would at least touch on the plot point of Alpha needing to chose one of them as partners for the tournament. So maybe Kirb overhears Flamegirl ask Alpha to be her partner first. Maybe Kirb will try to apologize, or get into another argument. Although they might make up by the end of the episode or in episode 08 too.
    • Kirb's conflict is addressed in a rather direct, but subtle way.

The "New Characters" Niosi said will be appearing in episode 07 is...
  • An original character?
  • Gamecrasher: Gamecrazed's brother (in the original) who will become the sixth member to solve the problem of their not being enough people to all get partners
    • Jossed. The new character is "Archy" formerly Ericho in TTA
  • Neomutante: As a rival of some kind to Alpha. And Villain of the week for the episode.
    • Confirmed.
  • Any of the large cast of hackers or other characters in TTA could appear as Early Bird Cameos.

Neomutant will be barred from competing in the tournament because Flamegirl and Alpha will call him out on being a hacker
  • Because that would make sense. But then again, none of the hackers have yet be actually persecuted for their actions, so...
    • Seeing as how there's a scene in TTA where Zetto kills Neomutant to prevent him from participating in his fight against Alpha. This is could be adapted as a ban in the reboot. It would also be a great way to reveal or foreshadow that Zetto is a netking.
      • So, Tigerlilly just sent him to the tournament to be banned? How does that help them?
      • I'd think it wouldn't? I'm not sure how that fits in the context I'm talking about. It doesn't necessarily have to be Zetto who bans him.
      • It's not about whether it's Zetto or not, it's just that they seem to be using a fully capable minion poorly, if they are in fact sending him to his doom.
      • I don't think it's part of their plan to send him to get banned. If someone did ban him during the tournament it'd probably because of a mistake Neomutant or his partner would make. Or perhaps he'd be banned for a completely different reason. Like Cyberstalking.
      • Well, that too, but I would think that hacking would be enough to warrant that, considering everyone who's not a bad guy has dismissed it as a game-ruiner.

Flamegirl's violet flames were a counter measure put in place by Tigerlilly through Ravenfreak in Episode 03
  • When Ravenfreak reports in at the end of the episode, he mentions doing something to her while pretending to be Alpha. The plan might be to encode a program which impedes the virus within the person Alpha, the carrier, feels closest to, thus making capture that much easier.
    • Confirmed.

Flamegirl's haircut is the beginning of some sort of transformation from whatever's inside her
  • Because why else would virtual hair get singed by virtual fire?
    • Jossed. Word of God says the in-story reason her hair was burnt short was because Ravenfreak planted her powers in her hair when he got in contact with her character in Episode 3.
    • Because Niosi got frustrated with animating all that hair?
      • Confirmed in the episode 7 commentary. Niosi states again that he really just couldn't animate all that hair anymore, so he placed the reason for burning it short in Episode 3.

The Drain Edge is one of a kind and a key component to plans
  • This appears to be the most likely explanation as to why the group has been targeted by hackers even when Alpha is absent from the party. The hackers are trying to steal the Drain Edge possibly as a means to acquire or counter the forbidden power. This would explain why Asterob has not been targeted again by hackers since Episode 2, as well as Tigerlilly's motivation for attacking Nylocke and Gamecrazed in Episode 6.
    • This might have been hinted at at the end of episode 07 when Tigerlilly says Neomutant's next mission during the tournament is to "retreive an item that has so far eluded them"
    • It's also the only item that has ever been introduced in the show, so that kind of narrows it down.
    • Half Confirmed, half Jossed. The item they steal is actually Asterob's Shield with the same ability. They seem to not be aware of the drain edge as they never saw GC receive it in the episode it was introduced.

Sniperwheel's partner (whether voiced by Arin or not) will reference the "WHAT IS THIS" moment from Game Grumps when they lose
  • Because this show loves references. Alternatively, there will be a telekinetic character saying "IT'S NO USE".
    • Jossed

Nye and GC will win the Gemini Tournament
  • For a number of potential reasons. First and foremost, Nailock was the winner of the tournament arc in the original TTA. This puts Nylocke in the prestigious position of having past canon on his side, and in turn GC as well. Second, out of story, it does make a certain amount of sense to have the most popular character take the tournament, which leaves Alpha free to have his re-match with Zetto not being center stage, but somewhere else. Third, in-story, Nye and GC have been playing specifically as a duo for over half a year now. Besides both being powerful in their own right, they've been mastering teamwork from the very beginning. No inner demons to overcome, no burdening relationships to put aside, no secret mission to focus on. They even have the Drain Edge on their side as a clincher to overcome enemies like Zetto. By all means, this is the duo with the highest chance to take it all in my opinion.
    • Alternatively the duo's combined strength could easily be a set up for The Worf Effect against the Hacker or Zetto teams.
    • Jossed Nylocke throws the match to make a point to Zetto, making the win feel hollow

Tigerlilly/ Is a girl
  • High voice, Cats.
  • Zetto's girlfriend in the original was Ruri, a catgirl. Added with the fact that the mysterious cat, which is likely Tigerlily's animal form, has the same design as Ruri's in the promotional art, and you can pretty much call this confirmed already.
    • This Episode 8 teaser image supports this theory
    • Too obivous though.
      • Not like they haven't gone the too obvious route before.
  • Confirmed.

Alpha & Flamegirl will fail to show up in time for their next match

Something will interrupt the tournament
  • Possibly to the point of canceling the final round (or even before). It could be the hackers attacking the stadium, it could be Alpha going nuts and destroying everything...something.

Alternatively, the tournament will proceed to its conclusion.
  • Confirmed.

The hackers will utilize the purple flame in a future mission to claim the virus from Alpha
  • Because surely they didn't just put that on Flamegirl just to keep the virus from breaking out all the time.
    • It's not exactly saying the hackers will use it themselves. But Neomutant did say Flamegirl would have a part to play in a future mission.
    • Turns out the Drain Edge was used instead - but if the Forbidden Power ever resurfaces, they still have the purple flame as standby.

The Gemini Tournament was an intended Deconstruction of Tournament Arcs
  • To wit, there's build-up to the tournament, but is divided into two episodes to further symbolize the "Yin" and "Yang" aspect (and avoid that most tourneys have episode counts longer than that). The only new characters introduced are Neomutant and Zetto's partners, the Webmaster, and the refs (aside from cameos that we don't really see). Fights are pretty simplistic and rapid fire to keep the (in-verse) audience entertained. They're made as brief as the rest of the previous fights in the series thus far: some were actually cut off from the GT episodes, due to either a buffering joke or Alpha's ambush scene happening at the same as Team Nye vs Team DK. There's no framing device or conspiracy going on other than the hacker attempt that resolves itself without disrupting the tourney's conclusion.
    • Not introducing that many new characters and rushing a lot of time between matches isn't really a subversion. One could say it's just bad pacing. Plus, making it "Just A Tournament" is basically playing it straight as it gets. It's the Not Just a Tournament trope that's the subversion, and even if it's become the norm now, taking it out does not make this a deconstruction.
  • But most importantly, it was not central for the main protagonists to "win" the tournament. They and their friends all entered it for fun (except Team Neomutant that had an agenda to keep on Alpha). Only Zetto was serious about winning, and was disappointed that his opponents were either too weak, too hindered, or not even taking the fight seriously. There was no real conflict to win or lose other than that Flamey was missing her partner (which lead to the early events of Yang) and even then, Team Alpha and Team Nylocke were just enjoying themselves. It really breaks away from the number of Tournament Arcs that had something serious for a conflict, and yet bring another one entirely with Zetto's attitude. This is also a far cry from the original TTA series, where Zetto lost to Nailock to knock him off his high horse of being the best in one tourney, or had tied with Alpha due to an interruption in another. Here, Zetto gets what he wants, but is left to ponder if it's what he really wants.
    • Kirbopher is arguably another character who wasn't in the tournament for fun or at least (judging by his gloomy attitude during it) had no expectation of having any fun at the tournament. Mostly because he didn't trust Archy at all to support him through the rounds, and felt like he was wasting everyone's time. In fact he spent most of the time between matches without his partner, warning his friends about the other players, and that they should watch out for them so they could win. His arc through out part Yin was also centered around building his character through misery, which is a huge contrast to the rest of the main characters.
    • There are numerous examples in played-straight Tournament Arcs where the protagonist team does not win, Dragon Ball, YuYu Hakusho and Pokémon among them. And again, having no underlying plot to the tournament is playing it straight, not subverting or deconstructing it.

In Episode 10 Zetto will seek out Alpha because of his "interest" in the Forbidden Power
  • It's implied by Alpha that Zetto wants something with Alpha's Forbidden Power in a similar vein to the hackers. Maybe just in interest to have another fight with Alpha in his demon form. Or perhaps to take the power for himself somehow. And the hints like Zetto claiming he organized the tournament and not webmaster seem to indicate it's following TTA somewhat.
    • Confirmed. Sort of While using Kirbopher as an alternate character he overhears Alpha talking about how the virus is "still lingering inside his head" and decides to remove it from Alpha for good. Rather than being interested in using it for himself though he's genuinely concerned for Alpha's well being.

Which character Happy Harry is voicing in episode 10
  • In a trailer for episode 10 Happy Harry is announced as a Special Guest Voice actor. He could be voicing...
    • Tormentros / Kalasu Angel (as he's called in TTA. One of the hackers) given the raspy sounding voice.
      • Confirmed, but he is not a hacker, just another player who has heard to rumors of the virus and wants to see it for himself
    • Torben (one of the hackers)
    • The Forbidden Power itself since the voice used is also kind of breathy.
    • EXE, because of the raspy voice. Or one of the other Netkings.
    • if she has yet another identity underneath her big cat form, or stops using a voice changing machine for some reason.
    • An all new character, with no incarnation in TTA.
    • Giga, the Inspector Javert character from the TTA series, who debates that Alpha is a hacker himself fighting other hackers.
      • Woah! Nice theory! If that happened it would turn the episode into a three way conflict between The Hackers, Zetto, and the Inspector Javert, all going after Alpha. That would certainly raise the stakes of the finale by A LOT.
      • Not sure that'd be a very sound argument, since Alpha hasn't used the virus willingly since Episode 4.
      • I don't think Giga would know that though. Besides arguing you were possessed by a computer virus to get out of trouble is ... a pretty farfetched claim to begin with.
      • He'd believe in a virus that's strong enough to hurt people in a virtual setting, but not one that's strong enough to do things autonomously?
      • Of course not. The context of the original post about Giga was that he believes Alpha is a hacker hacking to fight other hackers. He wouldn't be aware of the virus. I was saying he wouldn't believe in Alpha and his friends who would be making that claim. Hence the link to Cassandra Truth. To an Inspector Javert character he'd think that's just them trying to find an excuse to get out of trouble.
      • To be fair, SELF-DEFENSE is a pretty good "excuse". Plus the Harry Patridge character is clearly referring to the virus in the trailer, so whoever this is, Giga or not, they are very much aware of it.

The 7th short will relate to the virus
  • Namely with Thorment finding it in Sanctuary and keeping it for himself
  • It did relate to the virus, but Thorment didn't have much to do with it.

The 7th Short will star Kirbopher and Gamecrazed
  • Considering Kirbopher's standing in the wreckage of the stadium with him in episode 10, and Gamecrazed saying "it's over". Gamecrazed's line could lead into a short about him confronting Kirbopher for using Zetto as an alternate identity.
  • Nope, it starred Zetto (well, he narrated it, anyway).

The 7th Short will be about Zetto's first confrontation with The Forbidden Power
  • Episode 10 shows a quick flashback of an earlier model of Zetto's character in the Sanctuary region. And the episode implies that he confronted The Forbidden Power before it took over Alpha. There was also a similar episode in TTA that gave some back story on the origin's of TOME and the Netkings.
  • It turned out to be a Clip Show narrated by Zetto, giving us the events of Season 1 from his perspective.

Kirb isn't The Mole, but a persona the player uses to avoid drama (or tries to, anyway)
  • Basically a rebuttal to the "obvious" conclusion that Kirb joined the Five-Man Band to scout for the Forbidden Power. I think he honestly wanted to put the "drama" of his time as Zetto behind him and enjoy hanging out with some other players. (I think the ending of episode 10 supports this - Kirb really seems content with being there.) Obviously he wants to avoid fighting the hackers because they're with Kizuna (and they're the ones looking for the Forbidden Power), but I think he was more than happy to let them do their thing until it latched onto Alpha, which forced his hand (and Zetto didn't show up until immediately after Kirb was attacked by Demon Alpha - it was the only way to keep him under control at that point). There are still plenty of unanswered questions, though - like how Gamecrazed is involved (was he genuinely curious about him in "Mansion Midnight" or was there more to it?), and what would have happened if Kirb did get Alpha to partner with him for the tournament. Surely at some point Alpha/Kirb would have gone up against Zetto/Kizuna - how would that have gone down?
    • While I agree that Zetto made Kirb to make a fresh start, there's still the fact that he asked Kizuna to help him look for the virus, and then she hired the hackers. It was Alpha's coincidental (at least as far as we know) involvement that made him get more involved. Although that doesn't explain why Kizuna had Rockoon and Doubling go after the virus without any means of containing it, or why they thought harassing other players would get them anywhere.
      • Zetto never said that he asked Kizuna to help him look for the forbidden power. Unless one assumes that based on the "favor" he mentioned. And with how vague that line is that's a pretty big assumption. As far as we know the favors he refers to in episode 10 are similar to the "favor" he refers to in episode 08, which is how refers to her joining him in the tournament.
      • Then why would she be asking hackers to look for the virus in the first place if he wasn't asking her to? She doesn't seem like the type to be all that interested in the thing otherwise.
      • Their character backgrounds explain why they're working together, but that's not the point. She obviously has an invested interest in the forbidden power, because nobody would take on all the responsibilities she does as a "favor". Everything from how Kizuna and Zetto talk to each other about her running things, and her getting him to spy for her. To it being outright stated in her and Zetto's character backgrounds that she's the mastermind behind the whole hacker operation says she is main person organizing everything. That's practically Word of God.
      • She still has no actual motivation for going after it besides Zetto's "favors" and nothing about her that we've seen would indicate that she'd have any reason to go after it independently. Plus her character breakdown states that their interactions "imply a deep history between the two", meaning that she may only be hiring the hackers and involving herself in this because he asked her to. And right now, there's really nothing to indicate otherwise.
      • Yes she does. The breakdowns also say "Zetto and Kizuna (who took on Zetto’s role as the hacker boss “Voltarius”) were working together to try and covertly find this virus they were familiar with and erase it, so people like Alpha wouldn’t be harmed by it". So she has the same history with the forbidden power as Zetto does, and would have a reason to start finding it and ask Zetto to work with her.
      • If she had some actual stake in the plan, there would be no reason for Zetto to ask her favors to do things that would benefit that goal. All she really seems to care about is his wellbeing in dealing with it, so she seems to be only involved in this for Zetto's sake. Thus why it seems highly unlikely that she'd be just be running this whole hacking operation independent of Zetto's plans.
      • They're both doing it for the sake of players like Alpha not getting hurt. And anyway If Zetto/Kirb had any stake in Kizuna's plans he wouldn't be so obliviously unaware of them at every point in the story they come up. The events of 05 especially show that she didn't even give him a heads up about some of those plans since they interfered with his own. So he doesn't exactly show any control over what she does. And she tells him to do more things than the other way around.
      • Again, if they both had the same amount of stake in it, there would be no need for any sort of favors, because they'd be working towards a goal they both cared about. Zetto asking Kizuna favors = her hiring and directing the hackers according to his plans. Zetto is the one who has the known connection to the virus, Kizuna, so far, isn't. Plus nothing in Episode 05 interfered with his plans, since it was all about riling up the virus so Zetto could fight it. And she hasn't told him to do anything outside of simply use her as help or being careful. If anything, they're partners, but Zetto's the one with the beef, while Kizuna's just helping him with his personal drama with the virus. If she had any concern for the safety of players other than Zetto, she'd have said so in their dialogue other than what is basically "Sorry the people I hired weren't any help, you should let me help you. Oh, you don't want my help. Well, be careful."
      • And again it's stated they're working together on it mutually. And it's stated that she takes the role of voltarius in this iteration, which is pretty much running the entire thing. Whether you like it or not you can see she's pretty much organizing the entire thing, coming up with the plans, and hiring all the hackers just watching the show. Meanwhile Kirb just hangs out with his friends for a majority of the season. For her to be okay with that it makes more sense that she's the one who came up with the idea. She wouldn't take on all that responsibility unless she had a vested interest in it as well. Nobody's takes on all the work for a project that someone else is invested in while they go goofing off with their friends without the relationship turning sour, unless they're also invested in it. She also doesn't have to be asked to do him a favor, people can do favors willingly. And even then we don't know what the favors are. They could be something completely mundane. Again he called the tournament a favor and that was pretty ordinary.
      • Being Voltarius doesn't automatically mean she's running everything. Even Zetto in the original version wasn't running everything when he was Voltarius, since he was just doing what EXE wanted, but without his knowledge. And AGAIN, how would they be favors if they were things that benefitted her own goals? Why would Zetto need favors from someone with their own invested interest? If she had an invested interest, she'd just do it because she was interested and it helped her, not because someone asked a favor. But because Zetto is asking for favors, the only reason she's doing it because they have a history. Nothing about any of her behavior points to anything other than she's doing it because Zetto asked and she knows Zetto. And "whether you like it or not" (since apparently this about preferences now) there are some people who are just that dedicated to helping their friends, and apparently Kizuna is one of them.
      • What I meant about whether you like it or not is that regardless of what you think what we pretty much see is her running everything and telling everyone what to do, utilizing all their resources, and networking with all the hackers. It's not simply for being the voltarius archetype. That's pretty much what she does, and what the character backgrounds say she does as the employer of the hackers. She also doesn't need to be asked to do him a favor. Zetto could be calling it that because that's how he speaks. She can help him of her own volition without him ever asking. Also the plan I'm referring to in episode 05 is Kirb's asking Alpha to join him in the tournament. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to plan to ask him that if you're also aware of a plan to have someone attack him on the same day. Those plans kind of disrupt each other.
      • But then that gets negated when it turns out that she's doing all of it as a favor to Zetto. There's really no other reason for them to get the hackers other than helping get the virus (or if there was, it's never been established), and that's been Zetto's plan all along, so this is all for Zetto's plan, hence Zetto is in charge. As for the favors, I wasn't referring to whether or not Zetto was asking. I meant that if Kizuna gets something out of doing it (which she would if she had a stake in it outside of helping Zetto) it ceases to be a favor. Thus the whole use of hackers is a favor to Zetto. Also, if I remember right, Kirb didn't start thinking about asking Alpha to join him until the episode after that. And really, there's a lot of holes in Zetto and Kizuna's plan besides that, but I don't think they'd deliberately try to make separate plans that end up conflicting, otherwise we'd hear about that when they talk about it in Episode 10. Having plans that conflict seems like something to discuss when having a Big Reveal in the story.
    • It's possible that Kirbopher wouldn't have entered the tournament as Zetto if Alpha had agreed to join with him. One gets the impression episode 05 was the first time he had logged in as Zetto at all for months. And he only did so because the forbidden power went out of control. He also refers to Kizuna joining with him in the tournament as a "favor", suggesting that he asked her at the last second. Apologizing to Alpha and joining with him in the tournament probably would have been his first choice. On another note if Zetto's aware of all the hacker's plans his actions during the gemini tournament are all kinds of contradictory since he disrupts the hacker's plans simply because their cheating/stealing was making the tournament less fun for him. There's also episode 05 when Kirb decides to ask Alpha to team up with him on the same day Tigerlilly decides to provoke Alpha into using his virus power on her. Which makes it seem like he's not on the same page as she is.
  • Confirmed. Zetto's character breakdown states that Kirbopher/Zetto's player created the Kirbopher account to enjoy TOME as a game and make new friends. The antagonistic role he plays later happened unintentionally, when the other four got wrapped up in a mess he wanted to prevent.

Real!Kirbopher's Dad will reprise his role as the Netking EXE in season 2
  • There's no evidence for this. He just has a really cool voice.
    • Jossed in the most glorious way. Turns out his TOME iteration "Execk" is voiced by John St. John who is known for doing the voice for Duke Nukem.

The next arc will involve meeting the other creators of TOME
  • The reboot has been a loose adaptation of the original TTA so far, so it's likely it will continue this for at least awhile longer.
    • Confirmed, Episode 11 is out, and it involves the party beginning to take the Challenge of the Netkings, which will let them meet the Netkings themselves.

Zetto may or may not be a netking in the reboot
  • It seems safe to say that Zetto being a netking is Jossed. Given that the silhouette's of the Netkings when Webmaster is being interviewed don't include him. And that in episode 10 Kindarspirit, the first admin after Webmaster we get to see, apparently doesn't even know his name, only referring to him as "that guy", while just before that being familiar enough with Webmaster to refer to him by his Username casually. Her reaction is not one you'd expect from people who have met before. Or from someone working on the same development team even.
    • It may be too soon to say that. Zetto's relationship with the Netkings may have changed, but this doesn't necessarily mean he wasn't a part of the team. Also, his link to the virus seems to be the same or similar to the original series, which would only be possible if they kept the rest of his past intact.
      • It seems unlikely he was part of their core team since they don't seem familiar with him. And it wouldn't be required at all for him to be a netking to fight the forbidden power and to have met developers of the game at the time it happened. For all we know since he's been playing for so long he could have been a beta tester for the game when that happens. Which for MMO's beta players are usually unpaid, and would be open to the public to enjoy (or at least it'd be open to people who can win beta keys from events). He wouldn't be a member of the staff in that case, and it'd be understandable if the devs forgot a beta player's username with the amount of players that have joined since. That and Zetto has also modified the way his character looks since then.
      • Note that Nylocke points out that "Master Zetto" (an interesting designation in and of itself) has been playing TOME even longer than he has, but makes no allusion to him ever having been on-staff. The beta tester theory does fit his longevity and intimate knowledge of the game.
      • While interesting, Nylocke was mocking Zetto for getting agitated at his roleplaying at the time. Nylocke also calls himself "master" too. It seems it's a title he uses for people who have a certain amount of experience playing the game. One also gets the impression he called Zetto that at the tournament because he saw him as an equal in battle. That makes one wonder why he doesn't call GC master though. Maybe Nylocke has been playing TOME longer than GC?
      • Nylocke's definitely been playing TOME longer than GC. He even describes meeting GC upon "his very first login", which was about "half a year ago" according to Kirb (which actually gives GC the second-shortest tenure on TOME of the Five-Man Band as far as we know - Alpha's only been on for "a few months" as of "Awaken the Beast").
  • False. Not only is Zetto a Netking, Kizuna is as well.

Once Season 1 has finished uploading onto YouTube...
  • There will be a preview for Episode 11 at the end of Episode 10.
  • There will be a proper trailer for Season 2 as a whole.
  • There will be a preview of a new project like Balancing Act.
  • Not entirely jossed, as Chris Niosi still uploaded Kirblogs and the like, but none of the things suggested above came to pass.
    • Season 2 episodes are currently in the process of being uploaded to Youtube, so this has been both Confirmed and jossed (?).

Rubirules knows Kirbopher is Zetto
  • His trash talking of Zetto at the beginning of episode 12 and his fight with Nylocke seems to suggest he knows a lot about people from analyzing their characters. He also sarcastically implies that Zetto's arm gun is somehow illegal for use in combat (no doubt because Zetto has hacked it). It's possible using the player's information or by looking at Kirb's IP address he could make a very good guess that Zetto and Kirb probably have the same player. That and Rubirule's character info on deviant art says he loves to troll people so his mocking Zetto at the beginning might have been to see if he could make Kirb accidentally reveal his other identity by making him angry. Plus if Rubi does know Kirb is Zetto the rest of the netkings might know this as well.
  • Jossed by the script writer. The Netkings have no idea that Kirbopher is Zetto.

The secret weapon mentioned by Kizuna is the reboot's answer to the original's D-Bug Dragon.
  • As she refers to it the view focuses on the conspicuous two-tone silver background object that resembles a segment of the original's draconic body. Kizuna also drops the fact that they "know it works", which is obviously referring to the antivirus software that they attached to Flamegirl—which is represented in the game by purple fire, much like the D-Bug's power in the original. Here in the reboot the dragon would seem to be a potential good counterpart to the Forbidden Power.
On that note, related: the Forbidden Power will get its own body at some later point (perhaps distorting a Shadowguard Beast quest mob?) and they'll send the dragon at it. Virtual reality program kaiju fight anyone?
  • Confirmed - the secret weapon is the Dragon Bug, the reboot's version of the D-Bug from TTA.

Zetto and Kizuna were Netkings, but were fired.
  • Perhaps the reason we see someone using Zetto's old skin is because, Zetto is a Netking who lost his job. This would give necessary context as to why Webmaster went to the trouble of carrying Zetto's empty character up to HOME at the end of season 1, and why the webmaster said "what in the world were you doing" to him. It would also explain why Kirb was trying so hard to avoid coming along on the boss rush, and why he subsequently wanted to take on Execk so badly. Perhaps he planned on throwing the match so he wouldn't have to see the other Webmasters. Also there is one clue Chris planted in episode 11 that proves this theory right beyond a shadow of a doubt. Pull up episode 11 and skip to where the webmaster makes his entrance at the celebration (about 9:19 on youtube), and pause the video once you see the Netking statues. There are 5 standing statues, but we don't care about those on the far left, and right you will see that there are two statues which used to be there, but aren't anymore now in another tab pull up Plan Z, and skip to 4:40,and look at Zetto, and Kizuna's shoes, and now look at the wrecked statues shoes. There can be no question that the ruined statues have Zetto, and K Izuna's shoes.
    • In episode 12 Zetto and Kizuna were both confirmed to be the unofficial 6th and 7th netkings that previously worked for Netking Software.
  • This leads to the question how did they end up losing there positions, and this ties back into a theory posted below that the Netkings are evil, perhaps Zetto, and Kizuna refused to cooperate with the other Netkings after he got rid of the forbidden power, and decided it would be best if it was just sealed away.
    • Episode 00 reveals that Kizuna and Zetto weren't fired. They left on their own after the incident with the virus. Kizuna's body language in the illustrations show that she was particularly upset about what happened too. It's also pretty clear the Netkings as a whole aren't evil, although it's possible Execk might be up to something.
Kirbopher will be one of the hackers guarding the hacker base during the infiltration mission episodes
  • Judging by similarities to the challenge of the netkings, the infiltration mission is probably going involve another Boss Rush of hackers guarding the base facing Flamegirl, Alpha, Nylocke and Neomutant each. Having Kirbopher's player use the Kirbopher character as one of them would be one of the best ways to reveal Kirb is Zetto to the main characters. It would also put the hacker count at 4 matching the number of main characters (game character-wise anyway). With Odboll, Kirbopher, Zetto and Tigerlilly all fighting them off.
    • That'd be kind of redundant, wouldn't it?
    • Alternatively, previous hackers who haven't been seen in a while (such as Splat, Dustbunny, Ravenfreak, etc.) who haven't had subplots about them yet may return for the Boss Rush and Zetto/Kirbopher will be encountered at the end with Tigerlilly.
    • Also alternatively, there will be no boss rush at all- Odboll will be the only line of defense, sort of like a guard dog. In the Episode 11 commentary video, it is suggested that Odboll was originally going to appear "later" (in Episode 13, as he does) for the first time, but when Episode 10 was turned into the season 1 finale as opposed to the season 2 premiere, the characters needed a new reason to take on the Challenge of the Netkings, and Odboll was used to lead into GC winning the contest. This could mean that, since Episode 13 was (likely) supposed to be Odboll's first appearance, it will be about the characters defeated Odboll as a starter villain, leading into the rest of the arc.
    • Or yet another alternate possibility - hackers we HAVE seen recently (Rockoon, Skeight, maybe even Neomutant if he's luring Alpha, Flamegirl, and Nylocke into a trap) will reappear for the boss rush - at the end of Episode 12, Kizuna DID say she had to make some "very important calls..."
    • Final possibility - Kizuna will call every hacker she's ever hired...and they will all battle Alpha, Flamegirl, Nylocke, and possibly Neo if he's not evil at the same time. Since they're hackers, it would be entirely possible for them to gang up on the Five-Man Band (minus Kirb and GC) all at once, and Kizuna reaaallly doesn't want them to reach the Ultimate Weapon's core...
  • Jossed; it turns out Odboll was actually in charge of's HQ's security. He and Tigerlilly both end up attacking the main characters, and that's it.

The final two episodes of TOME season 2, Episodes 14 and 15, will be titled "Duel of the Dragons, Part I" and "Duel of the Dragons, Part II", respectively.
  • Zetto and Kizuna's Antivirus Weapon looks an awful lot like the D-Bug dragon from TTA, and from the brief glimpses of the Forbidden Power's "True Form" we see in Episodes 10 and 13, it is a possibility that these two final episodes will be a kaiju style battle between these two dragons. The titles, "Duel of the Dragons", will be a throwback to Season 2 of TTA's finale- "Duel of the Dragon, parts I and II"
    • Jossed. Episode 14 is titled "Monstrosities" and Episode 15 is titled "Truth. Tears. Ambition." However, Kajet and the Dragon Bug do have a duel at the end of Episode 14, meaning that the reasoning behind this theory was sound; the people in charge of making TOME just decided to go a different route.

There will be good, or at the very least neutral, hacker characters at some point
  • Hacking is not an inherently evil act. Sure, it's usually associated with going into people's computers and stealing information, but it's actually more in and of itself about creativity than simply antagonizing people and being a bully. Hacker culture does certainly focus on lack of authority, but it also is about sharing creative uses of software. In fact, one could argue the internet and video games as a whole came from hacking old hardware that would eventually become the basis for that. Point is, it would be interesting for TOME to show the other side of hacking and not just use it as an interchangeable word for "evil forbidden magic that only bad guys use because they are bad". In fact, it would be a huge waste not to. And no, Demonking doesn't count unless he actually uses his hacking ability for good purposes now that he is "reformed".
    • Does Neomutant count? His motives seem somewhat sympathetic/personal.
      • I meant ones that were completely unaffiliated with D-bug, but one that's not just out for himself is certainly a step in the right direction. Though it makes you wonder why he needed the group at all when he was already plenty skilled at hacking.
      • perhaps he joined them to get more information about the forbidden power from them? If the end of the episode is any indication the Big Bad seems to know something about it.
  • Confirmed in a COMPLETELY unexpected way - as a WHOLE is a benevolent organization - they only want to find the Forbidden Power so they can erase it. Neomutant, however, falsely believed that they were going to use it to hold Netking Software hostage, making him an Unwitting Instigator of Doom after his attempt at a rebellion in Episode 13.
    • Or at least they COULD be considered benevolent if they didn't go through dangerous and unauthorized experimentation on innocent bystanders to accomplish their goals.
  • The secret weapon mentioned by Kizuna is the reboot's answer to the original's D-Bug Dragon.
  • As she refers to it the view focuses on the conspicuous two-tone silver background object that resembles a segment of the original's draconic body. Kizuna also drops the fact that they "know it works", which is obviously referring to the antivirus software that they attached to Flamegirl—which is represented in the game by purple fire, much like the D-Bug's power in the original. Here in the reboot the dragon would seem to be a potential good counterpart to the Forbidden Power.
On that note, related: the Forbidden Power will get its own body at some later point (perhaps distorting a Shadowguard Beast quest mob?) and they'll send the dragon at it. Virtual reality program kaiju fight anyone?
  • Confirmed - the secret weapon is the Dragon Bug, the reboot's version of the D-Bug from TTA.
Zetto's intentions vs Kizuna's
  • We all know that Zetto and Kizuna want to find the virus and try to destroy it. Zetto wants to find it because he knows what it's like to be hurt by it and doesn't want anyone else to go through that pain. Kizuna presumably wants to find it for the same reason, but think about the way she acted towards SOFDTI. The five other Netkings all seemed to regard SOFDTI with enough care that they considered her to be not just like a daughter, but a real person. (Rubirules is debatable but that's not the point.) Zetto and Kizuna, being younger than the other five, don't quite seem to have that same parental connection with SOFDTI, and demonstrate a more immature nature. When SOFDTI commented on their feelings towards each other, Kizuna reacted with angry, embarrassed (and admittedly paranoid) yelling, the way a person might respond to someone they consider to be a stranger. Though Zetto looked confused by SOFDTI's words, he told Kizuna to chill out, implying that while he may not think of SOFDTI as a daughter like the others, he still thinks of her as a person. Given how the series has gone, he may see SOFDTI and the virus as two separate things and just wants to eliminate the latter. But Kizuna outright refers to SOFDTI as a bug—an object—and given the nature of her job as the Bug Checker, that's probably what she sees SOFDTI as: a programming error. One that can speak, learn, and invade the privacy of people's minds. And even though she was with the other Netkings when they went looking for SOFDTI, she didn't look too forgiving or accepting; Zetto looked pretty worried in his own way and even Execk was smiling. As far as Kizuna is concerned, SOFDTI is a HAL 9000 waiting to happen. Since Zetto's accident, when the virus provoked him and he wound up losing his arm, she has been strict in maintaining a calm, professional, and almost emotionless demeanor, believing that if she does so, the virus cannot get to her. She also doesn't seem to have a problem using SOFDTI's purple flame as an antivirus to achieve her own goal, treating SOFDTI as a tool rather than a person. If SOFDTI becomes involved in the final battle, Kizuna may very well reach a different decision from Zetto on how to stop the virus. And the resulting conflict could lead to Zetto backing out of their plan and possibly switching to help Alpha's group.
  • Mostly Confirmed. Kizuna did attempt to take out SOFDTI once Rubirules was defeated, and Zetto stopped her in the nick of time. However, Kizuna only wanted to do so to prevent another Forbidden Power incident, so Zetto wouldn't get hurt again.
Gamecrasher will appear in Season 2
  • If he's ever going to show up, it's then, since he showed up in Season 2 in TTA.
    • Actually, with season 2 of the remake seemingly following the remainder of season 1 of TTA, Gamecrasher will most likely show up in season 3 instead, if there is one.
  • Gamecrasher may be the reboot's version of The Forbidden Power, if this theory is anything to go by.
    • Not such a far-fetched theory anymore now that it's revealed that the Forbidden Power was created due to SOFDTI not being able to understand negative human emotions. If Gamecrazed really is a splinter of SOFDTI (See the bottommost "Gamecrazed is" theory WMG below), it would make sense that Gamecrasher could be the Forbidden Power - being the evil to SOFDTI's good, it is like a metaphorical brother…
  • Technically Confirmed? It's heavily implied that the Forbidden Power is a composite character of Kagemamoru from the original series and Gamecrasher, as it IS a metaphorical brother to SOFDTI as the evil to her good. However, in the literal sense, Crash appearing in TOME's second season is Jossed.
Gamecrazed is...
  • An advanced AI, apparently capable of passing any and all turing tests, who is either...
    • a pawn of Netking Software (which explains why he seems to know so much about the game and how it works)
    • or independently programmed and sent by his designers to "playtest" TOME. Either way, he inadvertently learns The Power of Friendship after he joins the Five-Man Band, leading to the usual AI amongst humans plots.
      • It would seem unlikely that Gamecrazed is an AI made by Netking software since he has a player ID number and won a lottery with it. If he didn't have a player they'd hint at that by having his ID number be missing.
  • Some kind of ghost or spirit "haunting" the TOME servers, inspired by the Reality Subtext that the person on whom Gamecrazed was originally based has since passed away.
    • became a virtual AI because his human form was killed by the Forbidden Power (which is the motivation for Zetto to defeat/contain the Forbidden Power so it "wouldn't hurt anyone else".)
  • Or, simply, a flesh-and-blood human who...
    • has an Ambiguous Disorder.
    • is a Genius Cripple or is otherwise Inspirationally Disadvantaged.
    • has strict and/or abusive parents or family members who would prevent him meeting up with the others in person.
    • lives in isolation.
    • is just really shy.
    • is only quiet and reserved online. Outside of TOME he's a regular guy.
    • is intentionally taking up the role of the The Quiet One to be mysterious.
    • lives/grew up on a space station.
    • is just a normal person who's in a country where passports are harder to come by.
    • is a "White or Gray hat" hacker.
    • Is actually a girl IRL and is too embarrassed to let people find out her crossplaying habits
  • A splinter of SOFDTI, created as an avatar that allows her to interact with the players of TOME while still continuing to function as the game's engine. She may have subconsciously still wished to protect people, so she created Gamecrazed to do so. Through GC, she is relatively safer from negative thoughts than she typically is, but still cannot come into contact with the virus even with a different avatar. SOFDTI's voice actor is credited as "Ryan Gillmoon," whose last name is an exact anagram for that of GC's voice actress (Casey Mongillo). (Remember when Chris used the name "Tony A. Campbell" for Zetto until the big reveal about his dual identity?) The hard-and-fast rule in TOME voice casting is that each voice actor is limited to one "player" - and since "Gillmoon" is so obviously Mongillo they're barely even bothering to hide it, SOFTDI and GC have to be connected somehow.
    • Gamecrazed's user ID could even hint at this because it's rather unique. His user ID is 001234567. It's a lot easier to count up from 1 instead of making up your own user ID , but what's especially meaninful about this aside from being easy to think of is how many parents (programmers) does SOFDTI have? Seven, and that would make the user number meaningful to her. It'd be easy for her to save that number if she knew there weren't 1.2 million players at the time she took it.
    • GC being a splinter or alter-ego of SOFDTI also explains his talent for reading the other characters - he literally is reading their thoughts, just like SOFDTI can. (This also explains how he can always sense people who are trying to sneak up on him, and can dodge or parry enemy attacks just in the nick of time.)
  • Confirmed to be a splinter of SOFDTI, created to protect herself and stop Rubirules's plans.

Like the rest of the Five-Man Band, Gamecrazed will sing at some point
The third missing piece of the weapon
  • When Kizuna mentions the "secret weapon" for which the virus is needed, she also points out that the other two pieces will be in close proximity when Zetto confronts Alpha. Behind her are images of the purple flame and a silhouette of a dragon, which likely alludes to the D-Bug from TTA. The flames are already with Flamegirl, and the only other person there was Nylocke, who refers to himself as a dragon and has special dragon attributes.
  • The missing pieces were revealed to be the Antivirus Weapon's head and power source in Episode 14, both given to them by Rubirules for safekeeping until the time was right.

The main characters will join with Zetto and Kizuna in order to find the virus

In Season 2 The Forbidden Power will "go viral"
  • spoiler: After (if it) breaking out of the drain edge it will be free to wreak havoc however it wants the forbidden power will split apart and infect many players to ramp up the conflict instead of just affecting one. Leading to a fad of cheating and abuse in TOME by ordinary players, which would be encouraged by rambunctious hackers like Rockoon, and players obsessed with the rumors like Thorment.
  • The Forbidden Power is confirmed to actually be a monster named Kajet in Episode 00, which breaks out of its containment in Episode 14. It DOES end up running rampant throughout TOME, but does not become an infection.

Flamegirl used to be a Hacker
  • She has a drive to fight against the hackers like Nylocke, but it looks and feels more like a personal vendetta than an actual act of goodwill. She was also implied to have some sort of past relationship with Neomutant, and even offered to work with the D. Bug Organization but refused due to how shady they work (as well as how shady of the info Neo was to her).
  • Jossed - she was a programmer, not a hacker.

The voice in the "About TOME" video, the buffering jokes during the tournament, and the Narrator of Episode 00
will be an important character
  • Namely the reboot's version of Blitz128, based on the similar voice and style of humor
    • Can't be Blitz128 because he's voiced by Todd Haberkorn here, but it could easily be somebody else.
    • Maybe he's the reboot's answer to Giga from TTA? Edwyn Tiong was Giga in the original and could easily reprise his role, and considering the name of Episode 00, "/File:Zero", it's possible that the episode and the "About TOME" video are police documents created by him to keep tabs on the heroes and the Netkings.
  • Confirmed to be Giga, a government official from the Cyber Protectorate Department.
Real names of the Five-Man Band
  • Kirb/Zetto's real name will be Christopher (basically canon already), Nylocke's real name will be Colin, and Gamecrazed's real name (assuming that he is - or was - human in this iteration) will be Nate. This gives every main character the same real name as their TTA counterparts.
  • Gamecrazed is really SOFDTI, but other than Micheal and Stephanie's names no other real life names are ever given (for the Five-Man Band, at least, Rockoon's real name is revealed to be Rodney Rockwell and Webmaster's is John).
Season 2 will introduce the Ranks of Sanctuary
  • In TOME, the Sanctuary Region is only used for social networking and not combat, and we weren't shown any of it in the first season. However, with the Forbidden Power currently there, it's influence may spread to the uses in the region and hack the system, allowing for combat. While the Ranks of Sanctuary were super-elite players in the original TTA, they may end up being ordinary users corrupted by the Forbidden Power here.
    • But then that begs the question: Where were these super-elite players when the hackers were out and about?
      • They didn't exist yet - the super-elite players are from TTA, and these "ordinary users corrupted by the Forbidden Power" (emphasis on ordinary) would be the TOME versions of them. Since the Forbidden Power didn't make it to Sanctuary until the end of the first season, they wouldn't have been corrupted yet - they'd just be ordinary players, presumably with ordinary powers.
  • Jossed - only one of TTA's ranks, ChaseAce, is shown to appear in TOME, and he is just a regular Moderator with no connection to the Forbidden Power.

GC didn't know that Zetto was Kirb at first, but figured it out on his own
  • The premise that GC was not involved with the hackers' plot is a corollary to this theory. GC and Zetto interact verbally only once: at the end of "Awaken the Beast". Their entire exchange is as follows:
    Gamecrazed: What transpired here?
    Zetto: Oh, this? We were just playing. He lost.
    Gamecrazed: Lost?!
  • This is the only time in the whole series we ever really see GC not knowing what's going on - if he had any idea, about any aspect of it, that exchange wouldn't have gone down the way it did. But GC is very clever, insightful, and sneaky - he probably made it his mission to figure out what the deal was. My guess is that he figured it out sometime between his dialogue with Kirb in "Dragon Drama" (an episode which is filled with examples of how perceptive GC is), and their brief little exchange in "Gemini Tournament Yin" ("What do you have to be upset about?"). Judging from Kirb's reaction, by that time he knew that GC knew, as well.
    • Alternatively, given that Kirb was spilling his guts in "Dragon Drama" he could very well have let slip that he was Zetto at that time. But I think it's more likely that GC figured it out and bluntly confronted him about it, similar to how he did with Nylocke in that same episode (although probably not quite as politely).
    • If this was the case, then why didn't GC decide to help when he figured out Kirb's identity? If this was before Episode 6, he could've given up the Drain Edge, which would've probably made the whole sealing of the virus at least a bit easier. Might've at least saved Kizuna whatever it cost to hire Dustbunny and Neomutant to steal the shield.
      • Simple - by the time GC figured it out, he'd already given up the Drain Edge to Nylocke. As far as not helping - GC didn't have the Drain Edge anymore, so how could he? And if GC did confront Kirb/Zetto, I suspect he was asked to not tell anybody, so he remained neutral (which is why he doesn't fight any more hackers from episode 7 on). This ties into the implied reason for GC's absence from the showdown in "The Warring Demons" - he didn't want to come between his friends. (Although he was probably watching the whole thing anyway - in the shadows.)
      • But this isn't a matter between friends, this is a matter between Kirb and the virus with Alpha and the rest caught in crossfire. GC at least cares about them and TOME even if he doesn't want to get into personal matters, and the virus is (allegedly) a very real problem for TOME as a whole, so even if he'd already given it to Nye, why not just inform him of the situation? Nye's a bragger, but he knows when things are serious enough to warrant an organized front. Then again, Kirb should've also done the same with Flamey once they were sure about the virus and the effectiveness of the anti-virus.
      • GC obviously had misgivings about Kirb/Zetto's plan (which is probably part of where the scorn in the "What do you have to be upset about?" comes from) but the timeframe was pretty brief - for all we know, GC only put it all together right before the Gemini Tournament, he confronted Kirb, who assured him that he had a plan - and even a backup, assuming that it fell through. Remember that Flamey's pretty sure she can keep Alpha under control with the anti-virus (even if she doesn't quite understand what it is), and Alpha only becomes vocal about his internal struggle with the Forbidden Power in the last episode, after which Zetto immediately contacts him and promises to resolve it. By this time, GC definitely knows what's going on, and presumably he trusts Zetto to successfully extract the virus from Alpha - which he does, more or less, even when he's in his Demon form. What would have happened to Zetto if Nylocke weren't there to use the Drain Edge is another question - although it's interesting that Nylocke knew exactly how to use the Drain Edge the way he did, but that's a whole other WMG.
      • But he didn't have a back up. And would it not be more proficient to make sure the person that you're giving a prototype of an experimental anti-virus for a highly dangerous and unpredictable program that makes you feel pain in a virtual environment knows what the hell they're up against and why they were chosen? She's already at great risk by being right next to their target, so he might as well give her all the information he has. And even if Kirb some how convinced GC not to get involved, that doesn't answer why he didn't let Nylocke in on the plan. Even if he was completely assured that his perfected program would work (which it didn't), what harm would there be in having a back up? Maybe if Nye knew what he needed to do, he would've disposed of the virus in better way than throwing it in a random direction.
      • Yes, he did have a backup - the shield couldn't absorb the Forbidden Power directly, so Zetto hijacked the absorption code from it to use instead - which (after a fashion) did work. As far as the rest of your questions, they really don't address the WMG so much as ask why Zetto did what he did - and to be honest, I don't think he (or, for that matter) is intended as some grand Xanatos-style schemer - some of his strategizing simply didn't pan out, and that's the way it goes. And yes, the Forbidden Power is still out there, but there wouldn't be a season 2 if it wasn't.
  • It's eventually revealed that GC knew Kirb was Zetto because he was really a splinter of SOFDTI and could literally read minds, meaning he probably knew Kirb was Zetto from the beginning.
Webmaster will be eventually revealed as main villain, and/or creator of the Forbidden Power
  • It is possible the Forbidden Power was created by the Webmaster as some sort of world domination tool or such, but then the virus either became self aware, or somebody on the inside *cough GC cough* hid it in the depths of TOME. Imagine the amount of power someone who could effectively control the Forbidden Power would have. The ability to cause great amounts of pain to anybody on any computer would leave most of the civilized world at your mercy.
  • This would also explain why all the admins appear to be so horribly incompetent at their job. It isn't that the reports about the Forbidden Power are being ignored because they are assumed to be false, but instead are being ignored because the admins are in on the Webmasters conspiracy, and will be beneficiaries assuming the Webmasters plot is successful.
  • Heck even webmaster's name sounds like he has villainous intentions. It literally implies he wants to dominate the world wide web. And all you would have to do is paint him black instead of white and he'd look like a main villain. Name-wise Execk's name also implies he's primarily identifies with his job and is motivated by business and money and is colored in dark colors like a villain. In addition, Rubirules is a shapeshifter and shapeshifters tend to be tricksters in TOME judging from past characters (Ravenfreak, anyone?). B Itshrum has an unusual tendency to proclaim himself "THE KING" (although this is largely Played for Laughs, especially when Kirbopher usurps his throne.) Kindarspirit is the only outlier so far here, but she's so goofy and giggly that it's hard to see her as anything but pureness incarnate.
  • Alternatively, Execk alone will be the main villain. He is the only Netking to be fought in Episode 11 rather than 12, reacts in many suspicious ways during the climactic conversation when Alpha asks who was responsible for putting the Forbidden Power in the game, and let's not forget that EXE was the main villain of Season 2 in TTA as well. He might even be secretly controlling the hackers on a level above Zetto and Kizuna, as the hackers generally engage in activities that seem to conflict with Zetto and Kizuna's goals. The fact that "EXE was the one really in charge of the D-Bug Organization" in the original would work even better in his current incarnation, as he alone worked on the Battle System (whereas he worked together with Zetto to design it in the original; Zetto worked on the original VR tech in TOME instead) and may secretly be manipulating Zetto and/or Kizuna here with the prospect of capturing the Forbidden Power instead of just "ULTIMATE VIRTUAL POWER!" like in the original.
  • For the most part, Jossed. Although it is still technically possible that the Netkings are evil, none of them created the Forbidden Power, SOFDTI did on accident when she was exposed to too much negative human emotion. Even Execk, who to some appears Obviously Evil, seems to be more of a Determinator and a true businessman than a villain in that he wanted to complete the game even though they had already created A.I., as that was what Plan.Net hired them to do. Execk's attitude towards violence in video games, however, may have helped create the negative emotions in SOFDTI that it couldn't understand, but it's still nothing that the Netkings did on purpose or with malicious intent.
  • One of the Netkings DID turn out to be evil, but it wasn't Webmaster OR Execk - it was RUBIRULES, who wanted to control SOFDTI to kickstart a technological revolution so he could become a pioneer in the field of computer science. He fed the mods misinformation to keep them off his scent, and was using Zetto and Kizuna to accomplish greater things than just destroying the Forbidden Power.
The secret weapon mentioned by Kizuna is the reboot's answer to the original's D-Bug Dragon.
  • As she refers to it the view focuses on the conspicuous two-tone silver background object that resembles a segment of the original's draconic body. Kizuna also drops the fact that they "know it works", which is obviously referring to the antivirus software that they attached to Flamegirl—which is represented in the game by purple fire, much like the D-Bug's power in the original. Here in the reboot the dragon would seem to be a potential good counterpart to the Forbidden Power.
On that note, related: the Forbidden Power will get its own body at some later point (perhaps distorting a Shadowguard Beast quest mob?) and they'll send the dragon at it. Virtual reality program kaiju fight anyone?
  • Confirmed - the secret weapon is the Dragon Bug, the reboot's version of the D-Bug from TTA.

Nylocke is a Type 1, and possibly Type 2, Stepford Smiler.
  • When he went OOC in episode 6, he said he was "just an ordinary chap" outside of TOME. Plus, it's a tad odd that such a seemingly energetic character would have an ice sword and element, instead of something else like fire. Perhaps the element is foreshadowing it?
    • It seems as though Nylocke, while certaintly not without his troubles, is genuinely happy while playing TOME with his friends (in episode 15, he even tells the Netkings in his true voice that TOME is one of the best things he'd ever had the honor of being part of). Most likely, he is a normal guy who faces some hardships in life but isn't otherwise "faking it" while having fun on TOME, despite his role-playing. Half-Confirmed, Half-Jossed.

Armoora is the reboot's version of Ichinar from TTA.
  • It's quite possible, since we haven't seen any other kind of admin aside from Webmaster, and Ichinar was the admin of Mech City in the original.
    • Episode 11 shows that Armoora's character model is a generic template character that multiple moderators use. It seems more similar ChaseAce's character (AKA PaperAceChase in TTA) than anyone really. Jossed.
Gamecrasher is...
  • An alt account for Gamecrazed. In the original TTA, they both had similar skin colors but with a difference in powers (Crazed with full-on darkness, and Crasher with codes and combos mixed in). If possible, GC might create or switch to this account which is similar to his original one.
  • Possibly combined with the Forbidden Power in this version, considering that SOFDTI is also Gamecrazed in the reboot. Not 100% Confirmed, however.

Zetto will reveal his true identity during the infiltration of the hacker base.
  • After the upcoming 'boss rush' of hackers (because we ALL know it's going to happen), the heroes will come across Zetto and Kizuna. Alpha and Zetto will get into a fight over the Antivirus program, with Zetto trying to explain things and Alpha refusing to listen. When the battle is about to end and Alpha is preparing his final attack, a beaten and tired Zetto will say "You're never gonna let me win, are you?" This'll clue Alpha into Zetto's secret and he might go into a Heroic BSoD because of it.
  • Alternatively, some unforeseen action or event will occur, invoked by the virus itself, that forcibly reveals Zetto's secret to Alpha and the others. The virus may attack Zetto as he's switching between accounts, causing his avatar to "glitch" between Zetto and Kirbopher. Alpha's reaction to Zetto being Kirb will parallel Rockoon's reaction to Skeight being Doubling, only instead of crying, Alpha will get incredibly angry. ("Why didn't you TELL us?!")
    • Something unforseen might occur, but Zetto doesn't phase between the characters when he switches between them. When he switches his eyes gray out signifying that he's not in control of his character and is using the other character in a different location. So glitching like this seems a bit farfetched. The unforeseen thing might end up being that Gamecrazed told Nylocke who he is.
  • Jossed - he doesn't reveal his identity during the Infiltration Mission, but instead waits until later.

The authorities will get involved due to the dangers of the forbidden power.
  • People are actually being hurt IRL by the forbidden power. The government will surely hear about this, and the FBI or a variation of it will get involved, possibly resulting in the Five-Man Band, the hackers, the netkings and some others getting detained IRL for questioning. If this is true, it will likely allow us see what they actually look like for the first time.
  • Confirmed. Giga, a government official and member of the Cyber Protectorate Department, shows up near the end of Episode 15 to arrest Rubirules once he sees things are getting out of hand.
The wish
  • Alpha clearly still shows interest in Flamegirl's suggestion that the gang meet up in real life, and a meetup is probably what they would have asked the Netkings for if the virus weren't still a problem. Going by what Alpha seemed to be asking Flamey before Nye interrupted them in episode 13, and based on how the rest of season 2 plays out, the gang might choose to meet up after they stop the virus, while TOME is temporarily offline. Considering the influence of the .Hack series on TOME (notably .Hack//SIGN), we may even get to SEE the meetup, perhaps while the credits are rolling.
  • Confirmed. Not only does the gang get to meet up in real life, it's actual portrayed with a LIVE ACTION sequence in the post-credits scene at the end of the Grand Finale.

The new theme song is hinting at events that will happen in season 2.
In the new theme song "Heroes Don't Ask Questions" the whole thing reads like one of those ancient prophecies you see in fantasy and promises answers to questions in the first season. It's possible the song itself has hints for events that will happen in season 2.
  • The lyrics "This young man has left us, leaving a mere shell. In his place a hero at the edge of heaven or hell." If we go by some the themes in season 1 this would be referring to HOME for "heaven" and the Hacker dimension in the moon for "hell". Notice also that the lyrics say he's on the edge of heaven OR hell not “and” implying that the "Hero" has a choice between them. So it's possible what might come up is a Godand Satan Are Both Jerks situation where Alpha and the gang might have to chose between siding with Zetto and joining his Rage Against the Heavens or being tricked into siding with Webmaster and the netkings who might want to use the virus for evil.
  • There's also the lyrics “Now the rules are written out on this stone wall. All the trials by fire, put me at their beck 'n call.” Whose beck and call is the hero following? Not Zetto's I'd think. I think the netking quest are "the trials by fire" and that after the gang finish the Netking challenge they'll make a wish that gets them involved with the Netkings more somehow and will start taking orders from them. The Netkings will ask Alpha and the Gang to fight against Zetto and Kizuna and maybe give them mod tools to disrupt Zetto's plans even more than they already are. Which if you remember past episodes Zetto and Kizuna are trying to stop the virus making them at worst good guys with bad publicity.
  • And If we believe the "Netkings are evil theory" below (or that at least one of the netkings are evil) The lyrics "Fears and Paranoia must be discarded" might also refer to how if Alpha doesn't trust Zetto he'll make the wrong choice, but since Alpha is naive, has a negative impression of Zetto, and "heroes don't ask questions", he'll mistakenly side with the Netkings who he is not skeptical of and believes are good. Unless Zetto (or Kizuna or GC) reveals his identity as Kirb to Alpha and company before all that and explains his motives.
    • Events in future episodes have shown this to mostly be untrue, aside from how season 2 is providing answers to things, and how it revealed the netkings "skeletons in the closet" by revealing the forbidden power's origin
  • The lyrics do hint towards events that occured in Season 2, but are less of a prophetic code so much as they are mere foreshadowing. What is notable, however, is that the lyrics just as easily apply to Zetto as they do to Alpha, but that's again a separate WMG.

Nylocke figured out Zetto’s identity in the Gemini Tournament finals via the outburst.
  • Unlikely. Nylocke wondered if there was some way they could contact Zetto in Episode 13, which wouldn't make sense if he knew that he could simply call Kirb. Unless he was faking it (which is highly unlikely), this is probably Jossed.
    • Jossed for certain by the fact bubble specials.

SOFTDI's backstory leaves open the possibility for a season 3 or a movie
  • While it may be unlikely to happen from a production standpoint. We know The Forbidden Power was created when SOFTDI was influenced by negative thoughts and emotions. That's why she's made to sleep in episode 00. But what If she woke up and was suddenly aware while she was interpreting all the player's negative thoughts? That could overwhelm her, and cause an even bigger problem. Perhaps virus counterparts of the players instead of herself?
    • Episode 15 shows us that SOFDTI is perfectly aware of what she is capable of and is sympathetic to whatever her creators decide is best. As Gamecrazed, SOFDTI is shown to have learned much about human nature, and is a very aware, intelligent and capable individual. As such, SOFDTI was technically "awake" the whole time, operating Gamecrazed so that she could help defeat the hackers and help keep her home safe. That's not to say that SOFDTI's capablities couldn't necessarily open up potential future story arcs, however.
  • Jossed. Niosi has confirmed that there will be no Season 3. This does not, however, mean that there will be no TOME content in the future, but considering that the TOME RPG takes place in a completely Alternate Continuity, it is likey that any new content won't explore the continuity from this show.

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