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Tv Tome Adventures provides examples of:

  • All of Alpha and Zetto's fight in the finals of the X-Cell Tournament, including them working together to stop an interrupting Giga.
  • Episode 60, where Alpha for the first time ever, takes full control of Kagemamaru's power and proceeds to fight the D-Bug. The music being set to the first one or two minutes of Travel Demon especially helps.

T.O.M.E (The Remake) provides examples of:


Episode 00

  • Watching the Netkings make the game is pretty darn cool.
  • Also, Execk explaining why people play games to SOFDTI is also pretty awesome. Bonus points since he's voiced by Jon St. John.
  • Not to mention the fact that The whole episode is about how the Netkings created an A.I. that can process human thought, which ended up creating the Forbidden Power AND the core of the game itself.
  • Zetto creating his Kirbopher character model.
  • The original Shadowguard Boss Model which was possessed by the Forbidden Power.
  • All the real-life segments, which were represented with incredible illustrations done by Fooly, one of the game's background artists.
  • SOFDTI being able to weaken the forbidden power, and sealing it away because she is made of pure, positive emotions influenced on her by her creators, overwhelming the forbidden power's negativity

Episode 01

  • Alpha's battle against Rockoon and Doubling and beating them with no effort.
  • Nylocke's Rousing Speech.

Episode 02

  • Gamecrazed vs Splat. Gamecrazed wins via taking advantage of Splat's power and even mind raped her a little bit.

Episode 03

  • Nylocke vs Demonking and winning by converting him to the side of good.
  • Alpha's Curb-Stomp Battle against Ravenfreak.
    • Let us not forget that Flamegirl would have probably won by herself too had Alpha not shown up.


Episode 04

  • Gamecrazed equipping the Drain Edge he got from Asterob and holding off the attack from Rockoon.
  • Alpha's Big Damn Heroes / Dynamic Entry.
  • Rockoon gets one for hacking a mission and basically hijacking the boss fight

Episode 05

  • ShadyVox's performance as Alpha is nothing short of this in this episode. The screams in particular, Alpha has never been so terrifying.
  • Zetto curbstomping Alpha in the middle of a Demonic Possession.
    • It was especially epic that Zetto seemed casual and expected a fight against Alpha's inner demon, and got a MASSIVE upgrade compared to his original version. Highlights include Alpha's Oh, Crap! face and the last thought his inner demon had as he was falling: "how".

Episode 06

  • Martin LittleKuriboh Billany's performance as Nylocke throughout the whole episode.
  • Nylocke, Gamecrazed, Elescope and Hyprelynx vs Tigerlilly, and winning. Nylocke's Rousing Speech only added to it.
  • Nylocke's song.

Episode 07

  • Neomutant puts up the best fight against Demon Alpha short of Zetto's Curb-Stomp Battle. He lost, but he certainly put up a fight.
  • Flamegirl's standing up to Demon Alpha and stopping him from rampaging like last time. She does it alone, without hesitation and stops it in the end with a Cooldown Hug.
  • Minor compared to the rest of the episodes, but Archy following Kirbopher despite Kirb yelling at him to get out of the area.

Episode 08

Episode 09

  • How Alpha, Flamegirl, Gamecrazed and Nylocke caused a Villainous Breakdown on Zetto by not taking the game seriously and having fun, followed by Nylocke's Break Them by Talking on Zetto.
    • By doing this, they also made him unable to enjoy his winning the Gemini Tournament.
  • Asterob finally draws in his inner Son Goku: "I AM a real man!"
    • Despite their differences, and that It didn't work, it was still really awesome to see Sniperwheel and Asterob's Combination Attack, where the Head Cannon is redirected seconds after being fired, using Asterob's shield, to basically fire another massive beam from behind.

Episode 10

  • Zetto's removing The Forbidden Power from Alpha, which naturally backfires and infects Zetto. Alpha then has to fight Zetto being controlled by the Forbidden Power and holds his own really well at first. Thanks to Flamegirl's intervention, she seals the Forbidden Power in the Drain Edge with Nylocke's help, who immediately unequips it to prevent himself being infected.

Episode 11

  • The introduction of Gamecrazed, Nylocke, Alpha, and Flamegirl in taking out a crazy hacker by using their respective abilities to knock the hacker around the area he just damaged until the hacker is banned by a mod.
    • Flamegirl then proceeds to call the mod out for him and the rest of the mods not actually doing their job right in banning hackers.
  • Alpha fights the first of the five Netkings and wins by a combination of combining and comboing his powers and some pragmatism in attacking the Netking when they were weakened. Even if they were meant to be the weakest of the five, Alpha still did an awesome job.

Episode 12

  • All of the Netking fights and how Nylocke, Flamegirl, Kirbopher and Gamecrazed won.
    • Nylocke fighting Rubirules and facing him in every form Rubirules chooses to take, including his own form and countering the majority of the attacks and making a speech about how even if Rubirules made the dragon warrior character model, it doesn't change that who Nylocke is was his own doing and he is Nylocke, Dragon of the Cold Steel. Made even more awesome since it doubles as a shoutout to the ending of Mega Man Zero 3.
    • Flamegirl uses her fire powers to counter Kindarspirit's cloud based powers and uses Kindarspirit's tornado against her to shoot fire at her and then traps Kindarspirit in her own powers to best her.
    • Kirbopher defeats Bitshrum by dodging and using the giant blocks sent at him to damage Bitshrum and knock him off of his throne and then claim it as his own.
    • Gamecrazed uses his shadow powers to catch, block and dodge the majority of Webmaster's attacks and as they fight in mid-air with their powers, Gamecrazed gets the drop on Webmaster and forcing him into surrendering.
      • Nylocke's speech about how Gamecrazed is the strongest player he knows and may be one of the strongest in all of TOME and is alot stronger then he is.
    Nylocke: This battle is like the heavenly light of the Gods, versus the shadows of the Terrain below. Two deities, locked in a test of ultimate strength. Indeed. Sir Gamecrazed is far more skilled than I, than any of us for that matter. He is perhaps the most powerful warrior in TOME that I have ever known.
  • Alpha and Flamegirl calling out the Netkings on their not doing anything about the Forbidden Power which leaves them speechless, as they had no idea what was going on due to incompetence on the part of the moderatation staff. When it turns out the Forbidden Power has broken free of the Drain Edge, they immediately log out Alpha and the others and prepare to deal with it.
  • It's pretty darn awesome who Execk's voice actor is. It's Jon St. John! Yeah, Chris Niosi got DUKE NUKEM himself to voice a character in his webseries. He also got Todd Haberkorn for Bitshrum, Michele Knotz for Kindarspirit, Yuri Lowenthal for Rubirules, and of course, Kyle "Gohan" Hebert as Webmaster.
  • "I need to make a few very important calls."

Episode 13

  • Alpha, Nylocke, and Flamegirl discussing whether or not there is more to the hackers than meets the eye.
  • The entire Infiltration Mission.

Episode 14

  • Alpha and Neomutant goes against Tigerlily and although Neomutant is defeated, he and Alpha work together as a team to dodge almost all of Tigerlily's attacks and counters with his own skillset and ends the fight by ripping through Tigerlily with Vulcan Fist to avenge Neomutant.
  • Flamegirl and Nylocke fight Odboll in his giant ball form with a giant barrier around him and his little minion things as Flamegirl uses her programming skills to figure out Odboll's weakness and deflects the minion things into the ball form and then with Nylocke using his Dragon ability to knock Odboll into the ground so he can't move, Flamegirl finishes him off with some awesome dialogue.
    Flamegirl: You hackers are all the same loud-mouthed showoffs.
    Odboll: Oh yeah? Well, you're not very nice.
    Flamegirl: Noted. Flamegirl burns him until he Loses
  • Kirbopher going up against Kajet as a last resort and actually injuring it with his skills and just dodging everything and countering until he loses his sword. Then it all goes to hell from there.

Episode 15

  • For some, The Reveal that Rubirules is the Big Bad who was the true power behind and is planning to use SOFDTI to revolutionize technology.
  • The Reveal of Gamecrazed being SOFDTI as GC fights against Rubirules. Despite not winning, he still managed to put up a decent fight. The tune that plays in the background as Gamecrazed reveals himself and goes against Rubi, a catchy flamenco guitar tune called Burnin' Up, amps the awesome factor Up to Eleven.
  • Alpha talking with the Forbidden Power and convincing it to trust him and work with him willingly. It accepts and merges with Alpha one last time to fight Rubirules, who merges with the Dragon Bug. The entire fight is just amazing, and the bits of dialogue between the two is even better, completed with the music, which is not out of place as a tune for a JRPG's final boss battle.
    Rubirules: I'm not gonna let you ruin this one for me, kid. If sacrifices need to be made, then SO BE IT!!!
    (after the fight)
    Rubirules: You're some kind of monster!
    Virus Fusion Alpha: Which one of us is the real monster here?
    • On that note, four simple words and half of the only eight words spoken by the character in question in the entire series.
  • Due to SOFDTI being a governement secret and Rubirules has exposed her existence and broken the agreement, a government agent shows up in-game to inform him that his home is surrounded and he's under arrest. Rubirules is then immediately slain in the game by Nylocke, who gives a speech about how amazing T.O.M.E is and how proud he is to be part of it.
  • For some, Giga's (the aforementioned government agent) return since the original TVTome Adventures qualifies as this, even keeping the same voice actor, Edwyn Tiong!

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