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Tear Jerker / Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage

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Oh, Aqua.
  • Given that the game takes place after the Downer Ending of Birth by Sleep, the very premise of the game is already gut-wrenching since Aqua is all alone in the hellish Realm of Darkness and pining to see her friends again.
  • From the opening cinematic, Aqua reaching out to Ven and Terra, only for them to turn to her as Ventus-Vanitas and Terra-Xehanort, and she's blasted away.
    • The end of the opening cinematic where Aqua casts a defensive spell over Terra and Ven to keep them from falling with her. The only thing she can do is give them a sad smile when they reach out for her as she falls.
  • The multiple Hope Spot Aqua encounters in the Realm of Darkness. When she reaches the Castle of Dreams, she suddenly meets with Terra and is overjoyed...only to realize that he wouldn't respond to any of her questions and fades away once she recognizes the illusion. Then in the courtyard, she sees Snow White's glass casket with a sleeping Ventus inside...that she can't open up. Finally, at the end of the thorn forest, she meets with Terra and Ventus, and this time the former can speak with her...but it turns out that he can do that because Xehanort wants him to. Gosh...
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  • At one point Aqua appears to cross the Despair Event Horizon once again and quietly accepts her end. Thankfully, Mickey arrives.
  • When the two meet, Mickey tries to explain as best as he could about the current affairs in the Realm of Light, but he just happens to pick the subject about how long Aqua has been missing first: 10 years. A time period she couldn't imagine even after she accepted the fact that keeping track of time in the Realm of Darkness is impossible. It's easy to imagine Aqua lamenting how many years she missed and fearing for the Realm of Light's safety, considering that the last time she was there, she was literally the only active Keyblade Master left. Eraqus was dead, Yen Sid had retired, and Mickey was still a novice. Thankfully, Mickey quickly dispels the thought by revealing that someone else has taken up the mantle in her stead.
  • The revelation in the epilogue that Aqua could have escaped to the Realm of Light during the time of the first game, but she chooses to save Riku from being mauled by a wave of Heartless. Complete with Mickey's Big "NO!" and Say My Name.
    • When Mickey finishes revealing this to Riku in the present, the latter feels remorseful and upset that Mickey could have hidden this information from him for so long. This is probably the first time that Riku is being genuinely upset at Mickey, and the latter's somber face does show it.
    • Actually she couldn't have escaped during that time as only hearts filled with Darkness AKA Heartless could pass through that door from the Realm of Darkness to the Realm of Light. Aqua having a heart of Light would not have been able to pass through it. Still tearjerking though.
  • This is context-sensitive, but her interaction with the Magic Mirror indicates she's a Broken Ace.
  • The ending of this game is a real kicker - Aqua gets sucked back into the Realm of Darkness. Chain of Memories reveals that Mickey did find a way out. If she'd been with him, if she hadn't been sucked back in, she'd be safe and free. Her own selflessness screwed her over again - her selflessness screwed her (and the worlds) over when she saved Terra. This time, she saves Riku and gets screwed over again. Woman can't win!
  • Mickey mentions that he doesn't know a way out - the mouse has no way back to his wife! And, given that he ran off in the dead of night, leaving just a note behind, he probably feels real bad about it too.
  • Aqua's despair finally reaches its peak in the Enchanted Kingdom. Once again hallucinating and seeing visions of Terra and Ven heading deeper into the Heartless infested lands, Aqua gives chase. She knows they are just illusions, but she just doesn't care anymore. All she wants at that point is to be with them and believe they're her friends.
  • Sora looks rather sad in the fact that he was a miserable failure in his Mark of Mastery Exam.

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