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Tearjerker / Kill Bill

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In proper context with the movies' plot, listening to Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" (also the first track on Volume 1's soundtrack) can be extremely distressing, especially with the progressive rawness and innocence in Nancy's voice.
  • When The Bride wakes up. She starts out as subtly confused as many coma patients are. She then checks her head to find a metal plate where the gunshot wound is. All of it is in complete silence. But her obvious first concern is her unborn child, and as soon as she sees that her pregnant belly is now flat, she shrieks bloody murder and silently weeps. It's a visceral kind of Adult Fear.
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  • Hattori Hanzō with deep, mournful solemnity, remarks on the fact that he swore an oath to God 28 years ago to never again make "something that kills men." However, once he realizes that the "vermin" which Bea is referring to happens to be his Bill (his former student), he feels so responsible he violates it and forges the Bride his greatest sword. The look on his face when she tells him speaks volumes, and the scene of him hunching over the misty window as he sorrowfully writes "Bill" is a tour-de-force acting moment for Sonny Chiba.
  • O-Ren's Backstory: Witnessing her parents (with her father giving it his all to defend her and his wife) die at the hands of Boss Matsumoto and a random assassin (implied to be Bill at a young age) with a katana is borderline devastating. Worse is the part where the assassin kills O-Ren's mother by stabbing her with his blade through the bed (missing a young O-Ren by a few inches) and all we see is the bed slowly become saturated in blood and O-Ren having to stifle all her cries so they won't find and kill her too as her mother's blood drips on her. Oh and they set fire to her house. Damn.
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  • O-Ren's death. Different from the other deaths in the movie, this one is solemn and rather dignified, and the only one that the Bride seems to be saddened by. The soundtrack remarks the concept even more.
  • The Bride's reaction when she realizes Vernita's daughter Nikki witnessed her mother's violent death at her hands. She knows all too well she's trapped herself in a Cycle of Revenge.
    The Bride: (remorsefully) It was not my intention to do this in front of you. For that, I'm sorry. But you can take my word for it, your mother had it coming. When you grow up... if you still feel raw about it, I'll be waiting.
  • How the Bride learns that B.B is still alive. She's shocked and almost cries when BB appears all of a sudden and happily says "Freeze, Mommy!"
  • Four simple words that speak more about Bill's character than any of the badass build-up to him: "I was very sad."
    Bill: No, I knew what would happen to Mommy if I shot her. What I didn't know is, when I shot Mommy, what would happen to me.
    B.B.: What happened?
    Bill: I was very sad. And that was when I learned, some things, once you do, they can never be undone.
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  • After having spent the evening with her until B.B falls asleep, Beatrix knows it's time to confront Bill and, knowing it might be the first and last time she sees her daughter, she leaves her pendant behind on her picture so B.B will have a memory of her should she lose the fight.
  • After shooting her full of truth serum, Bill asks the Bride one simple question: did she really think she could leave her violent past behind and become a normal person? You can clearly see her trying to hold it in, but The Bride is finally forced by the serum to croak out an anguished "NO!" However, as she also points out, at least she would have had her daughter.
  • The titular killing. While the anticipation is well-earned, seeing how Affably Evil Bill is and hearing him express sincere regret (in his own way, of course) for everything he put Bea through shows that he's still human, even if he admits that he's a killer and a scoundrel who deserves it. It turns Bea's Roaring Rampage of Revenge into a harder decision and all the more heartbreaking when she performs the five point palm exploding heart technique, knowing that Bill now has no choice but to die.
    Bill: How do I look?
    Beatrix: (tearfully) You look ready.
    • The whole sordid thing began because The Bride convinced herself that her daughter would have been born into a life of crime rather than be raised in the perfectly happy and normal life Bill ended up giving her. Everything that followed - running from him, trying to marry a nice normal guy, getting shot on her wedding day, her Roaring Rampage of Revenge - was All for Nothing. She ended up having to kill the man she loved because, "Some things, once you do, they can never be undone." Between the wedding massacre and her own killing spree, they'd both gone too far and there's was no turning back - one of them had to die. And in the end, she had no satisfaction, just pain at having killed everyone she once considered family. The very last scene begins with her sobbing on her bathroom floor hugging a stuffed animal, the reality of the whole situation crashing down on her.
    • Actually this can be interpreted alternatively as The Bride can be seen happily smiling as she's crying-thus she's most likely crying Tearsof Joy. The Bride has finally achieved her quest for revenge that she's had to fight extremely hard for from watching her loved ones be massacred to being raped to escaping from being buried alive, she's had it rough. Now, she's come out the end of this whole bloody affair with a truly new beginning as well as the one person she did all of this for-her beloved daughter. So maybe this is more so of a Bittersweet Ending for her after all.

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