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Nightmare Fuel / Kill Bill

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An eye for an eye.
Both films have quite a bit of nightmare fuel to them, given how it's a revenge fantasy film filled with Gorn.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1

  • The Bride's apparent death, as seen all in black and white and when the fear of what's going to happen to her registers on her face...
    "Bill, it's your bab--" *BLAM!*
  • Buck, the orderly who regularly raped The Bride during her coma and made a side hustle pimping her out to his friends. When she finds his Cool Car, she concludes that there was only one way he could have afforded it. The absolutely disgusting jar of Vaseline Buck offers his last "customer" only makes the implication worse.
    • In addition to the above- (and as a heads-up, the following is not for the squeamish), Buck assures the last guy: "You can cum in her all you want." My GOD. Buck has probably been telling all of his customers that, meaning possibly dozens of strange, grimy men have been ejaculating inside that poor woman, probably without protection. Let that sink in. Or don't. I wouldn't blame you.
  • O-Ren Ishii's past. Her parents are murdered by a gang in front of her when she is just nine years old, with both of them being impaled with the same katana then their house being set on fire with the three of them still inside. Also, her killing of Matsumoto and his henchmen a few years later (getting close to him by using herself as a Honey Trap - because in addition to being a sadistic murderous crime boss, he was also a paedophile). They deserved it, but it doesn't make it any less horrifying since it has a pre-teen girl become a hardened killer. Then by her 20th birthday, she had become a Professional Killer who assassinated a Mexican official by essentially blowing his head off while he was riding in his limo.
    • Her death. The fact that the top of her head is missing, exposing her brain and that she still manages to be alive for a few moments more is very disturbing.
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    • And back to the limo: almost any normal person on Earth would scream just as loudly as soon as they stared through the now-dead official's head.
  • Gogo Yubari. As her current and past actions have shown, she has more than earned her place as O-Ren's bodyguard. A previous incident had her brutally stab a man in a bar because he wanted to have sex with her. Then there's that geyser of his blood that flows onto her schoolgirl shoes...
    • The fight between her and the Bride. She engages a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of the latter, even after she told her that she didn't want to fight her because of her young age, which her response to this was to laugh at her and tell her she'll make her beg better than that. After striking her repeatedly with her heavy metal ball (before and after she activated the spikes, at one point both she and us, the audience, are treated to a lovely shot of the spiked ball barreling towards the camera), she manages to wrap the chain around her neck and begin to strangle her. Even worse, you can hear the bones in the Bride's neck breaking. Also, the look in The Bride's face was a look of terror and how she really didn't want to die or kill her, but Gogo refused to relent, causing her to drive a spike with a nail through into her foot and her head, killing her and making her shed Bloody Tears.
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  • Vernita's death is quick, but no less gruesome. After failing to shoot The Bride through a cereal box, she then throws a knife straight into her heart, killing her instantly. Worse, it was all viewed by Vernita's four-year-old daughter. Even with her having it coming, imagine what's going through Nikki's head: even as a young girl, she arrives home, sees it in a state of disarray, a mysterious woman (who she already feels uneasy around) suddenly shows up, you hear yelling, a gunshot and you witness your mother, at least part of your whole world, brutally murdered by the aforementioned woman who gives you the creeps.
  • The fight scene between The Bride and the Crazy 88 Squad. Seen in black and white, it has some of the most gruesome killings and injuries in the film. Then after the fight ends and she looks for O-Ren, there's one guy who got his foot chopped off attempting to "attach" the severed limb and walk on it again. It's even worse in the Director's Cut; after ripping out the eye of one man, which marks the transition to black and white in the studio version, the cut footage shows her throwing the eyeball down another man's throat and he chokes to death on it.

Kill Bill: Vol. 2

  • The ending scene of the opening before the Massacre began: After The Bride gives Bill one last talk and she walks in with her new life and doofy husband awaiting her in the chapel, the scene pans out slowly from the chapel the outside...and then we see the DiVAs (O-Ren, Ellie, Vernita, and Budd) all get together, stare at the chapel, get their weapons in a coordinated position and slowly walk inside as the camera pans up. All we hear is everyone panicking, the gun shots, and a lone bell ringing.
    • This final part:
      The Bride's "Husband": What the hell?!
      *shouts all around*
      The Bride: NOOOO, BILL!!
      *gunshots are heard, then silence, and then a bell rings*
  • Budd's death. Even if he was a bastard, the slow and agonizing way he went, bitten by a snake and left to die, is horrifying to watch.
  • The Bride yanking out Elle's remaining eye, then squishing it flat underneath her foot like a grape. All in slow-mo.
    • Elle shrieking bloody murder as the flails about in rage and confusion like a spooked animal.
  • The Bride getting buried alive. It's the most effective illustration of claustrophobia ever committed to celluloid.
  • Pai Mei's death at the hands of Elle. This is a wise old badass who manages to be able to evade or counter virtually any attack someone tries to deal him, including a foot to the groin. How does she kill him? By poisoning his food. Granted, he did rip out one of her eyes when he was training her because she disrespected him, but still...
  • Bill's death. He receives the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique from Beatrix/The Bride, knows he's going to die, asks her how he looks, walks outside and flops down dead. Adding onto that, when all the actors are credited and include an image or images of the character from the film, when David Carradine is credited, that is the only image used for Bill.

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