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Tear Jerker / inFAMOUS 2

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"I love you, brother. And I'm sure gonna miss you."

  • Towards the end, you encounter a shelter full of plague victims, all writhing in agony. Now, if you're playing as a Hero, your first instinct is to start resuscitating them all one by one...except you can't. No matter how many times you try, your powers have no effect whatever.
  • The good ending. Cole not only kills himself, but every other Conduit in the world. It stops the Beast and cures the plague, and Cole is finally hailed as a hero. Too bad he'll never hear a word of the praise.
    • It doesn't help that the last scene in the game with this ending is Zeke narrating a comic book cutscene about all of this, emerging into a crowd of people at one point carrying Cole's now dead body. By the end of the scene, where he's standing on a boat, beside a coffin, as it drifts off into fog, I couldn't help but cry. "Sometimes, I hear folks talking about humans and Conduits like they're totally different. That's bullshit. Cause there ain't nobody with more humanity than Cole Macgrath. I love you, brother. And I'm sure going to miss you."
      • There's a minor Tear Jerker in the good ending that may be overlooked by most. Throughout the game, a phrase in bold white text will occasionally pop up at the top of the screen, telling you what your current objective is. During the final scene of the game, as an obviously very reluctant Cole stands in front of the defeated Beast, holding the RFI, the game instructs you to hold down all four shoulder buttons at once to activate it. Once you've done so, the objective simply reads "Let go".
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    • Don't forget Kessler. While his methods were extreme, it is worth bearing that this was a man who ran away from The Beast to spend a few years with his family. And upon gaining time travel powers, he went back in time and was forced to murder the woman he loved so as to turn the man he used to be into the kind of person who could save the world. While there is no way to forgive him for what he did, it isn't hard to imagine that he would probably feel it was worth it. And from what we knew of Trish, she would likely feel the same way.
    • A minor detail, and one you'll likely overlook, but in the middle of the final mission, Cole finds a horde of Militia who are shooting at the Beast, and despite the fact that Cole has spent the entire game beating the hell out of them and just days earlier killed their leader, they're still encouraging him on and won't shoot at him.
    Militia 1: Look, it's the Demon!
    Militia 2: Go get 'em, Electric Man!
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  • Kuo and Cole's dialogue when he's about to use the RFI:
    Kuo: Do it...
    Cole: It's OK.
    Kuo: It's not OK. You made the right choice. Hell, even Nix made the right choice. I was... I'm scared.
    Cole: I am too.
  • Hell, even the evil ending is a huge tear jerker. First Cole has to kill Nix, whom he's been helping most of the game.
    • And if that wasn't bad enough, Cole has to fight Zeke immediately afterward. After some reiteration of what they said before about "half as long, twice as bright," Zeke basically acknowledges he has no chance of winning, but is going to fight Cole anyways. Zeke shoots Cole once, and the game makes you zap Zeke with one basic attack, over and over, until he stops getting up. The shout of anguish Cole makes as he smashes the RFI seals the deal.
      • The worst is the way the lines are delivered before that:
      Cole: Half as long...
      Zeke: (sadly)...twice as bright.
      Zeke: I gotta try.
      Cole: I know.
      • Oh, and the final cherry on the depression sundae? The Beast, whom everybody had thought to be Chaotic Evil up until comparatively recently, finally gives in and admits that he can't live with what he's become and what he has to do, even if the destruction's in a good cause. And during this scene, the gigantic lava-skinned monster is leaning against the wall of the cathedral, hanging his head and looking every bit as tired as he claims. Yep, for just about everyone in the endgame, Being Evil Sucks almost as much as being good.
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  • The evil ending: Cole becoming the beast makes all of Kessler's (Cole's) efforts to stop the beast and Trish's death in vain. A bit like the fall of Anakin Skywalker.
  • Thanks to the magic of Fridge Horror and the incoming release of Infamous: Second Son, the good ending now has even more of this trope heaped on it. Every one of Cole's efforts has been in vain. While the people of New Marais may hail him as a hero, the destruction caused by the Beast and (unintentionally) Cole himself have resulted in the formation of the Department of Unified Protection, and the violent suppression of all Conduits across the country. Nothing Cole did to save humanity made a lick of difference- humans and Conduits are more divided than ever before.
  • Fade Away is an incredibly sad song that perfectly captures the tone of the Hero Ending. If you weren't already teary-eyed just by playing the Hero Ending, you will be once this song starts playing over the credits. The same song plays during the Evil Ending too, but it hits a lot harder in the context of the Hero Ending.

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