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  • Cole and Zeke have an epically bromantic scene on the new rooftop. After chugging all the beer they've got and falling asleep on the couch, they end up with their heads on each others' shoulders. When Cole wakes up, he casually uses his new blast core while Zeke is still passed out, comically flopping down out of sight behind the couch when it's done giving him a new power.
  • The cutscene from the start of the mission during which Cole first meets Bertrand.
    Cole: [Sneaking into Bertrand's rally] What'd I miss?
    Zeke: Basically Bertrand's been telling everyone that, uh... you're the devil.
    Cole: Oh. Nice.
    • And then later in the same scene, when things deteriorate (as they do).
    Cole: The Devil's coming through!
    • These can become funnier if you decide to wear the Reaper costume, where Cole has red eyes, wears a maroon outfit, and is covered in black tar while his skin has become far more gray. Doubly so on a heroic run, where you can do heroic acts while looking like you just got out of hell.
    • The punchline; Zeke and Cole agreeing the whole thing was a great way to spend an afternoon.
    Zeke: Damn, man. Kuo never told us this town was overrun by a pack of inbred, shirtless crocodile freaks.
    Cole: I know. It's pretty cool, right?
    Zeke: Oh-ho-ho, completely. Totally makes up for the Militia being here.
  • If you decide to take the evil route on your way into New Marais, Kuo is understandably upset when you overcharge a generator near the bridge, killing both enemies and innocents. She goes all What the Hell, Hero? Cue Zeke's voice in your earpiece:
    Zeke: Things... uh... tend to blow up around him. You get used to it.
  • One of the side missions in two involves tampering with TV dishes so Zeke can put his own program on the air. What program does Zeke show? A dating video for Cole.
    Zeke: He loves all the standard crap. Long walks on the beach, brushing ladies' hair, romantic picnics with cheese.
    Cole: Zeke, You Bastard!.
    • Note that Cole actually finds this hilarious, as he's chuckling when he says it.
  • For me it has to be from the mission where you and Zeke try to move a nuke down to the docks, and of course, the Militia try to stop you.
    • And shortly before that:
    Militia: Give us back our nuke!
    Zeke: Man, If you know what it is, then STOP SHOOTING AT IT!
  • Cole's reaction the first time you freeze an enemy when you work with Kuo:
    Cole: (barely audible through laughter) It's a hickcicle!
  • At one point, Kuo gets teamed with Laroche for a mission. By the next scene, she's so sick of his leering that she can't concentrate.
    Kuo: [To Laroche] I will shoot you.
  • During the mission "Lost and Found", Kuo and Cole have this exchange:
    Cole: So, he's not like your significantly older boyfriend, or something like that?
    Kuo: I believe the term you're looking for here is 'father figure'.
    Cole: Hey, it's cool. I'm not gonna judge you.
  • The epic lampshading of your inability to climb fences in i1.
    Troper climbs a fence.
    Trophy achieved! 'Don't fence me in'
    Description: Climb a chain-link fence and rejoice.
  • This little conversation with Zeke shortly after the arrival in New Marais:
    Zeke: Hey, uh... remember when we came here the first time, and I got involved with uh... some unsavoury characters?
    Cole: Yeah, yeah - a little penicillin, it all cleared up.
    Zeke: Well, uh, now it's your turn. Couple of 'em still have my number, and they're looking for some help from the Electric Man.
    Cole: Oh God...
  • In which Agent Kuo discovers the world is in the hands of a superpowered man with the soul of a fourteen-year-old boy, and a facepalm is implied:
    Cole: Special Agent Kuo, isn't stealing cars illegal?
    Kuo: (recites from memory a very long rule about government agents commandeering civilian vehicles when necessary, listed in the Penal Code.)
    Cole: Heh. Penal Code.
  • Heartwarming and funny: Cole comforts Kuo in his own way when she's scared and disgusted by her powers. The cherry is how Kuo sounds both touched and a little taken aback by Cole's hilariously crude phrasing.
    Cole: Listen, Kuo, you're not a freak. You're still you. You just happen to have ice coming out of your ass.
    Kuo: Wow, that's...that's really sweet. Thanks.
    • Occasionally, Kuo's flight animation will glitch, and she'll spend an entire mission with an icy spray actually shooting out of her ass.
  • When Cole meets with Zeke in the train yard, he opens the door to Zeke cautiously aiming a gun at him.
    Cole: Whoa! Password to the clubhouse?
    Zeke: (Putting gun his away) Yeah, 'Don't shoot my ass'.
    Cole: Don't shoot my ass.
  • At the end of Festival of Blood, when the woman Zeke was courting flashes a pair of fangs at him, Zeke's reaction is a simple but priceless "OH SHIT!" The look on his face, lacking his sunglasses, seals the deal.
    • Or shortly before the above sequence, when Cole enters the bar and needs Zeke's help. He dropped his weapon in a swimming pool and can't get it out...
  • Cole's taunts to the Behemoth when he first fights it.
    Cole: PUCKER UP, BITCH!!
  • There is a mission where Kuo has been kidnapped by the Militia. There is the Good option to release a small army of captured police to help you attack the Militia base, and then there's Nix's idea of loading a tram up with explosives and just blowing a hole in the front of the building. If you take the Evil option, Cole asks for Nix's help saving Kuo, but she suggests just leaving her while they have fun fighting the Militia. Nix had no idea why they were even attacking the place; she just wanted to blow them up!
  • Throughout the game, the characters get increasingly used to the light show Cole puts on every time he absorbs a blast core. By the end of the game, it's been demoted to Funny Background Event status.