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The Beast will be the main character of the sequel.
You'll control the young Beast awakening to his (fire?) powers, being antagonized by a Well-Intentioned Extremist good-ending Cole who believes you to be evil incarnate despite the evidence. You may or may not prove him wrong, depending on your choices. This allows the developers to both avoid having to explain any contrived Level Drain while also allowing them to play around with a different power set.
  • Jossed. Your still in control of Cole.
    • inFamous 2 spoiler - Confirmed, sort of. Cole becomes the Beast in the evil ending.

The Beast will be the main character of the sequel and the evil path is canon in inFAMOUS
Nice Job Breaking It, Hero for Kessler. He has push Cole too far and now evil Cole is bent on destroying/enslaving the world. The second Ray sphere's blast will cause his powers to grow stronger and stronger at an exponential rate after the end of inFAMOUS. Soon, Cole takes over the remnant of the First Sons, Dustmen and Reapers, with help from his new girl, Sascha and her hypnotic abilities. An army of conduits led by Cole is soon unleashed on the world at large. Cole is trying to recreate the Ray sphere from the schematics of the First Sons, hoping to pull A God Am I. As the government is losing control of the situation (not that they have any control to begin with), they are left with one, last hope: a young conduit with pyrokinetic (or whatever else) abilities, used for experiment with the government variant of the Ray sphere's technology. Hadn't Kessler screwed thing up the way he did, this young conduit would have become the beast. Now, the role are reversed, except it's not too late to save the world this time. The karma system will be more or less the same, and will be determined by the young beast ability to accomplish his missions without destroying anything in his path (good) or to just slaugther everything (evil). The good ending will be canon, and what should have been the world's destroyer will be instead hailed has the greatest of the hero.
  • The final battle will be between two Physical God, as both Cole and the Beast reach the pinnacle of their power.
    • Jossed You need to get Blast Cores to power the Ray Field Inhibitor in order to weaken the Beast, and before you use it you need your side-kick to help you. The fight literally takes place between a god and two strengthened normals, and the god pretty much kicks your ass if you don't heal regularly.
  • Zeke will die, whoever kill the bastard will get a super Popularity Power.
    • Zeke doesn't die unless you choose the Evil ending where all non-conduits die.
  • Sascha will try to seduce the young beast as he become more powerful, it won't work and Cole will fry her out of anger and will thus Kick the Dog.
  • As for Cole himself, he will probably finally suffer a Phlebotinum Overload of huge proportions while trying to become a god-like being.
  • Alden will be an important ally, having learned in the meantime that Cole=Kessler, though he may or may not try to backstab you at the worst moment.
    • Nope, Sucker Punch already said Cole will come back as the main character, but as of the time of them being interviewed for the Game Informer article, they had no idea what to do about what you did in the first game, but he'll look (and sound) very different.
      • Cole is the main character. You gain slight bonuses (Experience, Karma, and Energy) depending on how much you did in inFamous 1. You do get a sidekick for periods, but Alden isn't mentioned or even seen.
    • Ironically, this was confirmed, more or less, for [PROTOTYPE]. The new lead is a character similar to Alex who is hunting him down.

Kessler's changes to the timeline have actually made things worse.
In the second game, the Beast shows up sooner than he did in the original timeline, and is just as powerful. Additionally, Conduits are springing up all over the country, and the the military seems to be too disorganized to concentrate on the Beast. Finally, even before the Ray Sphere was detonated, the country was something of a Crapsack World.
  • Confirmed and Jossed. Kessler's actions made the Beast appear sooner but left Cole strong enough to do what was needed to win in the end and cure everybody.

Alden will appear in the sequel
  • Cole explicitly says that he does not believe Alden is dead but he didn't have the time to go look for a body.
    • Alden jumped into a river. Cole couldn't have looked for him if he had the time.
  • Jossed Alden does not appear at all. He's killed in the interquel comic.

The Ice powers in inFAMOUS 2 are a temporary power-up
At various points in the game Cole will fight Ice themed enemies, and once they are beaten Cole will absorb their powers for a temporary switch to Ice-themed abilities. By extension there will be fire/air/water/earth/heart themed enemies which Cole can absorb powers from for temporary elemental themed powers.
  • Aside from the amusing image of Cole as Captain Planet, IF 2 seems mostly limited to fire and ice. Maybe the third one.

Zeke and Cole's relationship is still rocky
  • Even though materials for the sequel have shown the two hanging around, Cole will still harbor some resentment towards Zeke for betraying him and possibly even hold some blame for Trish's death. Eventually this could result in a Heroic Sacrifice on Zeke's part, making a for a big Tear Jerker moment with Cole finally forgiving his best friend for what happened.

The sequel will end with Cole killing the Beast
  • Only to realize that there is something far, far worse than it coming. Now that would be a crazy premise for the third and final game, where we have no idea of what's coming this time around.
    • Jossed The good path ends with a Heroic Sacrifice that kills all conduits. The evil path ends with Cole becoming the Beast.

Cole's powers are over molecules, not any particular element.
Cole's using ice and fire in the sequel seem to point to this, molecules slowing cause freezing, molecules speeding up causes heat, messing with them could even cause time travel think about it.

Trish will return
As some kind of spirit. Either as a hallucination borne of Cole's guilty mind, or the most mysterious case of Conduit powers seen yet, Trish will come back to guide Cole. This has been partially confirmed, as Nate Fox mentioned Trish will make an appearance in the sequel in some form.

Seriously, what was with that lightning bolt at the last second in the good ending? This is of course assuming they make iF3 after the new Sly game; otherwise not so much.
  • Well, the new Sly game isn't being made by Sucker Punch though.
  • Then he's definitely Just Hiding. Horray for high sales.
  • Now that Second Son has rolled around, there may be more to this theory than we initially thought...

Both endings of inFAMOUS 2 will turn out to be Genocide Backfires
The natural purpose of the Conduit gene is an evolutionary failsafe - it enables species to survive massive die-offs by inducing powerful adaptations which can then spread from the resulting genetic bottleneck. It is triggered by massive numbers of the species dying over a short period of time - the Ray Sphere artifcially activates it with higher efficiency than normal, with thousands sacrificed to empower dozens - it's supposed to activate during extinction level events, when millions die from the unforseeable. Only all the Conduits are dead in the "Good" ending, and everyone else is dead in the Evil ending. Killing off Conduits means no adaptations, killing off baselines means no triggers. Thus, the human race is driven to extinction, save someone who travels back to the critical decision point in New Marais and modifies the RFI so as not to kill Conduits - though it still conveys the lethal intent behind the device to every Conduit, and the media spreads the word on how the plague was related to Conduits. Cole has to play peacemaker/protector - Professor X and/or Magneto - while preparing to face The Event. Evidence for this theory? There are animal Conduits. The gene is universal - it's supposed to be there. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero.
  • The ending of the sequal may avoid this fate because Cole will be alive to carry on the Conduit gene in humans. As for the animals...Fuck.

The Beast that Kessler fought isn't the same Beast that Cole fought.
In Kessler's timeline, he was a regular guy with a happy life, then the First Sons (Or DARPA) set off the Ray Sphere, in the eventual fight over it, it goes off and someone else, perhaps Alden, gets sucked in and turned into the Beast. This Beast is FAR more destructive and violent, not caring about the plague or the other Conduits. (He broke the moon for no reason.) Kessler and John (with active powers now) are working together at this point and John says that (probably inspired from his powers and discovering Kessler's change at Time Travel) if he was the Beast, then he could maybe control it, or at least make it an easier kill for Cole. So Kessler rigged the deck so that John would be the one next to the Ray Sphere, and in an act of revenge and spite, ripped Alden away from his cushy life and put him out on the streets to suffer for killing his family.
  • Certainly makes sense. The Beast that Kessler fought seemed to be rampaging mindlessly, with no mention of the plague or awakening other Conduits like John did. And since the Beast appeared earlier in Cole's timeline then in Kessler's it's not to much of a stretch to imagine somebody else ended up getting sucked into the Ray Sphere
  • If you pay attention, this one's been Jossed. In one of the Dead Drops in the second game, John mentions that Kessler tells him that he has an "important destiny" and that he was to do great things. This heavily implies that Kessler knew that John would eventually become the Beast, and was the Beast in his own timeline/dimension.
  • No, it's definitely not Jossed. Kessler doesn't mention anything about the Beast when he tells John that he's "important". We don't really know what he was referring to, and it could be nearly anything; a reference to John being a spy, or an NSA agent, or a Conduit, or a future ally of Cole, or a dozen other things. And besides, your idea would basically turn the entire plot of the first game upside down. I mean, come on, Kessler knew John was the Beast the whole time and never did anything about it?! The man who was willing to spend decades of his life preparing for the Blast, kill thousands and thousands of people, put his younger self through hell, kill the women he loved, and at the end of it all, die himself, just so that someone would be able to kill the Beast.... couldn't be bothered to just put a bullet in John's head and call it a day? I mean, really? That would be an incredibly stupid and bizarre plot twist.
  • It's heavily implied, if not outright stated, in the dead drops in the second game at least that how a Conduit's power manifests is genetically determined (Wolfe telling Bertrand that there's no way to tell how a Conduit's power will manifest implies this). If this is the case, it seems incredibly unlikely that there was another Conduit who just so happened to have the same genetic power to become the Beast as John. When John got sucked into the Ray Sphere in the first game, that was due to his power manifesting rather than his proximity or whatever, since he was a Conduit and shouldn't have been able to be killed by the Ray Sphere.
  • How does Wolfe saying 'there's no way to tell how a Conduit's power will manifest' imply that a Conduits power is determined by genetics? If anything, it implies the opposite, as if their power was determined by genetics, they could just look at a persons genes to see which power they'll manifest. That's really faulty evidence. And anyways, it's not possible that becoming the Beast is some unique genetic power that John has and that no one else could have done it, because we already know that another person (namely, Cole himself) is capable of becoming the Beast.
    • It doesn't need to imply anything; Conduits having a genetic marker of some kind is something that's outright stated several times in the sequel. Kuo tells Cole that she and John were logical choices to infiltrate the First Sons because they have the Conduit Gene. Wolfe tells them both that having the Conduit Gene made them desirable to the First Sons when he warns them not to push their luck and blow their cover. The Beast can save one woman in the plague ward because the Conduit Gene makes her different. Just because we have a good understanding of genetics in reality doesn't mean Conduits don't work in some unfathomable way that prevents prediction of their powers; it is fiction, after all.
    • We already know that whether a person develops a power or not depends on them having the conduit gene. This conversation was about whether or not a Conduits' genetics determines which power they get.

Kuo is a Death Seeker.
Has been this ever since she got her powers. She does a Face–Heel Turn for this to succeed.

The Corrupted are Tyranids.
The less humanoid Corrupted (Ravager, Devourer, Behemoth) look almost too much like certain species of Tyranids to be a coincidence. My Warhammer 40k obsessed friend pointed it out to me and we both agree that Sucker Punch was probably reading some WH40k while designing the Corrupted.

Cole is The Terminator.
Have you seen how Cole rarely expresses emotion? It could be suspecting if a cyborg is taken his identity to learn about the Beast in the future. I think that when Cole dies in the end of the second game, the Terminator has created a dead body of Cole in order to escape at the right time.

Zeke is related to the Coopers
Why else would he have the Thievius Racoonus in inFamous 2? He could be from that world's version of the Cooper clan.
  • Cole's backpack has the Cooper emblem on it. Either they're both in the gang, or the Sly Cooper series exists as games in that universe as well; in which case, Zeke would've been reading the manual for any of the three games.

Festival of Blood proves that Cole came back to life in the good ending.
The only way for it to fit into canon is that the good ending of inFAMOUS 2 happened, Cole came back to life, got famous again (which is why the lady at the bar is surprised that Zeke "knows" not "knew" Cole), Festival of Blood happens, and Zeke meeting the lady at the bar happened some time after that. Assuming Zeke isn't making it up.
  • Couldn't the story happen in the middle of the game? I'd place it around after Bertrand's death as; Laroche's men presumably cleaned the body off the streets at this time, Nix would be back in the swamp, Kuo could be in Flood Town or Gas Works and the Militia would have scattered after their leader's death (that is, if the story wasn't something Zeke made up). The whole part where Cole walks in could be right before he goes after the last blast core.
  • It could also take place in an Alternate Universe where the RFI wasn't fatal to most of conduit kind, just the plague itself and The Beast.