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Tear Jerker / inFAMOUS: Second Son

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Delsin's reaction to getting his powers at the start of the game. Although he grows to like his powers, he's initially scared shitless at the prospect of being a Bio-Terrorist. It takes Reggie telling him he's his brother and he is not one of those "freaks" that he calms down.
  • Shortly after Delsin and Reggie leave for Seattle, Delsin uses his smoke powers to clear the way for a bus full of relief workers trying to get to the city. Once he's done, Reggie calls him and tells him that the workers saw him using his powers, and that they're too afraid of him to let him on the bus with them. Delsin's pleading with Reggie and the angry, upset look he has as the bus pulls away without him are pretty heart-wrenching, and really drive home how the world now views Delsin now that he's a Conduit.
  • Reggie's death and the aftermath, especially on a Good playthrough.
    I'm so proud of you. Always have been. I love you, bro.
    • It's painful to watch the Orbital Drop you use afterwards. Normally Delsin has a big grin on his face as he flips. Here, he's so, so angry.
    • Every time Delsin takes his anger out on Augustine after she killed Reggie, he yells, almost screaming, sentences like "He never hurt you!", "You tortured my people!" or simply "DIE!"
  • Fetch's backstory. When her Conduit powers manifested, her parents attempted to turn her in to the DUP, forcing her and her brother to run away from home. Barely scraping by with living on the streets, they ended up spiraling into drug addiction as a coping mechanism, until Fetch accidentally killed her brother with her powers during an argument over a lost stash. She was then captured by the DUP and trained on how to use her powers to lethal effect until she escaped from the Conduit facility, vowing to kill any drug dealer she found out of atonement for her brother's death.
    • In First Light we see an expanded take on Brent's death. Brent was captured by a gang of drug dealing thugs that Fetch was relying on to help find him. Their leader, Shane, uses Brent as leverage to make Fetch do whatever he wants. Eventually, Fetch fights back and just tears through Shane's drug ring anyway. Shane catches her off guard and injects the previously clean Fetch with drugs, causing her to trip out and hallucinate until she blasts a silhouette only to wake up and realise it's Brent, who doesn't even blame her as he dies. In general, First Light is just a downer for how much we see Fetch fall apart in detail as everything goes wrong for her. When she's done telling her story, her face is completely heartbreaking.
  • The Good Ending, while Heartwarming, is also very sad, as Reggie was killed protecting Delsin from Augustine.
  • If you kill Hank on an evil karma run, you hear his daughter calling out to him, and Hank feebly tries to reach back to get Delsin to let him go, you can see the absolute sorrow in his expression as he takes his last breaths.
    • In the time before you get to confront Hank, if you're on an evil karma run, you'll hear the civilians calling you out. Understandable, but some of them just sound absolutely heartbroken about how you killed their family and friends for no reason.
  • One of the later audio logs details Celia's last days at Curden Cay before she was to be transferred to another facility. Not wanting to be separated from the only home she had left, she chose instead to kill herself with her own power. The DUP informant's description of the scene is nothing short of depressing.
    It was the saddest, most unnatural thing I've ever seen.
    • Paper Trail revealed that Celia and Augustine arranged the event to fake her death and get her out of Curden Cay unnoticed. Sounds good, right? It's actually worse. They did this so that Celia could act as an off-the-grid assassin, killing opponents in ways that framed Fetch or Eugene for them. She got out by pretending to cry and make a fuss to bring in a security guard with no friends or family to notice her disappearance. Her name was Naomi and according to a note left by Celia she was very kind and gentle. So it hurt Celia to cut her body into an unrecognisable state in return and trade places with her. Celia notes that she doesn't remember anyone she's killed except Naomi. By the end of the trail, she's lost faith in Augustine since she fell to Delsin at the end of the game and has been inspired by Delsin to think that in order to be free, freedom must be taken from others.
  • The First Light E3 Trailer showed us Fetch at prison- and she looks absolutely broken emotionally.