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Nightmare Fuel / inFAMOUS 2

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Infamous 2 is arguably Darker and Edgier than the first, with Cole having failed to save his home from the Beast and been effectively driven down to the horror-filled swamps of New Marais, where a whole mess of horrors now reside.
  • The Beast. Its Establishing Character Moment consists of it creating a black hole that pulls in and vaporizes scores of people. Afterwards, it utterly curbstomps Cole and proceeds to destroy Empire City before moving down the East Coast. When a player looks at the saved progress map on the pause screen, it literally shows the Beast moving straight to Cole's position in Louisiana, with Beast leaving a path of destruction and death through most of the East Coast before the end of inFAMOUS 2, with his exact position glowing like a fiery eye all the while. Looking at the map shows his path has cut an ugly scar into North America that makes the Grand Canyon look like a paper cut. Even using a nuclear missile can only temporarily slow him down.
  • The Downer Beginning of Empire City is complete in-verse nightmare fuel. Despite all the effort from the first game by Cole to save and protect the people of the city from the Beast and all his training and sacrifices, he gets utterly demolished by the Beast and is forced to flee as the Beast wipes Empire City off the map and kills all of its inhabitants. An utter failure and the worst All for Nothing outcome as possible.
  • Any Corrupted. Especially the ones that eat people. They're an army of monstrous mutated humans that appear as a cross between crustaceans and Necromorphs from the Dead Space series. Worse is the infection that created them cannot be removed as long as the source still lives...the source being Bertrand!
    • Bertrand's true Conduit form is nothing short of an Eldritch Abomination, being a nearly indestructible bug-creature that destroys and infects anything in its path while constantly spewing new creatures and toxic ooze.
  • The Militia and their Moral Guardian fanaticism is pretty awful. They've put the entire town of New Marais in lockdown and imprison and kill anyone perceived as deviants in the town when they're not mugging and beating anyone they please while cruising the streets. They've even contained the town with machine gun border patrols to stop any outside government interference, turning a once hedonistic Wretched Hive into a literal Right-Wing Militia Fanatic nightmare...and even then, they top it off by feeding some of their citizens to the Corrupted to appease them!
  • The fates of the Vermaak 88 soldiers are pretty grotesque in that their bodies break down and their sanity decreases as their powers mutate. By the the time they've reached the Titan stage, any sanity they had left is gone, leaving only dangerous Ice golems remaining.
  • Kuo's torture at the hands of the militia is pretty grisly. She gets all her blood drained and replaced with a special Conduit liquid and undergoes Body Horror as a result; according to Zeke, her skin is now cold as ice and she has such a slow pulse that she could be mistaken for dead if not for her still visibly breathing
  • The plague is pretty nasty - inflicted by exposure to Ray Sphere radiation, the plague delivers a slow and painful death over just a few weeks' time, with no way of curing or even significantly slowing it down. Conduits can survive the plague, but only when their powers activate; everyone not lucky enough to have that or even the Conduit gene dies, and with the Beast's rampage down the East Coast, tens of millions are infected over the course of the game, with the situation becoming so dire by the time of the final mission that even the USTV anchor decides that it's better to spend her remaining days with her family because she's that certain everyone's about to die of this disease. A heartwarming moment as well, to be sure, but it just shows you how fatalistic everyone is about the plague by that point.
  • The true effect of the RFI: instead of just weakening the Beast in a targeted usage, it can destroy him AND wipe out the plague, instantly curing everyone afflicted with it, by removing all Ray Sphere radiation from the world...but this will also kill all Conduits, everywhere, regardless of whether or not their powers have even activated. When Cole attempts to use it at the beginning of the final mission, the simple act of charging it up starts DRAINING the lifeforce from himself, Kuo, and Nix, leaving them barely able to stand and screaming in agony until Zeke steps in and forcibly removes the RFI from Cole's hands with the Amp. Cole's realization afterward says it all:
    Cole: It didn't even fire wasn't even fully charged!
  • The fate of Cole in the Evil Karma ending as shown in the page image. Cole effectively murders most of his allies, including Nix and later Zeke slowly, before being given new powers by a remorsefully suicidal Beast and destroying New Marais with an explosion. The explosion kills every non-Conduit in the city, cures the newly powered Conduits of their plague, and gives Cole a new army of superhumans as he leads them as the New Beast on a crusade to create new Conduits while killing millions in the process. A worst-case scenario if there ever was one.