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Tear Jerker / Hakuouki

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  • The entirety of the game's "Normal Route" is one long tear-jerker. Chizuru, separated from the Shinsengumi during the battle of Toba-Fushimi, follows their progress across the country trying to catch up with them, and arrives at each location only to learn that the Shinsengumi have already withdrawn from the area and that another of the men she cared about and admired is now dead. She clings to hope up until she reaches Ezo and hears of Hijikata's death, at which point, finding a discarded Shinsengumi banner at the side of the road, she breaks down weeping.
    • From Matt Bowyer's Let's Play:
      Oh my God.
      My breath catches in my throat, and I feel a rush of blood through my body, warmth starting in the pit of my stomach and spreading through my chest and up to my face. It’s the kind of adrenaline you get in a moment of shock, where the body floods the system to be ready for anything, fight or flight. I am stunned. There are no words for this — I never expected this to happen. I never thought something like this would happen. Not to Kondou, not to anyone I knew. Even when everything was at its worst, even when we were under fire from artillery shells as we desperately attempted to evacuate Kyoto, I never thought Kondou or anyone else would die.
      All that up there? All those feelings, those physical reactions, that adrenaline? That was me in real life.
      Oh my God.
      THIS GAME.
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  • The anime isn't much better. Episode 18 starts badly with a flashback of Kondou being executed, follows with Harada's implied death from a wound he sustained in a battle against Koudou and tops it off with Okita's Heroic Sacrifice as he uses up his life force to defend Hijikata from an assassin squad... Hijikata gets wind of what he's doing and, still badly injured, limps painfully out of town towards the spot, but by the time he gets there the only thing left is a bunch of dead bodies and Okita's sword.
  • Every major character death.
  • ALL of the two-parter movie(s) deaths! It's horrific. The second part has Sanan, who normally gets to go out in a more graceful way, killed by a gunshot mid-sentence right after showing he was still on the Shinsengumi's side, 'after' catching some of the idiocy flu and not realizing he turned his back on someone who most definitely had a gun. It's heartbreaking nontheless.
    • It only gets worse from there. Notably, we have the deaths of Heisuke and Okita. First is Heisuke. As he's dying, asks Saito if he was good for something after all with a smile on his face. The normally stoic Saito Hajime clutches Heisuke in his arms as he's turning to dust with a sweet voice that Heisuke didn't only do good, he saved him.
    • But by far the absolute mother of all heartbreaking, horrible things in that same damned scene is Okita's death. Even if you were one of the ones who thought Okita was a bit of a mixed bag, which is unlikely, the Saito and Okita friendship was one of trust and admiration beyond what you'd expect. Okita, who is sick with tuberculosis that not even the water of life can cure - and the water of life would gradually drain his life anyway, mind you, finally states that maybe Hijikata wasn't so bad after all. It's then that Saito smiles and turns his back on him. "Souji, we should go on," is what he says, but he gets no response. When he turns back, only Okita's sword is there, causing Saito to drink the water of life and go on a rampage killing furies - using both swords to honor his fallen partner and feel him by his side once more. If you didn't cry during this scene, you honestly have no excuse.
  • Some of the bad endings go the extra mile to twist the knife:
    • The first possible bad ending of Hijikata's route has Kazama threatening to hurt Chizuru in order to get at Hijikata, which prompts Hijikata to lay down his sword over Chizuru's desperate protestations, saying that being a leader of the Shinsengumi means he's prepared to die for anyone under his command, including her. Kazama proceeds to torture Hijikata to death in front of Chizuru in order to teach her not to defy him.
    • In the final bad ending in Okita's route of the game he takes a mortal blow protecting Chizuru from Kaoru, and dies in her arms, regretfully lamenting that he's leaving her alone and asking her to tell him again that she loves him. To make matters even worse, this one has its own unique gallery image.
  • Unrequited love endings are nothing to scoff at, either, in a classic Hakuouki fashion.
    • All of them either have the person you've been following for all this time just shrug you off to protect you, tell you to leave them with maybe a couple of words...
    • Or they just die in a bittersweet fashion without you even being present.
  • Although it has yet to get a localization, Tsukikage no Shou doesn't disappoint on the angsty side of things.
    • It also gives us some heartbreaking insight into what Sannan's ruse in his route actually had him do. Chizuru is so horrendously broken and hopeless and who wouldn't be if the person they had faith in turned out to actually be evil and said person killed their comrade and friend in front of them, only to then capture them to be experimented on by their father and brother. Yikes. that she actually is going to starve herself. That's bad enough, but Sannan isn't actually evil, just faking, and is having to watch Chizuru waste away with the knowledge that if she had the tools available she would have probably already killed herself. All without breaking character. And the only reason Chizuru continues to move forward past this scene? That is due to her own spite for Sannan, and her desire to see the Shinsengumi again. Sannan mentions that as long as her hatred for him is what keeps her alive, it's fine, which would double as heartwarming if only the circumstances weren't so grim. I honestly don't know who to feel sorry for here.
  • Okita's route in the prequel is this as it gives a brief glimpse into his childhood and justifies his strained relationship with Hijikata. All Okita wants is to be useful to Kondou. Kondou (and especially Hijikata) would rather he go back to the safety of Edo and not stain his hands with the Roshigumi. All of Okita's efforts to be accepted basically boil down to one decision: does he want to stay Kondou's kid brother and keep him happy or does he want to become the Shinsengumi's sword which would help achieve Kondou's goals but hurt Kondou's image of him. He chooses the latter.
    • For that matter, anytime Kondou praises Hijikata in front of Souji.
  • In most routes aside from his own, Hijikata is killed offscreen (reflecting the real-life Hijikata's death during the final conflict of the Boshin War). In Souma's route in Edo Blossoms, we actually get to see his final moments, in which he passes the Makoto Flag to Souma, essentially making him the new commander of the Shinsengumi.

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