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Drinking Game / Hakuouki

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Drink when:

  • any member of the Shinsengumi appears out of nowhere to save Chizuru in the nick of time.
  • Okita casually mentions killing someone.
  • someone completely fails to be fooled by Chizuru's cross-dressing.
  • someone mentions seppuku.
    • twice if they are actually expressing the intention to commit seppuku.
  • Chizuru cries.
  • Saito or Yamazaki turns out to have been lurking unseen in the shadows.
  • anyone calls a previously-unseen lurker out of the shadows because they could tell all along that person was there.
  • Chizuru serves tea.
  • Hijikata and Kazama face off.
  • Saito and Amagiri face off.
  • Harada and Shiranui face off.
    • When the three above occur at the same time, finish your drink.
  • Chizuru angsts about not being able to help more.
  • someone points out that not having to protect Chizuru would leave the Shinsengumi better off, but the Shinsengumi (or any individual member thereof) insists on continuing to do so anyway.
  • someone has an episode of fury bloodlust.
  • Kazama calls any member of the Shinsengumi "insects" or "dogs of the shogunate."
  • Kazama talks about the furies being fakes.
  • Okita says "I Can Still Fight!."
  • Hijikata says any form of "That's an order!"
  • Harada talks about how it's a man's duty to protect women and/or children.
  • Saito delivers a soliloquy about swords.
  • Heisuke angsts about being a monster.
  • someone drinks Chizuru's blood.
  • Amagiri interrupts and stops a fight.
  • you hear the phrase "warrior's spirit (bushi no tamashii)"
  • someone tells Chizuru any form of "I leave Hijikata to you." (If playing the game, feel free to substitute "take care of [whoever's route it is]".)
  • Hijikata says "Nandato?!" ("What the hell?!")

Finish your drink when: