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Tear Jerker / Harmonia

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Being a Visual Novel made by Key, it should be expected at this point.

  • The Ending. Both Tipi and Shiona end up dying some time after they and Rei escape the attack on their village. Tipi first due to her internal battery finally running dry, and Shiona later succumbs to a bullet wound she suffered earlier in the story. Shiona's death is particularily sad due to Rei crying and remembering all the good times they had together. Poor Rei is left all alone after they die, but he resolves to move on and find a better future, one where humans and Phiroids can live together in peace, putting their bodies in the cold sleep equipment to keep their bodies from degrading quickly before he leaves. Damn, Key.
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  • A Meta example: This was the last Key Visual Novel that Itaru Hinoue worked on before she left the company to become a freelance artist. For longtime Key fans who enjoyed her previous works, this comes as a massive tearjerker in itself.

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