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Tear Jerker / Garfield Specials

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"She laid down, put her face on her folded paws and quietly passed away."
  • Garfield's 9 Lives
    Sarah: That evening, I could tell Diana wasn't feeling well. So, I put Billy to bed early, and performed a whole concert, just for Diana. I'd never played better. When I finished, Diana didn't want to leave the piano. "Goodnight, Diana". Sometime, during the night, Diana managed to get down onto the keyboard. She laid down, put her face on her folded paws... and quietly passed away. It was Diana's testament to her love for my music.
    • From the same sequence, Sarah's final words spoken in the special, directed to the cat that's been sleeping on her lap as she told the story: "Would you like me to play something for you, Patches?'s just as well..." As much as she may adore Patches, Diana will always hold a special place in her heart.
    • Garfield's 9th and final life, "Space Cat", pits him and Odie alone and outmatched in a standoff against a baddie while Garfield scrambles to put together an effective defense. As he fusses with some cables, he muses on his situation:
    Garfield: Boy, what a day. Lost, no food a twit for a computer, an imbecile for a crew mate but no matter. I'm a hero and heroes don't die. We always win our space battles. This oughta do it...
    • And as soon as Garfield make this declaration, the bad guy blows his ship up in a single shot, leaving him and Odie, out of lives, in the afterlife waiting to learn what happens next.
    • Even despite their rocky relationship, Garfield refuses to leave Odie behind. He lies that Odie is a cat, and deserves nine more lives.
  • There is a sequence in the television special Here Comes Garfield that qualifies as well. Before Odie is dragged away to certain death by the pound employees, Garfield lies next to him to comfort him. Also, Garfield's final lines before Odie is taken away really tug at the heartstrings. Then he cries silently.
    Garfield: I'll see you, Odie. Sometime, somewhere... so long, old friend.
    • As Garfield says this, he hangs his head sadly. Odie then gives him one last lick, as if to cheer him up... and the two touch paws in one last embrace. Notice the little smile on Odie's face after he does that. It's as if he knows what's going on as well, and that he considers Garfield his friend too.
    • The song "So Long, Old Friend" is sad on its own, but it's also played over a sequence of Jon bringing Odie home as a puppy. Garfield, who's a kitten himself, meets and immediately starts playing with him. The happy scene of them having so much fun, coupled with the song, is heartbreaking.
  • The final scene of Garfield on the Town (based on the aforementioned storyline of the strip) in which Garfield awakes the next day afraid that his encounter with his mother the previous day could have been a dream. Then we see she was watching him through the window of the house and quickly retires. Cue sad music. Garfield goes to the window to watch his mom leaving.
    • In the Latin American dub, Garfield last words instead of "Thanks, Mom. For everything" are more along the lines of "Thanks, Mom. Farewell."
  • In the Christmas special, Garfield - who we've always known as a selfish, greedy, gluttonous cat - gives Grandma Arbuckle a bundle of long-lost love letters from her late husband; she calls them "the nicest presents I could have received". And then Odie - who's always been taking the brunt of Garfield's abuse - gives Garfield a thoughtful gift as well.
    Grandma: [reading] "My darling; if the sea were of ink and the sky of parchment, I could not begin to write my love for you..."
    • Also from the Christmas special is a nighttime scene where the usual zany hijinks are dropped for a quietly poignant chat. Grandma reminisces about her deceased husband to Garfield, and confesses that Christmas was his favorite time of the year... it's also the time of year she misses him most. (Watch here) It's even more meaningful when you read about Jim Davis and learn that Garfield himself was based on Jim's grandfather.
      • The speech itself:
        Grandpa was a proud man. A strong man. He was a good provider. We...never had much money, but we always had plenty of food on the table. and he always made something special for me and each of the children at Christmas. Men like him... didn't feel they could show much affection outwardly toward the children, but on Christmas, it was OK. He always pretended not to be excited on Christmas morning, but his eyes gave him away. I think... I think it was his favorite day of the year. (her voice growing quieter) Sometimes I wake up in the night, and I can still feel his strong arms around me... this is the night I miss him the most.
  • Babes and Bullets:
    • The worst part about Professor O'Tabby's murder is he seems to be a decent guy overall. Tanya and Kitty reveal he was a faithful husband and a dedicated teacher to his students. For the crime of being young and surpassing his boss, he was murdered.
    • At first, Sam Spayed figures that Tanya O'Tabby is setting him up as a Detective Patsy when she pays him to investigate her husband's death. The answers to her questions, however, shoot that theory down; she asserts he didn't have any affairs or wealth due to being a university professor and any donors were women in their nineties. It's revealed that Tanya hired Sam because she is mourning Professor O'Tabby and wanted answers for how he could just fall asleep at the wheel. When Sam solves the case, she thanks him and pays him, but turns him down about any romantic tryst because she's still grieving. Of course, Sam pretends to make sure the envelope she left him has a check and that he doesn't care about the romance.
    • Professor O'Felix is praying for his soul when Sam Spayed takes him in; even though it turns out he murdered O'Tabby out of revenge for being passed over for tenure while the latter was, he is incredibly guilty. He looks almost relieved when Sam calls a cop to arrest him.
    • Kitty starts crying when Sam asks her about working for Professor O'Tabby, revealing she was as distraught as Tanya was about the man dying. While Odie starts cleaning the mess with disappointment and Sam gets out an umbrella as she cries a rainstorm, eventually, Sam comforts her and apologizes for the accusation. It takes her a few minutes to assert that no, she didn't kill him and that she has a clue about the real killer by mentioning that O'Tabby was an insomniac, so he couldn't have fallen asleep at the wheel. Not unless he had taken his prescription sleeping pills...