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  • The animated Christmas Special was rife with heartwarming moments. Along with a rather emotional scene of Grandma discussing how much she misses her late husband. In one scene in particular, Garfield sums up the meaning of Christmas in a simple sentence: "Christmas: It's not the giving, it's not the getting, it's the loving." Garfield doesn't need to "learn the true meaning of Christmas" or "awaken some long-forgotten corner of his heart" or any of that, it's made plain that he knows it and agrees with it right from the start and he's just too sarcastic to say it out loud.
    • Odie makes Garfield a christmas present - a slapped together back-scratching post. Garfield genuinely loves it and gives Odie a big hug. The entire family d'awws at it.
      Garfield: "Odie, sometimes you amaze me. This is the best present a cat could ever get. Now and then, you're something special."
    • Garfield's present to Grandma is her 50-year-old collection of her now-dead husband's love letters from when they were first courting, that Garfield found in a box in the barn while trying to figure out what Odie was making.
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  • Practically all the scenes between Garfield and his mom in Garfield on the Town.
  • The ending sequence to "Garfield: His Nine Lives" the animated special. Especially when Garfield basically lies to God and tells him Odie is a cat so that Odie would also get 9 lives back as well. Once the two of them have all their lives back, Garfield and Odie dance in a circle, hand in hand before embracing as they are sent back to the universe that is the main canon. Hilariously, God then hints he knew that Odie wasn't a cat, but did that for them because "We've got to stick together, you know..." as His eyes briefly shine like a cat's.
    • And the sixth life from the same special, "Diana's Piano", detailing the relationship between Diana and her owner. It culminated in the owner performing a concert just for her pet as an adult, and Diana laying down on the keyboard to quietly pass away during the night.
      Sarah: It was Diana's testament to her love for my music.
  • Garfield mourning Odie after he rides a car into a volcano to stop it from erupting. It just shows how much he cared about his best friend.
  • In the Halloween Special, Odie saving Garfield from drowning. As they reach safety, an exhausted Garfield tells him with complete sincerity, "I owe you one, old buddy", then later thanks him again by giving him his half of the trick or treat candy—"seeing as how you saved my life about eighteen zillion times tonight." As Odie licks him in gratitude, Garfield mutters, "Yeah, I love you too. Now get out of here."


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