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Renée Houston, born Katherina Rita Murphy Gribbin, (24 July 1902 — 9 February 1980), was a Scottish comedy actress.

She toured revues and music halls with her sister Billie and together were a leading variety act in The Roaring '20s. They stopped working together in 1936, reportedly due to an illness of Billie's, but it is rumoured that the sisters had a falling out.

Houston continued on her own until she once more started a double act with her third husband Donald Stewart.

Later in her life, she was Typecast in "battleaxe" roles, most notably as the cranky and formidable Agatha Spanner in Carry On at Your Convenience. Her health began to limit the roles she could take on and as The '70s continued, she slowly began to appear less and less.

She died at the age of 77.

Works on TV Tropes she appeared in:



  • The Adventures of Robin Hood, episode "Little Mother" (1958) — Little John's Mother
  • The Saint, 2 episodes:
    • "The Gentle Ladies" (1963) — Ida Warshed
    • "The Wonderful War" (1964) — Mrs. McAlister
  • Z Cars, episode "Scare" (1963) — Big Rosie
  • Dixon of Dock Green, episode "Death of a Donkeyman" (1966) — Mrs. Loman
  • Doctor in the House, 2 episodesshow list (1969) — Mrs. Muir