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Tear Jerker / Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

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  • Just like the last game, the death quotes in this one are much darker and sadder than is normal for the series. Especially the unique death quotes for We Cannot Go On Without You characters. Some of the later chapters even have the chapter's boss mourning the protagonist.
  • The entire Let's You and Him Fight sequence in the second half of Part 3. Yes, characters who knew each other in the last game get special conversations. Zihark's might be the worst by far, as from the last game we know how supportive he is of the Laguz, but he's now forced to fight from an army that's essentially conducting ethnic cleansing. His battle dialogue with beast tribe Laguz in 3-E is the most heart-wrenching.
    Zihark: With this stroke, the last of my ideals is cut down…
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  • Ike watched Greil kill Elena when he took the medallion. Making it even worse when he also watched Greil die before his eyes as well.
  • Soren's past in FE9 and 10 has the works of Parental Abandonment, Abusive Parents, and being ostracized and attacked by complete strangers based only on how he was born. He also almost died of starvation before Ike found and fed him, and was then immediately separated from him — the only person who had ever shown him kindness — for several years due to Greil's killing spree happening later the same day. Later, he reunited with him, only to find that Ike didn't remember him at all because his memory was erased after he saw Greil kill Elena. During Soren and Ike's conversation in the last battle in RD, Soren just lets it all out and cries in Ike's arms.
  • In the Japanese script, there's Geoffrey and Elincia's discussion on the walls, and the following discussion that Elincia has with Ludveck, especially her last comment before she walks out and willingly leaves Lucia to her fate.
    Elincia: Thank you for letting me see my own weaknesses. To have allowed your ambitions and your rebelliousness to carry out for this was my weakness. To have Crimea, now, in such a broken state, these sins are all mine. I'll bear that sin forevermore, as I dedicate my life to Crimea. I am queen, after all. I will live...for Lucia...
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  • When Soren is finally reunited with his mother. And he doesn't even recognize her, even though she recognizes him...
  • The death of Sephiran in FE10. He welcomes death with open arms. And if you have Sanaki Talk to him during the battle...Oh boy. Heck, every boss after Rebirth (1). Lekain was a pleasure to kill, albeit the other guy (Hetzel) didn't really deserve it.
  • The aftermath of chapter 4-5, where you finally kill Izuka once and for all. The fact that so many Laguz died horribly at either the army's hands or each other, Reyson singing a dirge to put their souls to rest, Tibarn and Ranulf's overall moods is just depressing. It doesn't get any better when you're taken to none other than Bertram from the first game...who's actually Renning, Elincia's uncle who was thought to be dead! Luckily, Reyson is able to heal him and it becomes a Heartwarming Moment.
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  • Rafiel's backstory. The poor thing got captured by a slave trader and was lucky enough to be bought by the benevolent Hetzel. Unfortunately, he got sick, and by the time he was well enough to leave, the Serenes Forest had been burned to the ground.
  • Being forced to kill Pelleas in your first playthrough. Almedha's reaction and Micaiah's guilt are heartwrenching, and the worst part is it didn't solve the problem. Thankfully, you can avoid this on your second playthrough and beyond.
    • Almedha takes it even worse in the Japanese version's extended script, where she completely loses it and tries to murder Micaiah in a desperate attempt to end the blood pact's curse, even though she probably knows that it won't work. It takes her brother Kurthnaga to talk her out of it. And it's even harsher when you find out Pelleas isn't really her son. She was so emotionally distraught that Izuka showed her a random orphan and she believed it had to be her son.
    • Almedha in general is one of the most tragic characters in the game when you think about it. She was taken from her homeland to marry a man who never loved her, only caring about how powerful a child with dragon blood would be. When their son was born and he had no special powers, followed by Almedha losing her dragon abilities, he disowned both of them. Almedha didn't see her son for 15 years. And that's before all the crap she has to endure in the game itself.

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