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Tear Jerker / Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

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  • In general, this game has some very sad and dark death quotes, even by the series' usual standards.
  • Greil's death, and the subsequent scene with Ike and Mist at his grave. Especially Mist's breakdown.
    Mist: Dad’s gone… He’s gone, Ike. Sniff…And…I…don’t…I don’t know what to do…
  • Finding out the truth of how Ike's mother died. Greil, her husband, touched the medallion, went berserk, and accidentally killed her. And she went out with a smile, which was enough to bring him to his senses. Greil was so wracked by guilt that he intentionally injured his arm so he could never use a sword again, and hired the assassin Volke to kill him if he ever went berserk again.
  • The death of General Shiharam, Jill's father: not so much during the actual event, but the conversation with Haar and the surviving troops afterwards.
    Haar: One, two, three...five in all. We're lucky to have that many.
    Soldier: Captain Haar...what are we supposed to do now? General Shiharam is dead, and our homes are gone. What are we to do with our families?
    Haar: What do you want to do? We've lost any right we had to stay here. So that leaves Begnion or Crimea...
    Soldier: General Shiharam was slain by Crimea...joining with them now is's not possible.
    Haar: Then all you can do is return to Begnion. I doubt you'll get a hero's welcome but...I've an old friend in the pegasus knights. Shall I contact her?
    Soldier: Sniff...Ah, gods. Eighteen long years...what does any of it mean now?
    Haar: Don't say that! No matter what, I'm proud to have served under General Shiharam.
    Soldier: You're was an honor...
    • And if you got Jill alive, the subsequent base conversation also punches you in the gut. Ike and Jill met a Daein refugee who's just glad that Shiraham's daughter is alive... and proceeds to give an 'encouraging' rant on how Jill is going to drive away the 'Crimean monsters' with her 'bodyguard' Ike. Both Ike and Jill couldn't bear to deliver the news that they're fighting for Crimea and left the refugee in the dark about the truth, unable to save them from the illusion that Daein under Ashnard is anything but hell.
    • It gets worse: Jill actually has alternate death dialogue if she dies during that chapter while Shiharam is on the map to witness it:
      Shiharam: Jill! Why? Why must I see this?
      Jill: Ah... Father... Father... ...
      Shiharam: Jill!!!
  • At the end, when Ena is finally reunited with her boyfriend Rajaion, who has been driven insane and is about to die because of the Feral drug. Then the Heron Laguz sing the Galdr of Rebirth, which restores his sanity and turns him back into a normal Laguz... but he still dies a few minutes later. At least he got to die in the arms of the one he loved. And Ena's also pregnant with his child.

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