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Tear Jerker / Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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  • Early on, Jacob goes to the bank to get a loan to start a bakery. He is coldly shut down by the banker and is absolutely heartbroken. This is furthered when he goes home after a very hectic day, he looks at a photo of his grandmother, whose recipes he wants to share with the rest of New York, and can only sadly apologize for failing. According to the script, the woman he is engaged to also leaves him on the day (per a deleted scene, she dumps him because he didn't get the loan for the bakery.)
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  • When Newt pleads with MACUSA not to harm the creatures in his case. The guy has been doing field research on these creatures for over a year, has saved a few of them from poachers and traffickers and possible extinction, and wants to prove that they're not dangerous to fellow wizards — only for them to possibly be harmed/killed over something that they didn't even do. Eddie Redmayne's performance is heartbreaking; by the end of the scene Newt is on the verge of tears and is screaming for his creatures not to be hurt as he's dragged away.
    "Don't hurt those creatures, nothing in there is dangerous! Please, don't hurt my creatures! They aren't dangerous! PLEASE, THEY ARE NOT DANGEROUS! THEY ARE NOT DANGEROUS!"
  • Tina watching the happy past scene with her mother when she's about to be executed.
    • Queenie's reaction when she hears Tina and Newt's thoughts as Graves sentences them to death. She's so overwhelmed by their despair and fear that she drops a fully loaded tea tray, standing dumbfounded with horror as the rest of the office stares at her
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  • When Newt has to give Gnarlack his Bowtruckle to get information, and the little guy reaches out for Newt as he reluctantly hands him away to the goblin. He even wipes away tears after he's done it. He does get him back though, even though the bar is being raided by the MACUSA.
  • The rather pitiful sounds Credence makes when Graves meets him in the alley, and when he finds him in his house. It's obvious the abuse he is suffering is severely damaging him not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. Every time Graves so much as touches him he seems to gravitate towards it. It's fairly obvious he doesn’t get shown any form of care or affection from his parental figures, which is horrifyingly depressing. Made even worse when Graves hits him and then rejects him once he gets what he wants, and all Credence can do is sob as the last seemingly kind adult in his life is shown to be just as cruel as the others.
  • Henry Shaw Jr's death and his family's reaction. Yeah, the guy was a jerk but no family should witness such a cruel and bizarre death as seen by his father's expression, although his brother Langdon may not have genuinely felt saddened at all since he lived in his brother's shadow and was only thinking that he was right about witchcraft.
    • Fridge Horror when you realize that, with the Swooping Evil venom wiping out bad memories, his family might not have any recollection of the fact that or how Shaw Jr. died.
  • How Newt came to possess an Obscurus in his suitcase: while he was traveling in Sudan, he found a eight-year-old girl locked away and abused because she was magical. He tried to help her, to save her but ultimately failed. The way his voice breaks when he remembers how young she was...
    • And then he meets Credence, just as broken, just as scared, just as hurt as the Sudanese girl, and he tries again to help. And he fails again.
  • Everything about Credence's final attack. Even as he's destroying the city, it's hard to forget that this is essentially the final emotional breakdown of an abused child. He's attacking not from malice, but from pure pain and despair.
  • The death of Credence, as Newt and Tina were so close to saving him before the MACUSA Aurors arrived. What makes this even sadder is the huge loss of potential. Newt says that Obscurials generally don't live past 10 years, unless they are immensely powerful. Credence looked to be around 17-18 at least. The kid must have had massive magical potential, which was wasted because of lack of care and misdirection.
    • Good news: Word of God says he's still alive. Bad News: Being shredded to pieces by MACUSA Aurors has probably convinced him that the magical community will never accept him and will no doubt lead to further tragedy in his life and possibly make him easier for Grindlewald to manipulate whenever he learns he's still alive.
  • At the end when Jacob knows he has to be obliviated, and he has to say goodbye to Newt, Tina, and Queenie - who all look like they're trying not to cry. Adding to that, Jacob was trying so hard to put up a brave front for the others, but when he asks why Newt took him along on the adventure and brought him into the magical world, Newt says it's because he likes him and considers him a friend. Jacob can only manage a shaky sounding "oh", clearly on the verge of tears.
    • Oh geeze, Jacob's line about there being loads of guys like him. Is he trying to make Queenie feel better, or is that how he really thinks of himself?
    • Queenie tearfully asking Jacob to let her go with him. She was basically offering to give up her whole life and the world she's known, all so she can be with him. And Jacob refuses, knowing it wouldn't be right to have Queenie do such a thing for him. Of course, the film's epilogue shows that there may be hope for them after all, but... damn.
  • Credence's "Ma, please..." or variants thereof before she beats him.
  • After their parents' deaths from illness, the Goldstein Sisters had only each other.


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