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Heartwarming / Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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  • When Jacob first meets Newt, he mistakenly thinks Newt also wants to open a bakery (since Newt, trying to keep a low profile while pursuing his escaped Niffler, answers Jacob's question of what he's doing in the bank with "Same as you"), but instead of being jerkish or mean he just shakes his hand and wishes him luck.
  • Jacob reveals that he wants to open a bakery simply because he wants to make everyone happy with his food instead of making canned food that no one really likes.
  • Queenie Goldstein. A disarmingly sweet, beautiful and good-natured flapper witch who ends up the most joyful and heartwarming part of Jacob's discovery of the wizarding world after his hopes of opening a bakery are squashed. Jacob is almost immediately at ease and accepting of Queenie's natural ability to read minds. And she knows he's not just trying to be nice or polite.
    • Special mention to the fact that she's a Legilimens. She reads minds, and not only does this not freak Jacob out, he thinks its really cool, and is enjoying having a one-sided conversation with her later, where she responds to his unspoken thoughts. He asks her to stop reading his mind for moment only so he can offer up a heartfelt compliment for the wonderful meal the girls shared with him. And when Jacob first finds out she reads minds, he has a minor Oh, Crap! reaction, considering he first saw her in what, at the time the film is set, amounts to her underwear. Queenie tells him not to worry, "Lots of guys think what you was thinking first time they see me." Nice subversion of A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read.
  • The reason why Newt is in America? He found a Thunderbird chained up in Egypt and was actually on his way to Arizona to release him in his natural habitat.
    • Newt describes him as "a wee-bit sensitive to strangers" in the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (Daydream VR). Yeah, given that he's been tied up and abused, we can't say we blame him. Despite this, Frank let's Newt get close and stroke him and trusts him because he, like all of us, can see that Newt is a cinnamon bun who wouldn't harm a fly.
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  • After Henry Shaw Jr. crumpled one of the pamphlets that Credence dropped and then called the boy a "freak", Modesty holds his hand in comfort. He reciprocates.
  • The fact that Credence and Modesty appear to look out for each other, with Credence passively accepting Mary Lou Barebone's blame of the (toy?) wand and then his subsequent breakdown when his mother is about to beat Modesty.
  • Jacob instinctively caressing a dangerous-looking creature before looking down as he first visits the magical "zoo".
    • Basically any time Jacob interacts with Newt's beasts, from feeding the Mooncalves to holding Dougal the Demiguise's hand.
  • The expression on Newt's face as he watches the Thunderbird the first time we see it. He clearly loves his creatures deeply, not just as a career but for their own sakes. Considering how awkward he is around people, it's wonderful to see the bond he has with his creatures.
  • The little smile on Newt's face after he shows Jacob the Swooping Evil — he has an expression that plainly says that he's always wanted to do that.
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  • The reason behind Tina's demotion as an Auror was her attacking Mary Lou Barebone for abusing Credence.
  • When Queenie senses that Tina and Newt are in trouble, she finds Jacob who has been ordered to be Obliviated by MACUSA. She convinces the wizard he is with to let her Obliviate him, then tells Jacob that they're going to rescue Tina and Newt.
    Jacob: What, you're not gonna Obliviate me?
    Queenie: Of course not — you're one of us now!
    • When Jacob asks Queenie if she's going to Obliviate him, she sounds dismayed that he would even suggest that. It just shows how much she cares about him.
  • The Demiguise babysitting the monster Newt DIDN'T know escaped his suitcase. An Occamy who took up in the Macy's Attic.
  • Never once Newt considers the Obscurials as monsters, thinking of them as people to help instead: he's obviously dismayed about the Sudanese girl he was unable to save, and when confronted with Credence in his Obscurus form, he refuses to raise a hand against him and tries to calm him.
  • The sisters hugging when they reunite in the subway.
  • Newt's response to Jacob when the latter asked why Newt still kept him around? Because Newt likes Jacob and thought of him as a dear friend. And before Jacob goes to be obliviated, Newt tells him that he'll remember what Jacob did. Adding on to this is the reason why Newt brought him along in the first place: Newt (admittedly correctly) thinks American wizard laws are "backwards" on interactions with Muggles so he is trying to help him avoid being Obliviated and forgetting everything he saw.
  • Before leaving New York, Newt visits Jacob (who has now been obliviated) and gives him a case of Occamy eggshells — made of pure silver! — to use to get a loan from the bank to open up his bakery. Newt also leaves a note which states how Jacob's talent and worth are wasted at a dreary factory. Even more sweet? His bakery is a huge success, he somehow remembers Newt's creatures as he cooks pastries looking like them... and Queenie makes a visit.
  • Queenie tearfully begging Jacob to let her come with him at the end, and Jacob turning her down. Even though she loves him enough to walk away from her entire life and everything she's known, he loves her too much to allow her to do it.
  • The entire scene of Newt and Tina saying goodbye is this, but there’s a detail not noticed until Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was released: the song that’s playing is “Salamander Eyes”, which may be their love theme.
  • Just look how Tina interacts with Credence; this woman later has kids with Newt and was definitely the world's greatest mother - or, one of them at least.


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