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Tear Jerker / Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

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  • Grimmson killing Irma Dugard. This comes moments after she shows Credence perhaps the first genuine instance of affection he's ever felt.
    • Irma being affectionate and kind to Credence, hugging him and telling him he was a beautiful baby and grew up to be a handsome young man.
  • Leta revealing that she switched out her brother Corvus with another baby because he wouldn't stop crying. As a result, Corvus drowned when the escape boat that the other baby's mother was on capsized. Leta has lived with the guilt ever since.
  • The look of utter devastation in Jacob's face when he realizes that another great war is coming.
    • Grindelwald's vision of World War II is this in general, featuring a tank, ruined cities, a veritable horde of people being led into trains, planes, and then a blinding flash of light, followed by a mushroom cloud.
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    • Jacob's reaction really hits home when you remember he's a World War I veteran and knows exactly what Muggle warfare is like —and yet, this will be far worse than what he and his brothers-in-arms experienced or could have even imagined.
      "Not another war!"
  • Jacob watching as Queenie defects to Grindelwald's side. Even more sad because her Sanity Slippage has turned into a full-on landslide. Jacob is sane enough to know that he would not survive crossing the Protego Diabolica despite how much he loves Queenie, because he was fully aware of the Fantastic Racism in Grindelwald's speech even though Queenie seemed to be oblivious to it. She did not understand that her demand for Jacob to walk with her would have been suicide for him.
    • Even worse is Tina's reaction. She can only let out a Big "NO!" as she watches her sister join the Wizarding World's greatest enemy.
      • Even worse for Tina? She's responsible for her sister defecting to the side of evil. Queenie mentions to Newt that Tina found out about her and Jacob and "didn't approve"; she thinks her sister, Newt, and the law are against hernote  and can't see any other option to get her happy ending.
  • Leta's death at Grindelwald's hands.
  • Nagini's going to have one long Break the Cutie and it begins in this film. She will eventually turn into a snake forever and witnesses Credence siding with Grindelwald, despite her having warned him and even pleaded with him not to. Given what we know about what later happens, perhaps Neville Longbottom killing her was merciful.
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  • Poor Queenie gets a (painfully realistic) sensory overload while lost in the streets of Paris and breaks down crying in the middle of the street. If she has an actual disorder (likely because she's a Legilimens), you can see why she loses her mind at the prospect of her boyfriend calling her crazy.


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