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Fanfic Recs / Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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Proof that 10% of beasts are worth looking for.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, all of which are signed. Those that are not signed will be Zapped!. To add a recommendation, just use the template found here.

You can add to current recommendations to leave a comment or add your name to the recommendation. Refrain from Conversation in the Main Page, though. That belongs in the discussion page.


General Fics

No roots by Unbreakable Vow

  • Recommended by: SageTheWriter
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In which Jacob, Queenie, and the Snape family are intertwined in astonishing ways.
  • Comments: A beautifully written oneshot that switches between character perspectives to reveal a truth you won't see coming.

Sorting Newt Scamander by sameuspegasus

  • Recommended by: Lyra_Dhani
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The Sorting Hat has one job — assign children to the correct school houses. Some children are more difficult than others. Newt Scamander is one of the hard ones.
  • Comments: Exploring Newt's sorting experience in Hogwarts.

Mother May I by esama

  • Recommended by: Windona
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In which Newt can recognize an Obscurial by sight.
  • Tags: Canonical child abuse, racism, self harm, torture, aftermath of torture, AU
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  • Comments: An excellent divergence fic, that starts with Newt recognizing an obscural at the bank and snowballs.

Shipping Fics

Relationship Counselling by Anonymous.

  • Recommended by: fairlyfelonious
  • Status: Complete
  • Story type: One-shot
  • Story genre: Humor/crack
  • Pairings: Past Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald
  • Characters: Gellert Grindelwald; Original Percival Graves
  • Summary: Grindelwald wants to win Dumbledore's heart back, and keeps asking a captive Graves for love advice. Original Percival Graves doesn't deserve this.
  • Great. Just great. I haven't seen any other crack in this fandom, especially concerning Grindelwald/Anybody, and this was just perfect.

The Cigarette Case by Agent Malkere.

  • Recommended by “HattedHalfling
  • Status: Complete, but with the potential of future updates adding to the storyline.
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  • Pairing: Newt Scamander/Percival Graves
  • Synopsis: Apparently even Gellert Grindelwald isn't immune to a niffler's sticky paws. (In which Newt was not expecting to find Percival Graves in a stolen cigarette case.)
  • Comments: One of the original Newt/Percival fics from when the movie first came out, but still one of the best! Includes some excellent pre-slash, solid characterization on everyone's part (including, shockingly enough, the niffler), an interesting look into Grave's potential reactions to having been replaced by Grindelwald, and A+ scenes with Newt and his creatures.