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Tear Jerker / Child of Light

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Igniculus: Aurora, what is love known by?
Aurora: When it hurts to say goodbye.

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  • The entire beginning is this, having Aurora die in her sleep and leaving her father grieving. Fortunately, her soul is taken to Lemuria, but even here she's just a little girl who's frightened and lost, all while "Woods Darker Than Night" is playing.
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  • Pretty much any time the flute is played.
  • Norah's betrayal. Aurora thinks she's finally found her way home, and abandons her companions in search of it... And she finds out her older sister was luring her into a trap.
    • This can hit the player hard too. Norah, aside from some slight Fantastic Racism tendencies (which could easily be played of as the standard "Girl afraid of mice" trope) she was overall a friendly and likable character.
  • The death of Aurora's mother, the Queen of Light. The poor little girl sees her own mother die from poisoning in front of her eyes.
  • Genovefa's plight. She doesn't know that the ogre who took her parents ate both of them, and was waiting for their return after the ogre's death. She begins crying after Aurora spills the real news.
  • Near the end of the game, Umbra provides Aurora a Sadistic Choice to return home to Austria and reunite with her father, who had fallen ill after presuming his daughter to be dead. Aurora, who at the start of the game wanted nothing more than to return home, sees her father on his deathbed and tells him that while she will always love him, she cannot leave the Lemurians to their fate. Her father thanks her for making the right decision before passing away. This causes Aurora's protective crown to shatter and enables Umbra to kill Aurora, proclaiming her victory.
    Aurora: Papa, I love you. I cannot let the Lemurians die.
    Duke: My... Aurora... Good...
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  • The scene in which Aurora gets better: Her mother lays her out on the altar where she first arrived, and begins playing the flute over her body. As she plays, we see scenes that show the music carrying to all the peoples of Lemuria Aurora has helped before the scene returns to the altar, where the party is gathered around grieving her death. Then the light of the sun, moon and stars appear, and Aurora's body floats into the air where their power revives her, and she completes her transformation into the Queen of Light.
  • The ending theme from the original soundtrack. Just listen to it. Even more so when you realize that that is supposed to be Aurora's mother singing to her daughter.


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