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  • "Sir Firefly, ignite your rear!" A case of Getting Crap Past the Radar.
  • Aurora's victory animation is a standard Stab the Sky pose, except the sword is too heavy for her to hold up with one hand so the weight causes her to drop it to the ground with clunk, and she barely keeps her balance.
  • Rubella's always subverting the rhyme.
  • Norah gleefully calling Finn a garden gnome.
  • Norah's constant hissing at Robert for being a rat crosses as narmy and hilarious.
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  • When Tristis first talks to Óengus, he admits to being terrified of him. When Óengus reveals that he never sleeps, Tristis declares that he won't, either.
  • When Genovefa first talks to Óengus, she asks why he wears armor. He answers that without it he'd be smaller than her. Finn and Robert are uncertain if he's joking, but neither dare to ask him.

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