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The Game

The entire soundtrack, which was composed by Béatrice Martin, also known as Cœur de Pirate, is elaborate in its creation with evidently much effort put into it, and serves to masterfully sell the elegant, whimsical atmosphere of the game.

  • Starting up the game kicks things off in the main menu with Aurora's theme, an incredibly moving and somber piece. Final Breath is a heartbreaking rendition of it.
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  • Beginning the adventure has Aurora end up all alone in a dark, foreign land, all while the haunting, grim "Woods Darker Than Night" is playing, up until you meet Igniculus.
  • Shortly after, around entering the room with the statue of Mahthildis and her sword, snippets of "Pilgrims on a Long Journey" begin, which still sounds haunting and somber, but also the least bit hopeful.
  • After Aurora draws the Sword of Mahthildis, she is confronted by one of the many Dark Creatures, and the song of the same name begins. It starts dark and confrontational, but grows increasingly epic and triumphant, indicating that this is a tale to be fought for and won. And then there is the triumphant Victory theme.
  • Metal Gleamed in the Twilight, the first boss theme that plays against most normal bosses, builds up in epic fashion complete with Ominous Latin Chanting.
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  • Jupiter's Lightning plays against regular enemies in the Deep, Dark Well, the Plains of Rambert, the Cliffs of Erin, and the Temple of the Moon, and yet the energy of the violins make it sound like something out of a boss fight.
  • Serpent Boss plays against the Hydra and Umbra's daughters. It's another intense boss theme with drum beats and Ominous Latin Chanting, but it also sounds a touch... personal.
  • Down to a Dusty Plain, which plays when Aurora arrives at the Plains of Rambert, evokes a feeling of tiredness and exhaustion, and yet it still feels like it is spurring one to keep on going.
  • Bolmus Populi, which plays at the town of the titular creatures, sounds joyous and inviting after all the darkness that came before.
  • The dark, dramatic Path of the Eclipse plays at Norah's betrayal.
  • Little Girl, Gen, another somber piece which plays at the Flooded Lands, where Genovefa lives. It likely comes with more tragic memories after Gen is revealed to be the Last of Her Kind.
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  • Sword of Mars, the battle theme for the Cynbel Sea region, is an epic, climactic-sounding song not featured on the OST.
  • Hymn of Light, for the final boss, is complete with Ominous Latin Chanting and an array of instrumental composition, making for a fitting final battle.
  • The ending theme, "Off To Sleep", has a bittersweet tone that makes for a grand farewell.



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