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The Big Nate comic strip drops a surprisingly large amount of Take Thats, like some sort of kid-friendly cousin of The Simpsons.

  • Some strips are Take Thats against certain aspects of school. For example, there have been bashes against bullying (and teachers' obliviousness to it), the amount of homework students get assigned, and others.
  • The fact that Nate hates egg salad, cats, and figure skating, and repeatedly disses them, counts as this.
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  • When Nate's dad repaints Ellen's room, Nate agrees with him that the walls look horrible. Then he says, "But why bother with paint? Just tear down all those stupid Dawson's Creek posters!"
  • When Nate held his own neighborhood Olympics in his yard, Nate and Teddy list the medals they've gotten. Francis then says not to forget his medal, upon which Nate and Teddy start snickering. Francis got his medal in synchronized swimming, which he insists is a sport. All Nate and Teddy can say is, "Yeah, right."
  • During Nate's first chess match with Artur, he's trying to find a way to get out of the match and says that his appendix hurts. Francis points out that he had his appendix removed years ago, when he himself visited Nate in the hospital and gave him a Tickle Me Elmo. Nate says that he's always hated that toy.
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  • Plenty of stuff against fortune cookies and horoscopes that don't have actual fortunes, with Nate complaining that they don't live up to their names ("If you're going to call them fortune cookies, then put some actual fortunes in them!).
  • Nate once took up harmonica playing, and said that if he gets good at it he might be able to have a career in music, saying, "I could be the next John Tesh!" Francis says, "That's my fear."
  • Teddy once was sick with strep throat and ended up being addicted to The View, something that him, Nate, and Francis consider to be very embarrassing.
  • When Nate and Francis were trying to reinvent the high five, they came up with something similar to a dance routine. Nate stops and says that he's "starting to feel uncomfortably like a choreographer for *NSYNC."
  • Nate thinks that romance novels are overly sappy and trashy, reading out loud the blurbs on the books whenever he finds one to show just how mushy they are.
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  • There's lots of In-Universe Take Thats as well; about 99% of Nate's comics that feature Ellen insult her in some way, most often her intelligence and girly traits. Plenty of Nate's comics also make fun of his dad.
  • Ben Affleck has been on the receiving end of a few Take Thats, usually involving his popularity.

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