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Nate is depressed, or even suicidal

It all creepily fits in!

  • List of things due to his or leading to his depression:
    • 1. His grades suck, due to or leading to depression.
    • 2. His parents are divorced.
    • 3. He is constantly bullied by randy at school and his sister at home.
    • 4. Nate is clearly poor or on the poor side/in poverty, referenced multiple times throughout the series.
  • He's one hell of a Step Ford Smiler, then.

Nate's mother was a failed actress
Consider how many of his cartoons seem to deal with arrogant show-biz types. Maybe that's his way of expressing resentment at his mother for abandoning his family and taking the money.

In this strip, Principal Nichols wasn't hypnotized
Rather, Nate was cashing in on the favor Nichols owed him from when he got him flowers for Ms. Shipulski's birthday by having him pose as being hypnotized, allowing Nate to impress Chad.

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