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Even though it's a comedy-based strip, Big Nate still has its awesome moments.

  • There's a series of strips in which Nate joins Marcus's posse. Eventually, Nate grows lonely and attempts to rejoin his group. When confronted by Marcus, he makes the best comeback:
    Marcus: When you joined my posse, I told you not to hang out with any losers!
    Nate: (walking away with his friends) I won't.
  • In one baseball strip, Nate gets chewed out by the coach for practicing the trombone (yes, the trombone) in the right field. Mid-rave, another team gets a run. Nate catches it, and uses the trumpet to blast it into the catcher's hand.
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  • "Anything could happen", indeed.
  • Nate is cheating at Monopoly. Nothing unusual there. But Teddy and Francis finally find a solution.
  • One chess tournament opponent decides to really Trash Talk Nate. It backfires.
    Opponent: Do you want to know how I know I'm winning? Because you're so quiet! You haven't been doing any of your trademark woofing!
    Nate: (silently moves a chess piece) Checkmate.
    (Opponent stares at the board in shock)
    Nate: Woof.
  • In one arc, Gina challenged Nate to a game of chess. Immediately beforehand, she's shown stomping Francis, who's very good at chess in his own right. Furthermore, throughout the match, Nate's showing signs of nervousness, even asking if he can take back a move. In the end, he checkmates her easily and reveals that he was intentionally making mistakes and pretending to be scared just to let her think she was winning.
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  • Nate and his friends against Jefferson's kids in a snow-sculpting contest. The latter lost when they simply covered a statue with snow, but Nate's team impressed the teachers by making a statue of Achilles and his heel.
  • Nate having the strength to break up with Trudy since their social lives (and Trudy's unwillingness to hang out with Nate's sixth-grade friends) made it impossible for Nate to enjoy his friends.
  • This Sunday strip, which doubles as a moment of awesome not only for Nate, but for Nate's dad as well.
    Nate: A home run! That was the greatest moment in my baseball career!
    Nate's dad: (turns to the camera, smiling) Mine, too.
  • The long story arc of P. S. 38's soccer team against Jefferson's definitely counts, due to the pressure on P. S. 38 for not having beat Jefferson at anything for a long time. The game goes on...and on...and on, but neither side scores a goal, which becomes more impressive when you remember that Nate's the goalie. The game goes into overtime, but still no goals are scored. Finally, each team has to do penalty kicks to break the tie. One of P. S. 38's players score and Jefferson is down to their last penalty kick. In a scene imposed silently and dramatically, Nate saves the ball and wins the game. The crowning moment has to be when Nate grabs the ball and realizes they've won, then runs to his team in excitement as they do the same.
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  • In one of the chapter books, Nate manages to lead his classmates to beat Jefferson at an art contest...because the Jefferson kids are all polish no substance, winning via creativity.

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