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Ace Attorney


  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse):
    • Chapter 13 is littered with ones to Twilight, culminating in Eobard Thawne commenting on how, in the future, the movies were banned in France and the books burned en masse in the United States.
    • PART IV of the Prologue is one to Arrow Season Four, in which H.I.V.E. easily dismantled in two-month timeframe by the three leads.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • Bring Me All Your Elderly! is one long (hilarious) Take That! against The Last Airbender, with everything from the names to the Battle Cries being mocked or parodied. Even Shyamalan himself isn't safe, as he's portrayed as a no-talent hack with delusions of grandeur.
  • Kyoshi Rising also pokes fun at The Last Airbender; Kyoshi's self taught Earthbending is very similar to the Bending in the movie, with plenty of arm motions and stomping to look big and impressive. However, this method only ever moves a few small rocks, and her Earthbending instructor says that excessive arm movement actually dissipates a person's energy.
  • In The Stalking Zuko Series, the author makes no secret of her disdain for Kataang and Maiko, or her disappointment in the sequel comics. In the final chapter, which is essentially a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, she describes Aang's future in which, among other things, he has multiple lovers to help the airbenders return.
    In my head canon, Aang is not the last air bender, nor does he pass such a terrible legacy onto his son. […] None of thismanogamous (sic) relationship with a woman from the age 12 for Aang. Boo to only having three kids, of which only one is an airbender. Blergh.
Ben 10
  • Ben 10: Guardians: The infamous video game incident which caused Ben and Julie to break up in "Rules of Engagement" in canon still happened in this continuity, but didn’t result in them breaking up. Why? Because unlike in canon, Julie told Gwen, who then figured out the misunderstanding and arranged for to them to talk about it intelligently like adults. They even get a laugh over how silly the incident was.
  • Bleach: Fan Works has quite a few of the less intelligent in-story reviewers be fans of Twilight, and liking the poorly written Fanfics because they remind them of Twilight, even when they're not that much like it (although it often says more about the reviewers' intelligence). On the flip side, some of the in-story reviewers bring up resemblance to Twilight as a point against the fics they review.
    Oshikko: You're trying to mimic that shit Twilight. You are successful in that but then... that isn't hard to do.
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  • White gives a quick one to the canon ranking of Espada. The Arrancar use a new system that tests battle effectiveness rather than just sheer power for ranking. Though oddly enough, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, and Harribel all have the same ranks as canon. Despite Grimmjow being a Vasto Lorde instead of a mere Adjuchas as in canon, and Ulquiorra and Harribel both being stronger and more skilled than in canon due to training with White/Ichigo.


  • The Bolt Chronicles:
    • Several works of art and culture are mentioned in “The Seven” as examples of guilty pleasures, or as the story describes it, “artistic statements that fall short in some abstract sense of ‘taste’ or ‘quality,’ yet are still worth experiencing anyway. Though perhaps we don't readily admit to it.” Examples include the musical work Romanian Rhapsody No. 1 by George Enescu, the poem "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer, the painting Washington Crossing The Delaware by Emanuel Leutze, the TV show Gilligan's Island, the films The Magnificent Seven (1960) and Ghostbusters, and the novel On the Road by Jack Kerouac.
    • In “The Walk,” Penny is portrayed as disliking a song by Miley Cyrus — which is ironic given that Cyrus is Penny's voice actor in the movie.
      Penny: So what am I supposed to do, pretend Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA” is the greatest song ever just ‘cause Jenny the majorette thinks so? Sorry, but that’s not my style.
    • Baseball talk shows are lampooned in “The Baseball Game.”
      Rhino: Oh, just wanted to make sure. Baseball games on TV — real or not?
      Bolt: [reassuringly] No, no — those are real. When it comes to sports, it's just WWF wrestling that's fake.
      Rhino: [earnestly] Hmmmm — and baseball talk shows?
      Mittens: [laughing] Jury's still out on that one, Rhino. I’d guess there's a cocktail weenie of truth wrapped in a great big bun of show-biz malarkey there.
    • The fanfiction Penny and her friend make fun of in “The Cameo” lampoons real-life Bolt and Penny smut stories on the Internet.
    • In “The Paris Trip,” Rhino sees a listing for TV-Con presentations related to Bolt’s TV show. Many are porn fanfic readings (including a “four-part trilogy” of Bolt/Penny smut), with the rest being paper presentations featuring absurd comparisons between the TV show and scholarly topics such as “‘Bolt’ and the Berlin Wall: the ideal metaphor” and “Freudian imagery in ‘Bolt’: sometimes a helicopter is just a helicopter.” The hamster decides he isn’t interested.
    • In “The Car,” Penny says that her unsatisfying English class experience was probably dumbed down for the Jurassic Park film series crowd.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Chosen to Destroy: In the author's own words it "sums up my opinion on the Buffy Finale: Chosen". The fic is basically an expression of the author's hatred and contempt for Buffy (and to a lesser extent Angel), having the First destroy the entire world, what should have been the best demon fighting team ever (Xander, Giles, Willow and Faith) fail to form, and the First Good itself try (and fail) to set Buffy up to die, all because of Buffy's stupidity and ego.
  • Buffy the Vampire: Awakenings is a story where Buffy becomes a vampire after biting the Master before he killed her. At one point Xander calls her a Slaypire (the canon name for a Turned Slayer) only for Buffy to tell him the name sucks.
  • Memory pokes fun at Spike getting his soul back as it turns out he wanted to have his chip removed and go back to being the vampire Drusilla sired. He even notes he wanted to be "what he was" and he'd never been an ensouled vampire. He's further irritated that the demon didn't go all the way and turn him human again.

Calvin and Hobbes

  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series, being very-self aware, has a few.
    • Among the scary things Calvin is shown in one episode include Dora.
    • "Wild Movie" starts with Calvin being disgusted by the mere prospect of a sequel to The Incredible Hulk.
    • When terrifying Sherman in "Sherman Goes to the Vet":
      Hobbes: The vet shall attack you, young Vermin! Be afraid! Be very afraid! Think of that 1997 Batman movie with George Clooney! Terrifying! Not terrifying entertainment! Just terrifying!
    • Calvin spends part of "Hypercube" complaining about the Star Wars prequels.
      "Alternative title: Star Wars III: A Trip to the Dentist."
    • After encountering Creepy Monotone clones in "Electronic Invasion":
      Hobbes: Are you all going to become Ben Stein stand-ins?
    • From Klein's long speech in "Attack of the Monsters":
      " pagers, no iPods, no iPhones, no iTunes, no PDA, no laptops, digital cameras, no video cameras, no mini-DVD's… In fact, no technology that essentially does the exact same thing, but Apple says are each incredibly different in a scheme to make money."
    • Earlier than that, "Calvin Gets Professional Help" had jabs towards Barbie of Swan Lake, Bratz, and The Lost World.
    • Andy's story in "Tales of a Tiger" reveals that at least one of the authors isn't too fond of video games, and more explicitly thinks Bluetooths are really stupid (or at least make figuring out if someone's a loony harder).
    • And Socrates' idea for making the fun house scarier in "Dark Laughter"? Having Bad Romance play in every room.
      Andy: Yep, after several failed attempts, they have succeeded in making her more terrifying than she already is.
  • From the same universe as the above, Retro Chill mentions that The Backyardigans is available on VVV (which is shown to be a very painful means of watching something).

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

  • Tiberium Wars has a few of these, directed at the official Novelization of the game, including a choice jab at the novel's act of having a raw private dropping his loaded rifle and scoring a headshot at long range with a pistol - by having the same thing happen, except the man doing it is Havoc.
    The Nod biker was a hundred meters away, with a dozen Nod soldiers between him and the man by Nigel's bike. A normal soldier, straight out of boot on his first day, would never have made that kind of shot with a pistol. Even an experienced target shooter might find it difficult.
    But that was why they called him "Havoc."


  • Child of the Storm occasionally — and gleefully — mocks and subverts any number of fandom conventions, namely, harems (repeatedly), the Fandom-Specific Plot of Super!Harry and Lord!Harry (which usually involve him becoming mysteriously hypercompetent at everything, an inexplicable Sex God and completely different from his canon incarnation), the inexplicable slashing of every straight male character in sight and Harry/Hermione, among other things.
    • The entire fic is stated by Word of God to have begun as a Take That! aimed at everyone who writes bad Wish Fulfillment Harry Potter fic, basically saying, 'this is how it's done properly'. However, the main inspiration was Harry Potter And The Invincible Technomage, which he harshly deconstructs in an A/N after someone recommended he model his fic more closely on it, in the process scathingly describing it as "how not to write a crossover."
      • More generally, the author isn't shy of taking shots at writers of Revenge Fic, describing it as the mark of a childish and incompetent writer.
    • And then there's the usual mockery of Twilight, when Harry Dresden points out that in a world where vampires are very real and very dangerous, taking the book seriously is like hanging a 'please eat me' sign around your neck. He then adds that fatal vampire attacks have at least quadrupled since the publication of the first book and speculates that Meyer is The Renfield to either the Red or White Court.
    • During the chaos of the first book's Final Battle, Dumbledore says that if it weren't for the presence of civilians, he'd let the rampaging demons currently destroying the Tate Modern finish the job, considering it a service to British art and culture.
    • It is also very hard to see the proclamation by General Lukin, one of the villains of the Forever Red arc, that he's going to "Make Russia Great Again", something shown to be a vainglorious, foolish, and downright insane ambition, as anything other than a very intentional jab at a certain President of the United States.
  • Children of Time has this as a Running Gag with Holmes and Watson taking shots at certain elements of their own fandom, or at their image in pop culture. Beth Lestrade occasionally lampshades this.
  • Citadel of the Heart
    • Truth and Ideals:
      • Ash's Oshawott as depicted in Truth and Ideals is a massive potshot to the characterization of his Oshawott from the canon, due to the key fact that Ash's Oshawott in Truth and Ideals is an Expy of Ash's Greninja more in terms of personality, the fact it evolves to final form, and a hidden form change.
      • Once it evolves into Samurott, it displays a few of the characteristics of Ash's Charizard, such as a notable Proud Warrior Race Guy mentality. However, he keeps his Undying Loyalty to Ash despite that. This is meant to be a potshot towards Ash's Charizard disobedience issues when it first fully evolved, as part of the first of many things the author didn't like about the original series anime.
      • Alain gets the biggest case of Adaptational Wimp applied to him because of how sick and tired the author was with dealing with Diabolus ex Machina loses for Ash in the leagues. Several things happen; Alain is Related in the Adaptation to Ash as his younger cousin, and he's given many of the same Idiot Hero characteristics of Canon!Ash, and in their first battle, Warlord Samurott completely demolishes Mega Charizard X without even trying. One must wonder if the entire reason Warlord Samurott is classified as Water/Ground had more to do with countering Mega Charizard X, even though the offending episode was not even released at the time Warlord Samurott first appeared.
    • Ash's friends having an Undying Loyalty complex to them (especially Cheren and Bianca the most) could be interpreted as one towards the infamous "betrayal fics" that Ash is put through, but it wasn't meant to be taken as such.
  • The credits sequence of Double Rainboom shows Rainbow Dash and Buttercup playing what appears to be a parody of My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic. This can be seen as a Take That at the Mane 6 Dev Team: "Oh, your game got shut down for being too popular? Well, guess what: we did an animation and got away with it!"
  • Matt Ward's Creators Pets do not fare well in The God Empress of Ponykind; most of the Ultramarines are Killed Offscreen, and Kaldor Draigo is reduced to a smear by Abaddon without much effort. The only notable Ultramarine who survived was Captain Titus Endor, who was a deliberate effort to defy Ward's vision of the Chapter.
  • Flashpoint 2 Advent Solaris has it's Chapter 6 build up a Big Bad Wannabe and her cohorts, who all are named for the writers & producers of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. All of these characters not only get depicted as villains, but also die at the end of the chapter as well - in ways that mirror certain character deaths from the movie as well.
  • Finishing the Fight has a scene near the end where Johnson and Keyes, who survived the events of Halo 3 in this story, reminisce about how Keyes was able to successfully rescue Johnson from the Covenant because she didn't make the mistakes that got her killed in the game.
  • At one point in this Ed, Edd n Eddy + Kingdom Hearts Fanfic: the bad guys blow up the world of Johnny Test.
  • Monsters In Paradise: In the first chapter, Remilia is told that a certain visitor to the Mansion is a newcomer from outside Gensokyo. Remilia is rather cross after being woken up mid-day, so she immediately complains about having to put on the "haughty ominous noblewoman" act and wishing that Yukari wouldn't drag in people from outside left and right.note  Sakuya is quick to cut off the rant before she gets too far.
  • NoHoper is a huge one against The House of Night series.
  • Minor example in Paper Mario X 2, where Link seems to be unaware of Fire Emblem. Keep in mind that nearly every single Nintendo game is connected in this verse.
  • The Return: The Return takes several potshots at Magical Girl series, and Sailor Moon in particular, tropes (Fanservice outfits, Flowery Speeches about The Power of Love and Catchphrases, themed names. Did we mention it is Sailor Moon/Ranma Fuku Fic?
  • The Secret Return of Alex Mack: Having fought real vampires, Alex is unimpressed by Anita Blake romancing them, and stops reading the series.
  • Spiders and Magic: Rise of Spider-Mane has a really satisfying take on Jameson. Twilight buys out the Daily Bugle, and fires Jameson. This is something every Spider-Man fan really wants to happen.
  • At one point in The Story to End All Stories, the characters all shout SHUT UP, LEMONY SNICKET!.
  • Thousand Shinji has one against the Gainax Ending of the original NGE:
    "For those of you prepared to rant at me, there is one more chapter to this story, so unlike Gainax, you will actually get an explaination (sic) as part of the denouement."
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supergirl story The Vampire of Steel, the loudest parts of the anime fandom are put down briefly:
    "Is that all right?" Buffy grasped Kara’s hand. "Oh, Kara. Punch me if I start acting like one of those anime fangirls I see at the vid stores."
  • Naruto Rend: While Gaara is giving Naruto, Hinata and Lee—all of whom were considered "failures" and "losers" in Part I of the series—a quick rundown of the situation between the Gotei 13 and Aizen, Naruto asks what Aizen's goal is. Gaara and Ichigo respond with becoming a God. Naruto asks with irritated sarcasm if Aizen has a Sharingan.
  • The original Dante's Night at Freddy's criticizes the often fanatical and poorly written nature of fictional news headlines, including those of Five Nights at Freddy's itself and one against Jeff the Killer.
  • The Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Slayer story A Jedi, a Wizard, and a Scooby walk into a bar throws in a dig against Hermione's habit of writing far more for her assignments than asked. When Xander becomes the Assistant Professor for History Of Magic, he notes that anything more than a certain amount above what he asks (such as blurbs more than three inches when he asked for two) was going to automatically get a zero, though he doesn't mention it's mostly because he doesn't want to read that much.
  • Louise hates the imperial system of measurement in Overlady and declares that having 1,760 yards to a mile is stupid compared to much simpler 1,000 metres to the kilometre. Any system that requires memorizing such random numbers is ridiculous.
  • The Bridge:
    • The fic takes numerous potshots at the "Tyrantestia", "Waifu Luna", and "New Lunar Republic" memes.
    • Xenilla mocks the fact that Princess Cadance and before her King Sombra rule the Crystal Empire, commenting that Empires are ruled by Emperors and Empresses.
    • After several Flash Sentry haters complained about his brief scenes (including a cameo where he didn't even say anything) and demanded he stop appearing in the fic, the author responded by giving him more scenes and promising to expand his role when the fic gets to the Rainbow Rocks timeline. The author also expressed displeasure that Flash became Demoted to Extra, stopped getting Character Development, and was made to look like a total chump in Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games just because of several fans complaining to Hasbro about him. The author pointed out that like Flash, Sunset Shimmer used to be hated by the fans, but became popular because Hasbro chose to give her more screen time and Character Development in the later movies.
    • After several rude comments bragging that the Godzilla from Godzilla (2014) would make mincemeat of the fic's version of the grown up Godzilla Junior and demanding Tarbtano replace the fic's version with the 2014 one, Tarbtano wrote a semi-canon blog of the Mirror Universe's 2014 version losing to the Mirror Universe's Godzilla Junior. Though to soften the blow to the 2014 creature itself, as Tarb's gripe wasn't with it but its overzealous fans, the 2014 Godzilla did put up a good fight and the bout ended in a logical way.
    • His words in the same blog imply Mirror Godzilla is one to the people complaining and demanding a Darker and Edgier Godzilla story. They got it: as the Big Bad of a Mirror Universe story.
    • In the April Fools' Day special, where Pinkie Pie, Sonata Dusk, and Megalon travel the multiverse, when they get to a blend of The Legend of the Titanic and Titanic: The Legend Goes On, the trio are disgusted and call it an atrocity, especially the octopus and the rapping dog. When the trio arrives in Pokémon, Sonata calls the adults in that world irresponsible for letting ten year olds wander a wilderness full of creatures that could easily kill people unsupervised.
    • The villain Jeog is a playful jab at the Magical Girlfriend trope, as Tarbtano would like us to know, just because something is a hottie in mythology does not make it "Waifu" material.
  • When Xander has to clone the Joker in The Plagiarist, his first two attempts spawn the The Dark Knight and Suicide Squad (2016) versions. Alfred calls the first to be nothing like the original and the second "closer, but still a failure".
  • At one point in A Shadow of the Titans, Gadjo goes back in time specifically to Ret-Gone Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain.
    • Later on, Gadjo eats (and badly digests) the pie containing Mother Mae Eye, thereby expressing the author's disgust at both the character and her episode.
    • Chapter 12 contains a couple of jabs at Teen Titans Go!.
  • An original House-Elf in Time and Again is used to mock the idea of someone in Harry Potter earning the Undying Loyalty of a magical creature/race through manners. When Hermione thanks Xander's personal House-Elf Ripper, he only gives her thanks as much attention as a normal person would, making her wonder why he "didn't immediately make a great show of how wonderful [she] was for showing him such kindness".
    • There's also a quick shot taken at a scene the fourth film when Hermione says the Unforgivables are called as such because "they're unforgivable". Xander tells her that merely repeating their description does nothing to explain why they're called unforgivable, and lets his students puzzle out that the reason they're called the Unforgivables is because you have to enjoy their results (Mind Control, Cold-Blooded Torture, and instant death) to successfully cast them.
  • A Man of Iron:
    • When Margaery Tyrell is introduced in the second book, Theon notes that the "duckface" she makes when upset is very unflattering. This is a jab at a notorious acting quirk of Natalie Dormer's that the author can't stand.
    • When Doom is angrily listing the ludicrously complex rituals needed to go through to speak to the Pureborn of Qarth, Daenerys is left flabbergasted, noting that it sounds like something a demented writer would come up with in order to pad out a story. This reflects the common view of Dany's needlessly engorged, and thus rather pointless, storyline in A Clash of Kings.
    • Tywin hates the excuse "It's magic, I don't have to explain it," which in the real world was Joe Quesada's notorious statement on the various logic and plot holes of One More Day.
    • When talking about the importance of symbols to Rhodey, Tony says that if he changed the color pattern of his armor to all gold with red highlights, or if his Chest Insignia was a triangle instead of a circle, the image of the Iron Man would lose impact. These are clear digs at the Mark 42 and Mark 6 armors. Rhodey even says that the former would look "ugly as hell".
  • The Halloween Unspectacular anthology series has had a few of these over the years:
    • Halloween Unspectacular 1: When told that the bus he's boarding is heading for Sydney, Doctor Insano happily declares it "the most hellish place imaginable".
    • Do the Gasmask Shuffle:
      • When the copy of the first Halloween Unspectacular E350 receives in the beginning of the story unleashes eldritch horror on Sydney, it's noted that it has no visible effect on the train service (implying that it couldn't possibly get worse than it already is).
      • When Timmy gets turned into a vampire in the first story, the narrator notes that "Much to Spongebob's misfortune, he was not of the weak sparkling kind."
    • Terror Australis Incognita: The center of the universe, according to Doctor Insano, is in Milton Keynes; "Even I'm [not] crazy enough to go through there."
    • Mess Effect
      • There are many towards the infamously derided ending of Mass Effect 3, especially in "The Catalyst", which is a series of characters put in the player's position, with most calling out the Catalyst for how batshit insane its logic is.
      • "So Your Government Has Shut Down" is an interview between Sam Manson and Lionel Hutz about government shutdowns, mocking everything about the politics involved in them, written in response to an actual US government shutdown happening that October.
      • When Spongebob and Sandy explore the abandoned arcade in "Little Shop of Parodies", it's noted that all of the games have been cleared out, except for the 1982 ET one, which "no sane man would want".
      • At Comic-Con, it's shown that the Valve panel is deserted.
    • Lair of the Hack Writer:
    • Watchmeh:
      • During the song in the first chapter, the people and things E350 claims his writing makes look good are Dan Brown, Zack Snyder, Ayn Rand, The Host, Ed Wood, George Lucas, and Tim Kring.
      • In "Robot Wars", Peridot and Lapis accidentally destroy Cleveland. No one notices for years.
      • After making a COPS reference, E350 calls it a "pretty awful show".
      • In chapter 10, Doc the Ruby, Dipper and Wendy all hate the "It's a Small World" ride — the latter two so much that they proceed to destroy the place.
      • In "A Sunday Drive Down Fury Road", E350 listens to OutKast's "Hey Ya!" in the car before Sandy grabs the CD and chucks it out the window. Also, he compares the Hume Highway to a barren, hellish landscape.
    • Blue Alert:
      • The hatted man E350 meets with in the prologue states that he refuses to accept Children of Earth as canon to Torchwood.
      • When "First They Came..." spells out the horrors of PURITY-controlled America, a key point is that all critics of the regime are declared "fake news".
      • "There's An App For That" is one long jab at the Allegedly Free Game.
      • One of the endings presented in "Choose Your Own Ending III" has the reader being forced to read Chicken, Chicken (one of the most universally despised Goosebumps books), which is treated as a Fate Worse than Death.
      • The bridge troll who appears in "E350 Presents: Billy Goats" is an admitted parody of Internet trolls, especially right-wing ones.
      • "Love and Mishaps" is one long parody/mockery of the Doctor Who episode "Love and Monsters", which E350 views as one of the worst in the series.
    • This is fine:
      • In the first chapter, when Stan tries to sing "Let It Go", E350 immediately shuts him down.
      • In "Ten Decades", 80s fashion is treated like The Virus.
      • "The Full Picture with Rush Carlson" is one long jab at Manipulative Editing.
      • One of the stories in "The Reject Shop" is a parody of Star Wars: A New Hope, which opens with an apology to George Lucas... until E350 notes that as Lucas made the Star Wars Holiday Special, he's the one who should be apologizing to the fans.
      • In "The Plague", one of the symptoms of the plague's Beta strain is attempting to cause mass panic on social media.
      • "Letters to the Author" contains a jab at Butch Hartman's OAXIS project (with E350 receiving junk mail for a similarly named Church of Happyology scam), and outright calls out the The Loud House fandom for its love of incestuous shipping.
    • Halloween Unspectacular X:
      • One of the questions in "Form 13E7-SP00K3" asks if the person filling out the form or their relatives have ever been a member of a number of villainous groups (cults, conspiracies, the Communist Party), but also includes OAXIS.
      • "How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Seelowe" is one long essay aimed at invalidating the myth that the Axis powers were unstoppable military juggernauts that could have won WWII if things had gone slightly differently, pointing out all the ways that their early victories were more due to luck than anything, and how their poorly managed supply lines and incompetent military leadership meant that they were always going to lose.
      • "The Focus Group" mocks how corporate ownership attempting to appeal to the basest support can screw up franchises — when a corporate entity buys out the Nicktoons, they decide to give the team Dork Age costumes, ditch Spongebob because he's Ambiguously Bi, turn Jenny into Ms. Fanservice, add exactly one female character and one black character (and proceed to be unable to think of any candidates for the latter), and decide that the team can only fight Dark Laser because they find the other villains offensive as antagonists. Then it turns out that this is all a plot by Preston Northwest, Vlad, and Mr. Burns to shut down the team.
      • In "A House in New Orleans", the titular house has a portrait of Andrew Jackson in its foyer, which the owner keeps up as a reminder of "the evil men do".
      • "E3's Eleven (Minus Six)" has E350 explaining the concept of the Crucible by calling out the Catalyst's Insane Troll Logic. And while discussing his plan to steal it, he randomly brings up how Call of Duty: Ghosts is the worst game in the franchise.
      • Agent Parker's blackmail on the Attorney General is pictures of him eating in "disreputable places"... namely Carl's Jrs.
  • In The Great Starship Battle, Madame Vastra eats Ender Wiggin offscreen in a not-so-subtle dig at Orson Scott Card for his homophobic views.
  • In Daughter of Darkness, even Alucard's hypnosis can't make someone praise Twilight.
  • A Possible Encounter for a Phantom: This Danny Phantom and Kim Possible crossover has jabs at Bueno Nacho that are made by the cast of the former. This is because Bueno Nacho is written as a stand-in for real life chain, Taco Bell, which is mocked for Americanized Mexican food and banned from Mexico as a result.
  • A Discordant Note:
    • Adrastia Zabini notes that that not only is Cersei Lannister obviously a monster to even her brother, but she's also "a rather stupid monster".
    • Rhaella is disgusted with her son's suggestion that her daughter and his future son marry in his hopes to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Besides general disgust at the idea of her daughter marrying her own nephew, she remarks that even the most undedicated of smallfolk know better than to breed cattle with their siblings if they want to keep the herd strong. Furthermore, even though their House used to have a ritual to protect them from the perils of inbreeding, Rhaella compares it to drinking from a dirty pool of water rather than a clean one simply because you have the means to cleanse it.
  • Miraculous Knight sees some shots at things the authors on DeviantArt made clear they don't like.
    • During the Joker's introduction, he's channel-surfing and calls the Marvel Cinematic Universe boring.
    • Alfred at one point wishes Bruce doesn't have a son—that matched the description of Damian Wayne.
  • Universe Falls:
  • Spark of Creation has Naruto summon the soul of Rin Nohara during the Fourth Shinobi War, where she lambasts Obito for causing untold suffering and countless deaths because she died, declaring that he's a monster and the real Obito died on that fateful mission years ago.
  • There's one towards Doom: Annihilation in Chapter 22 of Remnant Inferis: DOOM. While in Hell, the Slayer checks the scroll of a dead Atlas Soldier named Corporal Joan Dark (the protagonist of Doom: Annihilation), who talks about not needing the Doom Slayer, much like her actress in real life. The result: without the Slayer's help, all Atlas Soldier's in the Airship were killed, with her committing suicide. The Slayer even crushes her scroll recording in disgust.
    "Fucking blasphemy that came out of her mouth, that was."
  • SAPR: In "P v P, Part 2" Pyrrha tells Jaune not to cut his hair. This is a direct reference to Jaune's change in hairstyle from Volume 7 of canon RWBY.
  • In The Chronicles of Tanya the Holy, the Alliance is renewed even without Lordaeron falling or the Horde being a threat, with the author stating that the canon insistence the Alliance would fall to in-fighting if Arthas didn't purge Stratholme is utterly ridiculous.
  • Of Gemstones and Watches:
    • Driba is fired after the Grimm attack on the Rushmore base, having made multiple blunders before he let Ben and Ruby get away from him.
    • Chapter 20 has one for the "Ultimate Alien" era, primarily about how the ultimate forms were underutilized.
      Ben: It's kind of a shame that he doesn't use the ultimates more often.
      Ruby: Yeah, kind of defeats the whole gimmick of the series. And even when he does, they're usually small. Remember when he used it against the Lord of all Evil during the Hero Generation finale? That was a cool time to use it. Not during some stupid battle in a tunnel.
      Ben: Yeah. Plus, when anti-Ishyama used it against him? Totally awesome. Seeing the Jurassic techniques at their fullest were some of the coolest moments of Hero Generation.
      Ruby: I'm glad someone sees where I'm coming from! Mega Sumos is just a lame continuation of Hero Generation.
    • Albedo being able to transform on his own gets a jab, and his Galvan Ultimate form is also different.
    • Chapter 57 has one to all the Kissing Cousins interpretations between Ben and Gwen, with one of the aliens who created unlicensed rip-offs of Ben and Ruby's adventures making Ben and Gwen an item. It also jabs at the Faux Action Girl concept.
  • Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail usually has many of these in regards to female characters and especially how writers treat Chloe:
    • The first one has her note the Double Standard from Pokémon Journeys episode 11note  and sarcastically remarks that she thought "Japan was free from sexism in Pokémon"
    • The second one is how she compares Chloe's lack of screen time to how Romin Kirishima has gotten a lot of focus before stating that Romin has become a formidable female duelist "than most of the girls from Arc-V ever were".
    • She lambasts the Double Standard lesson on Journeys Episode 32: while she likes how it was written and how it explains why Goh has trouble making friends — because he assumed one he made while on vacation in Azaelea Town ditched him but found out years later that Tokio got ill — it doesn't undo the fact that Goh never thinks about Chloe at all in the episode or how the anime states they're friends but they didn't get any true interactions until 17 episodes later.
    • In the fanfic, Chloe wants to get into Silent Hill, particularly 2 and 3, except she's having trouble finding "good quality copies". This is a jab to the infamous Silent Hill HD Collection which is of even lower quality than the original games themselves.
  • There Was Once an Avenger from Krypton:
    • The author doesn't like how easily removable the Omnitrix became over the course of the Ben 10 canon, so it's made clear that here, it's pretty much permanently merged with Ben now.
    • Also in regards to Ben 10, Krabb assuming that Gwen is Ben's mate, and not getting why Ben is disgusted even after the latter corrects him they're cousins, could be a jab to the Kissing Cousins portrayal they sometimes get in the fandom.
  • Code Prime:
    • In one of the author's notes for a chapter of R1, while admitting he screwed up earlier in the story by having Suzaku forget that he met Euphemia while talking to Nina, Iron117Prime admitted that, when considering Nina's character, he doesn't really feel that bad with his goof.
    • In the R2 chapter Nerves of Steel, during a conversation about Autobot combiners Lelouch proposes a theoretical combination of Bumblebee, Strongarm, Grindcore and Sideswipe, only for it to be shot down by the Autobots, as they lack the combiner technology; Ironhide even wonders where he got that combination. The author stated in the author’s notes that he didn’t like Ultra-Bee or any of the combiners from Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015), feeling it led to Uniqueness Decay after Transformers: War for Cybertron made them out to be such a rarity.


  • Three-Point Shot: A good portion of chapter 62 is spent pointing out flaws with the concept of the 'Gofer Project' plotline from the game, such as putting the fate of humanity in the care of fifteen teenagers (and a robot that can't reproduce) with no knowledge of agriculture or anything else needed to rebuild society. The author's note at the end of the chapter also brings up some Fridge Logic (how did K1-B0, the Ultimate ROBOT, forget his talent?).
  • Where Talent Goes To Die
    • The fic makes fun of Talent High School (and by extension, the very similar Hope's Peak)'s layout. For example, Sakuragi's shocked to hear that there aren't any elevators, save for the one to the courtroom, and wonders how wheelchair users and people with heavy loads are supposed to get around.
    • An omake after the first investigation period makes fun of pink blood.
    • At the end of the first trial, Miura, having cleared her own name and found the killer, is less than happy about the outcome, since it means that the killer will have to die. Monokuma then tries to "reassure" Miura, taking a shot at the first trial of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (specifically Kaede's death) in the process.
    Monokuma: Now, now, Miura-san, it could've been worse. You might've taken the fall for the murder, and then we'd need a new protagonist. A lame plot twist like that this early on in the game wouldn't even be funny.
    • An April Fools' Day omake shows an alternate ending to the first trial, in which Miura is found guilty of the murder. Edogawa protests that it's unreasonable to conclude that Miura killed someone who was in another room while all the readers were viewing her actions and thoughts, as yet another shot against V3's first trial.
    • Near the start of Chapter IV, the group finds what will be the fourth motive- a video game titled "Final Dead Room: VR Edition." Monokuma insist that he means it when he says that the game will be coming out soon, noting that the game isn't called "Final Dead Room Forever."
    • Edogawa mentions her "friend" Matsukaze, and how she didn't have much of a chance as a writer, Miura wonders what Edogawa means.
    Miura narrating: I had to wonder what kind of story we were talking about- perhaps that of a high school girl who falls in love with a vampire, or that of a billionaire with a passion for bondage and the poor unfortunate woman who happens to be his lover- but didn't ask.
    • Chapter V has one against the Gofer Project from V3. Miura points out that they'd need at least 500 genetically diverse people to repopulate the world if the Tragedy wiped out humanity, rather than the sixteen they have (down to seven people- three boys and four girls by this point). She also realizes that not only would most of their talents be of little use, but none of them are remotely prepared to live in and try to rebuild a world that's been changed so drastically.
    • In Chapter VI, Monokuma hands out several photos of the surviving students at school, each of which is missing the recipient. He asks Miura if she can explain why she isn't in the photo, and she proposes that she could have taken the photo, or maybe she was absent that day. This is a jab against some of the classmates in the first game assuming that everyone else was the mastermind when faced with a similar situation.
    • Also from Chapter VI, when it's revealed that Talent High School was founded as a place to send the families of the school's founders and administrators (even if they don't actually possess the Ultimate talents they're said to have), the headmistress' diary reveals that even they had to reject a board member's nephew who wanted to be the Ultimate Pirate, a Take That toward some of the more unbelievable Ultimate titles found in Fanfics.
    • Midway through the final trial, after the mastermind's identity is revealed, Monokuma plays a joke on the remaining students, by claiming that, like in the third game, the students are in the fifty-fourth season of Danganronpa. Miura refuses to believe it, noting that it's hard to believe that the world would let a show that twisted become popular, that no show could stay popular for 54 seasons, and that the Roman numerals for 53 are "LIII," not "V3".
  • Where Talent Goes on Vacation

Danny Phantom

  • Accident: Month One: In one single paragraph, Princessbinas managed to do this to all of Night M Shyamalan's films, SpongeBob SquarePants, Mystery Diagnosis, and Twilight.
  • In Chapter 2 of Harmless, Sam's narration briefly goes into a rant about a vampire romance series called "Late Evening", talking about how the female lead is useless, the male lead just whines about his existence, and both have no other personality beyond their obsessive love for each other.

Death Note

Demon King Daimao

  • On chapter 6.5 of Keena & the Defendants of Constan Magic Academy, quite a notable use of this trope (and perhaps Author Filibuster, as well) about the current anime industry and pretty much Harem anime overall. Here's just a taste of the rant:
    Michie: No one wants to fucking see that. It's sexist, it's desperate, and the worst part is this shit always sells! It's sexist for BOTH genders! It's sexist for females because it shows how desperate they are just to get one guy and battle each other for him, despite the fact that there are more fish in the sea and at least learn to communicate with other possible males around, not just get one fucking guy! And it's sexist for males because the writers make it seem that if you're boring, generic and uninteresting; you're no doubt the perfect guy! That's a big "fuck you" for males who actually do have unique quantities, trying hard to even try to get a girl, no matter if they look ugly or pretty and have difficult lives!


  • In the Digimon Adventure 02 fan fic Digimon Adventure 02: The Story We Never Told, Oikawa's password to take control of the Armor-Digivolved Digimons is "Champions of the Digital World" which is a reference against the dub version of Brave Heart, "Hey Digimon". Haruhiko even embarrassingly admitted that it's one of his catchphrase back when when he was adventuring as one of the five Original Digidestined.


  • In the first chapter of Discworld Fanfic Whistle, and I'll come to thee, boy, a younger Mustrum Ridcully fires quite a lot of sideways digs at the Harry Potter/Hogwarts school of thought re: training young Wizards.
    Give adolescents access to spellbooks and magic wands and things, and there's no tellin' what the little sods'll get up to. It'll all be School Houses with peculiar names, or just dam' silly ones, in competition with each other...

Disney Theme Parks

  • All over the place in The Little Hitchhiker, an Affectionate Parody of The Little Mermaid (1989) starring one of the Hitchhiking Ghosts. For example...
    • When Gracey is chewing out Ezra for ruining the preview for the revamped Haunted Mansion, Ezra claims that he was boycotting it, bringing up the Journey into Imagination disaster and the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter being replaced by Stitch's Great Escape!. Gracey then brings up that "nothing could top the time the Country Bears went pop."
    • Immediately after that, Ezra goes into a rant about how much he hates DisneyMania.
    • Near the beginning of Chapter 5, Ezra comments that he hates Mike's Supershort Show. Hades agrees.
    • Gus, Phineas and Ariel (not the mermaid, "Ariel" is just the name of Ezra's Love Interest), in order to figure out how to save Ezra and defeat Ursula, put a copy of The Little Mermaid in the VHS player at Ariel's apartment. When they turn on the TV, American Dragon: Jake Long is on, and we get this...
    Jake: I'm goin' ghost! Uh, I mean, dragon up! Wow, I hope no one heard that.
    • Immediately after that, Phineas and Gus comment that in a lot of other parodies of The Little Mermaid on, the main character isn't a mermaid and the story doesn't take place underwater, yet the authors don't change the nautical lyrics of "Fathoms Below" or the fish references in "Under the Sea", and that they make almost no changes to the original script. Ariel then points out that despite all of this, they get a ton of praising reviews.

Dragon Age

  • In one installment of the Skyhold Academy Yearbook series, Dorian makes a crack about "Fifty Shades of whatever ghastly monstrosity against literature that thing was." Varric responds by growling and declaring, "We do not speak of that."


The Familiar of Zero

  • Zero no Tsukaima: Saito the Onmyoji has one to canon's relationship between Saito and Louise. While writing up a Master/Apprentice Contract, the two are told that the Deflowering Punishmentnote  has to be included for it to be legal, they set it to "maliciously casting ten explosions at Saito within five minutes followed by beating him with a whip" to make it as unlikely as possible.
  • Soldier of Zero likewise takes a shot at Louise's canon abuse of Saito when the latter semi-jokingly asks if Louise would beat him with a riding crop if he admitted to lying about possibly being a noble. Louise quickly insists that such a thing would be completely unbecoming of her. No mage would beat their familiar and the fact he's human makes such a thing even more unacceptable.
    • A more minor one is made about the idea of any romance between Louise and Saito. Regardless of anything else, they'd always be Master and Familiar which would complicate any relationship they had. Worse, if a relationship didn't work out between them, they'd still be stuck with each other for the rest of their lives.

The Fairly OddParents

  • Oneshot Fairly Odd Stalkers has Veronica and Tootie comparing their planned lives with Timmy. When Tootie says she plans to be a doctor, Veronica is surprised.
    Veronica: Really? Doctor? Not some granola munching limp-wristed activist?
    Tootie: What do you think this is, a Nickelodeon Original TV movie?

Fullmetal Alchemist

Game of Thrones

  • An Empire of Ice and Fire: When planning the defenses at Winterfell against the White Walkers, it's suggested that the civilians take shelter in the crypts (as was done in canon). Bronn laughs this off, saying that only dumbasses would do this when facing off with an enemy that can raise the dead.
    • In the oneshot sequel Something About Dragonstone, Daenerys reveals that she's been having nightmares of succumbing to her father's insanity (essentially, what happened to her in Season 8 of the show). Missandei states that only an idiot would believe that would ever happen to her.

Gossip Girl

  • The story "Coming Home" has one where Rufus decides that dating Lisa Loeb sounds completely absurd. At the end, he ends up getting back with his ex-wife Alison instead.


  • In Hunting the Unicorn, the Warblers constantly lampshade Kurt and Blaine's Tastes Like Diabetes relationship and lack of sex drive. It becomes a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment when we find out that Blaine tried to invoke Sex Equals Love at sixteen and ended up heartbroken.
  • In the story Never The Same, the main character Charlie tells Will that there are more than two kinds of performers than just Katy Perry and Lady Gaga and and that Katy is definitely not as family-friendly as the show wants you to believe.
  • In the story Good Directions, Faith is offered a chance to star in a movie remarklably similar to the latter half of Season 5. She mentions that she turned it down.

Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter & the Azkaban Parody, Exactly What It Says on the Tin, is a Take That against the usual Harry in Azkaban plot where everyone demands (not asks, demands) that he immediately forgive them for wrongfully imprisoning him in Azkaban Prison for "one year, three months, two weeks, four days, seven hours, thirteen minutes, and twenty six seconds," killing his owl right in front of him, stealing from him, and destroying his property. And instead of taking him to a doctor or allowing him to recover from the effects of starvation and the Dementors they immediately force him back into school "where you will be constantly bombarded with all the people you don't want to see until you break down and forgive us." Needless to say, Harry is less than impressed.
  • The Parselmouth of Gryffindor, Chapter 70, offers a much-needed Take-That to the fandom-decried way Cedric Diggory turned evil because he was embarrassed at losing the Tournament in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Cedric is not chosen as a Champion at all in this continuity — Helen Monroe is. This seems to offend him. But then this happens:
    Before he could protest, however, a friend of his forcefully sat him down and made clear to him the many good reasons why joining the Death Eaters to kill Helen Monroe was not an acceptable reaction to this situation.
  • Harry Potter and the Something Something is solidly made of these, to every Fandom-Specific Plot on FFN. To whit: Dursleys being jerks, Dumbledore being a Knight Templar, hidden siblings, hidden parents, harems, Original Characters of every color, Crack Fic, reverse-gender fic, Harry in Azkaban...
  • Chapter 9 of Deritine's (canon compliant to book 6) Fanfic Warping Circumstances explains that the canon series is actually the result of Harry's failure to defeat Voldemort (in the universe of the Fanfic). The "Powers That Be" were going to replay the major players in the propecy repeat it with "karmic debt". As the explanation of what would happen to who and why, it quickly becomes clear that the PTB, and by implication canon, are both horribly unfair and needlessly sadistic.
  • Many post-Deathly Hallows Fanfics that ignore the epilogue still manage to fit the name Albus Severus in somewhere and have someone comment on how awful it it would be to actually be named that.
    • The Dark Lord's Equal gives us a fan theory for Albus Seversus's sucky name: Harry got drunk and began listing the names of all the people he hated in his life on his future son's birth certificate so the kid ended up being named "Albus Severus Tom Vernon Potter."
  • HJG: The Smartest Witch of Her Age is a oneshot dedicated to tearing apart the popular fanon idea of Hermione being the smartest witch ever who knows absolutely everything.
  • In this AU of Goblet of Fire, the author went on record stating that Hermione's unsympathetic depiction is partially in retaliation to constantly seeing her propped up as the greatest thing ever by her fans, having found her less sympathetic upon reading herself.
  • For Love of Magic takes a few shots at various Harry Potter fanon such as magical cores (there's no such thing, magical ability is more about intelligence and willpower). Also the common insistence that Snape's Occlumency lessons were nothing but attacking/raping Harry's mind is thrown out as well. Such actions are actually the fast way of learning Occlumency: getting a Legilimans to attack your mind repeatedly until you instinctively throw them out.
    • The occasionally done "Harry sues someone for writing fictional books about him" is turned on its head when the author in question is mortified and admits she never intended to publish said books until a friend talked her into it. She also immediately offers Harry 40% of all future profits along with a large sum for past ones. Harry ends up feeling rather uncomfortable when he realizes this.
    • A mild one is given to the Fandom-Specific Plot of arresting Harry for killing Death Eaters. Fudge thinks to himself that even if the families of said Death Eaters insisted it was a prank that Harry overreacted to, the public outcry would destroy anyone involved in such a debacle.
    • The idea of a soul bond is brushed off as the idea of airheaded nitwits. The closest thing is The Joining which is basically brainwashing someone and making them addicted to you via sex magic.
    • Harry snarks that Fifty Shades of Grey is basically a manual on how not to have a BDSM relationship, instead being the story of the emotional manipulation and breakdown of a very naive and inexperienced girl.
  • Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches contains a dig against Peggy Sue stories where the hero tries to preserve the timeline so they can rely on their knowledge of the future. Death and Fate note that when they sent Harry's twin brother John back in time to fix things, he did it all wrong by trying to preserve the timeline despite needing to Set Right What Once Went Wrong. When they send Harry back (because despite what John thought, they only give a single second chance to anyone), they insist Harry use every advantage he possibly can as soon as he possibly can.
  • Chapter 3 of Don't Be a Dobby Downer takes a jab at evil!Dumbledore who wants things done his way. The dialogue below takes place after Harry transfers to Beauxbatons in his 2nd year:
    Severus: (to Dumbledore) I'm surprised you aren't panicking.
    Dumbledore: Sometimes I think neither of you give me nearly enough credit, he's {Harry} a boy and learned about our world, Beauxbatons is a fine institution, and he will be safe there, Madame Maxine is a careful Headmistress, they in fact have a better safety record than Hogwarts herself.
    Minerva: It really doesn't bother you?
  • In A Year Too Soon, the plot to dump Tom Riddle's diary on one of the Weasley children is actually a ploy to bring it to the Ministry of Magic's attention so they'll know Voldemort had Horcruxes and destroy them before he returns. The one pulling off the plan (Goyle Sr.) notes that any child old enough to attend Hogwarts would know better than to trust strange books, especially ones that put off such an obviously evil aura.
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is full of digs at canon.
    • In the very first chapter, Aunt Petunia recounts how she stopped dating Vernon Dursley, and how she thought to herself, "what kind of parent names their child Dudley Dursley?"
    • Harry is completely baffled upon hearing that a sixth-year was foolish enough to cast a high-level dark curse on a fellow student without knowing what it was supposed to do except that it was "for enemies."
      Harry: I do not understand how anything with that small a brain could walk upright.

Haruhi Suzumiya

Invader Zim

  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim:
    • In Season 1, it's made clear that even Norlock — an actual vampire — hates Twilight, finding it an insult to his kind. Episode 12 even sees him attack a fan convention for a Serial Numbers Filed Off version of the franchise, taking the time to air a lot of the same complaints people have about Twilight in real life (though the story also takes the time to lampshade how petty some haters of the series can be).
    • In Episode 6 of Season 2, while Dite is saying she likes gritty Anti-Hero stories, she specifically says that she doesn't like Dawn of Justice, calling it a "bloody, nonsensical mess".
    • Also in Season 2 Episode 6, Red dismisses the idea of always flying in a straight line as moronic, a direct jab at the Too Dumb to Live behavior he portrayed in the movie, which the author found as being OOC for him.
    • Season 2 Episode 9 contains numerous jabs at how overpriced Fan Conventions can be, as well as the toxicity that can sometimes be expressed by fandoms.
  • In the horror-comedy fic The Pod People Invasion, the Pod People deny having converted Tommy Wiseau, stating that he's that weird on his own. Conversely, Mark Zuckerberg is a pod, but it took them years to be sure he'd converted, noting that he was "soulless as a piece of toast" even before they got to him.
  • Chapter 6 of RebelZ has Gaz and Zim discussing at some length all the things wrong with Season 8 of Game of Thrones.
  • At one point in Journey to a New World, Tenn — who has been familiarizing herself with Earth literature — describes Fifty Shades of Grey as a case of a desperate, naive woman who lets herself be talked into an abusive relationship by a man who happens to be rich and handsome.

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • During one of the glimpses inside Jade's mind in Queen of All Oni, the Aspect representing Love is stuffed in a barrel and thrown overboard, because "things are complicated enough; we don't need lovey-dopey stuff in the mix." Word of God is that this is meant to be a statement against unnecessary Shipping making stories more complicated than they need to be.
  • Ages of Shadow: The entire Yu-Gi-Oh! homage/parody Story Arc is full of these, lampshading said series' various plot holes, odd plot mechanics, and bizarre character designs. But one moment that stands out in particular is at the end, when Alonso asks Brenner about rumors that he's intending to start a school dedicated to teaching the card game. Brenner responds by stating that the whole concept is stupid, as how could you build a whole school year curriculum around a game?
  • The Stronger Evil: The author closes the 11th chapter with a line borrowed from The Mummy (1999)note  to give her opinion about how much the 2017 reboot pales in comparison.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures: Olympian Journey:
    • In the author's notes for the first chapter, Green Phantom Queen notes that Myanmar is very slow on the uptake for democracy — as in sixty years slow — before telling people to look it up.
    • In the author's opening notes to the second chapter, Green Phantom Queen (who's working on a AU crossover) states she doesn't keep her expectations high so she won't be disappointed, before making a remark about the ending to Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V.
    • In the closing notes to the seventh chapter, MultiplePersonas and PA2 state that it's better to have high quality writing that's updated infrequently than low quality that's published frequently, citing James Patterson as a reference.
    • There are repeated jabs at commercial air travel, with Eris even listing it among mankind's worst crimes during the Humanity on Trial sequence.
    • Jade is disgusted at the Downer Ending to 1984, seeing it as a cop-out.

Katawa Shoujo

  • In Reconciliation, Sho talks about the perks of his job as the publicist for Hanako, a successful novelist, resulting in a Take That! at Twilight.
    Sho:"And I got to tell that woman who wrote those trashy teenage vampire novels how much her books suck."
    Hanako:"I-I... I.... I remember that. She… she tried to tell you that you just 'didn’t get it,' and... and y-you said..."
    Sho: “What’s to get? Vampires… don’t... s-sparkle! You hack!”

Land of Oz

  • The oneshot Patient is one against the MGM The Wizard of Oz film. Both feature a teenage Dorothy (though MGM's Dorothy is likely meant to be a preteen) who realizes Oz was All Just a Dream. But, in Patient Dorothy's loved ones are actually pretending that "Oz" isn't real. Dorothy has amnesia and they're softening the blow by pretending she's still in Kansas. In actuality, Dorothy has been living in Oz with her family and her lover Ozma for a century now. The twist that Oz is real after all is a snark against MGM version for changing the entire premise of Land of Oz series by making Oz just a fantasy of Dorothy's.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

  • LXG Tempest Rewrite:
    • Rather than being Alan Moore's mouthpiece against superheroes, Captain Universe defends them against Moore’s arguments (and mocks Moore’s use of the term ‘fascist’)
    • After killing Jimmy, Emma plays a tape in which he mocks the futility of her plan as well as Moore’s take on spies
    • Mina’s talk with Harry Potter is a rebuttal of Moore’s views on the character
    • The US government gave in to the demands of John Galt just to make him stop speaking
    • The wedding from Twilight is the one massacred by the zombies from A Little Piece of Heaven
    • The main cast of Teen Titans Go! are part of Prospero's horrors released on the world
    • Orlando/Futura is sent to Gor, where sexual slavery is realistically portrayed as horrific
    • Ender Wiggin’s repressed bisexuality is a jab at his creator’s homophobia

The Legend of Zelda

The Lion King (1994)

  • In The Lion King Adventures, a Take That! is directed at My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Apparently, Death isn't a fan.
    Death: It was all me, Simba! I've been laying traps for you all along – ready to bring you to this exact moment! It's brilliant! It's ingenious! Better than when I burned down FernGully! Better than when I crushed the Powerpuff Girls! Better than ripping the heads off of all those annoying, colourful ponies who don't ever shut the hell up!

Lyrical Nanoha

  • In the Service is itself a subtle but fairly long Take That! against the tendency of Lyrical Nanoha Fanfiction to make the Time-Space Administrative Bureau even more Mildly Military than it actually is in canon, or to outright forget it exists in favor of AU or semi-AU NanoFate stories. It also delivers a few more direct ones.
    • The offshoot story A Numbered Existence spends several chapters on the Huckebein from Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force, culminating in Jail Scaligetti's Combat Cyborgs curbstomping most of them in "What We Were Born To Do" and Veyron's belated acknowledgement that a large multi-planetary government has a whole lot more resources and people to throw at the Huckebein they could ever have dealt with in "Flipside".
      • A lesser but related example is Tre's taking one look at Cypha's oversized swords during their first encounter and dismissing them for being too easy to step inside the arc of. Tre then immediately demonstrates this problem by getting in close and nearly taking one of Cypha's hands off.
    • The concept of Mindlink Mates comes into play during a discussion of inter-Wolkenritter relationships, where it's revealed that because that trope would ensue the Wolkenritter can't have physical relationships with each other: no longer being an individual is scary.

Macross Delta

  • How Roid's Plan Could Have Backfired Horribly is a series of one-shots making horrible fun of Roid's master plan by showing how things could have backfired on him, starting with the canon scene where Roid declares Windermere the heirs of Protoculture being interrupted by a Zentraedi Main Fleet wiping out the planet in the odd chance he was right.

Marvel Universe

  • In Deeds (or To Be Worthy) Loki has this to say about Mephisto:
    Loki: He is beneath me. His idea of villainy is to play practical jokes on Spider-Man.
  • To Intervene sees Tony Stark get his hands on an early version of the Sokovia Accords just after Avengers: Age of Ultron. One of the proposals he deems unacceptable is the Superhuman Registration Actnote , which Tony states absolutely can never be allowed to pass.
  • Ultimate Sleepwalker: The New Dreams has a number of jabs aimed at things that bug the author:
    • Rick and Cyrus are discussing the notion that Spider-Man got his powers from a spider-totem, and immediately dismiss it as the stupidest thing they've ever heard. They then discuss the only things that could be even stupider, such as the idea of Spider-Man unmasking himself.
    • Kenny criticizes Matt Groening for allowing The Simpsons for staying on the air years after it stopped being funny. He then proceeds to mock the (at the time) ridiculous notion that Family Guy had gone downhill or was plagiarizing The Simpsons.
    • The villainess Lullaby, who's a bleach-blonde slut with an absolutely atrocious singing voice, is a thematic representation of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Her fellow villainess Spectra is a thematic representation of revolutionary whackjobs like Che Guevara.
    • Red describes his List Of People I Want To Punch In The Face as including: Heather Mills, Jimmy Fallon, Richard Dawkins, Michael Moore, Ward Churchill, Ann Coulter, John Kricfalusi and Alex Rodriguez.
    • Both Red and Alyssa's father Elliot go on separate rants about Alex Rodriguez, giving him nicknames such as A-Fraud and A-Choker-In-The-Playoffs while ridiculing Rodriguez's absurdly bloated $25-million a year salary.
    • While watching a soccer game on TV, Red and Cyrus laugh at the notion that what they deem "the most boring game on the planet" has provoked everything from riots to murders to political upheaval to wars. When Cyrus asks why they're watching it, Red snarks that sometimes he likes to remind himself why America seceded from the British in the first place.
  • A notable subversion occurs in Ultimate Sleepwalker's sister series Ultimate Spider-Woman: Change With The Light. Mary Jane Watson loves the Twilight novels and reads them on a regular basis, but this is not used as a Take That! against the Stephanie Meyer series. The depiction of the Twilight novels is entirely neutral, mentioned in passing a few times and otherwise ignored.

Mass Effect

Miraculous Ladybug

  • In Archenemies to Superfriends, Lila mentally compares her rivalry with Marinette to Batman versus Superman. After talking things out with Marinette and realizing that they'd both had dramatically different views of the situation, and that the classmates whom she thought they were competing over weren't worth the effort, she laments that this is worse than the ending of the Batman v Superman movie.
  • Funhouse Mirror is one long shot at the demonisation and Character Derailment Alya often recieves in "salt fics". In it, Alya meets an alternate version of herself who is a stupid, meanspirited, and entitled shrew and is greatly appalled by her, afterwards telling Nino to slap some sense into her if she ever starts acting like the other Alya. To further drive the point home, the author says that everything Other!Alya did was based off of actual salt fics they'd read.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

  • In Wings To Fly, a number of characters discuss the concept of a War To End All Wars; Lady Une regards it as foolishness, while Lucrezia Noin says they last a generation at most and cites her family's history with the World Wars; victory at Vittorio in WW1 and later defeat at Beda Fomm in WW2.
    • Ironically, Lady Une appears to have a very low opinion of Trieze Kushrenada for leaving others with the task of creating the world he envisioned and choosing to die rather than help make it happen. This is in sharp contrast to their canon relationship.
    • The "total pacifism" doctrine espoused by the show is occasionally raked over the coals as encouraging the use of unrealistically simple solutions to complex problems.
      • The opening lines of the story offer a subtle yet damning indictment of the doctrine: a government is the entity that can maintain a monopoly on the use of force and punish those who infringe it. Mariemaia's coup actually succeeded because the ESUN had forgotten that definition of "government" and could not protect itself or its citizens.



My Hero Academia

  • Another Form of Power takes a quick potshot at Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone when the League of Villains steals the government's cache of Quirk erasing bullets.
    They were being stored in a government building. Apparently UA wasn’t considered safe enough, which makes sense. It is a school. It has good security and the actions of the League have ensured that security there is tight and robust but it is still a school. You do not store things that Villain’s might be after in a school.
  • My Hero Playthrough: Chapter 36 gives one to all the fanfics stating Shinsou would be in the Hero Course if not for the entrance exam's prejudice towards destructive Quirks. Aizawa carefully explains that not only are both Ojiro and Hagakure in the Hero Course despite have Quirks with no destructive ability, but that Shinsou has very clearly not physically trained himself at all, and is in fact barely passing Gen Ed's physical education class. Furthermore, multiple top ten heroes think Shinso's quirk is amazing and it's his personality that's a dumpster fire, citing how he actively sabotaged other students in a way they couldn't defend against in the Sports Festival. In the end, the only one truly stacking the deck against Shinsou is the teen himself.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • In Chrysalis Visits The Hague, the lawyer Estermann and judge Mullan briefly muse about the possibility of the changelings abandoning their warlike ways and sharing their love instead of stealing it... before breaking out in derisive laughter and beginning to analyse how that would make no practical sense. That's a Take That! against the actual series' episode To Where And Back Again Part 2, where the changelings are convinced by Starlight and Thorax to do exactly that and, as a result, undergo a rather controversial magical Evolution Power-Up.
  • The Conversion Bureau is one of, if not the most controversial fanwork created in the MLP fandom, so it's no surprise a great number of Fanfics that came out after its initial publication aren't above issuing a middle finger at it. Indeed, TCB has even inspired a Recursive Fanfiction subgenre of sorts with numerous authors writing hate fics which either deconstruct the universe or just go Kill 'Em All on the characters. Thus Saith The Lord in particular is an extremely blatant attack on the entire premise of the fic. And it's nowhere near the only one that was this blatant.
  • The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum is a long Deconstructor Fleet of everything about the TCB genre, culminating in many unapologetic Take Thats.
    • An early chapter has Prime!Twilight Sparkle go off on a long-winded speech about how the typical TCB plot element of Equestria just appearing in the middle of one of Earth's oceans is not only scientifically impossible, but would also result in many problems of its own. On top of that, there's numerous magical problems as well - according to Twilight, it would require such an impractically large amount of magic that she says it's impossible.
    Twilight: Is that what you're saying? That somepony popped Equestria out of our reality and crashed it onto his? How's that even meant to work? Several trillion tons of continent does not make a gentle impact on another world, not without mega-tsunamis and earthquakes that would level entire cities, followed by a dust cloud that would blanket the world in an artificial winter lasting decades! And what about the world we leave behind, what about Equus? Would it just carry on spinning without a care, despite having a hole several-thousand-miles-across gouged out of the planet's crust? Even if you didn't breach the mantle, creating a supervolcano that would pull the planet inside-out, the change in mass and absence of the Princesses would throw the sun and moon out of their orbits, causing them to collide, or even worse, to impact with Equus itself! Anypony – anything, left behind would die, horribly! Every griffon, every dragon, zebra, reindeer, whatever!
    • Discord, during the gag version of the chapter "The Writes of Passage", breaks down the fourth wall and says, "If you want characters to suddenly start acting out of character like this, go read a Chatoyance fic!"
    • Another pot shot is leveled at Chatoyance, specifically at her story The PER: Michelson and Morely - The Speed of Right, where a side character named Victor Kraber reveals that his children were ponified at their birthday party by TCB!Pinkie Pie working with PER agents, and he was not at all happy to find out about this. In fact, subsequent appearances and references to Kraber make mention of him killing swaths of PER agents, including one incident where he and his friend Kagan Burakgazi stabbed a PER "squire" named Nutmeg Morely to death with a ceramic rat.
    • Yet another middle finger is shot at Chatoyance in the Case Files side story, where it's revealed the founder of the PER was a misanthropic doctor named Jacqueline Dionna Reitman. In other words, she shares the same initials as Chatoyance's real life name (Jennifer Diane Reitz). For that matter, the names even sound phonetically similar.
      • An unintentional example occurred in the chapter detailing the Human Liberation Front, where a former HLF member named Andrew Silas recounts having known a few trans people that ended up regretting going through with their sex change operations (while the newfoals never stopped telling other people how great ponification is no matter how long it's been since they were transformed). There is the fact that Chatoyance once infamously put up a "support" website for transpeople advising them to cheat on psychiatric tests that would determine whether they were real transsexuals and thus in need of surgery. And there probably are people out there that took her advice to heart. Co-author Doctor Fluffy retroactively turned it into a straight Take That! later on, because he thought it was hilarious.
      • The PHL chapter has TCB!Lyra as a mouthpiece against Chatoyance's depiction of Earth as a dystopia.
      Lyra: (to Aegis) I've seen most humans, and I've visited many places all over Earth. Let me tell you this: they're not living in some dystopia where everything is owned by a greedy minority and every religion is some corrupt scam church like so many newfoals claim! Sure, it isn't perfect, but it's not as though they're riddled with kill-happy criminals, murderers, terrorist fanatics, and whatever else you can think of! They seem happy!
    • The Starvation side story is set in a dirty dystopian version of Rio de Janeiro that's reminiscent of Chatoyance's dystopian vision of Earth in her TCB stories, complete with overpopulated slums, mass murders and rampant starvation. However, it's made abundantly clear that the barrier and the Solar Empire's campaign is very much responsible for turning Rio and many other places on earth into disease-riddled hellhole slums and Wretched Hives.
    • There's also the pony Catseye, a "white unicorn pony with an orange-pink mane and gold-rimmed glasses". This image is a dead-on match for Chatoyance's profile picture and her avatar on Fim Fiction Dot Net. Not only does she hate humans as well as the other races living on Equus (to the point that she considers only ponies to be pure and good), but there are also quick blurbs in her introductory scene in the main story that her prejudices extend to half-pony hybrids of other species, and that she herself is some kind of hybrid and hates that about herself, taking great measures to keep her heritage hidden. This is a not-so-subtle reference to the fact that Chatoyance is a transwoman who has a reputation for coming off as rather misandric.
    • In one chapter, Prime!Celestia showing a distaste for eugenics is a subtle Take That! directed at Chatoyance, where one story states that her Celestia actually used eugenics to make the ponies better by breeding out any "undesirable" traits.
    • It's very easy to miss, but in "Training Days: The First Month", one of Catseye's followers considers using the word 'adamant' in their group's name. Chatoyance once wrote a story called The Reasonably Adamant Down With Celestia Newfoal Society, a none-too-subtle potshot leveled at her critics and critics of the TCB universe in general.
    • In "Training Days: Second Month", Prime!Discord makes a couple quick potshots at conservative pundit Dinesh D'Souza and the notorious evangelist/actor Kirk Cameron.
    • While it was completely unintentional on the author's part, the Last Train from Oblivion side story reveals that the ponification potion only recognizes the biological sex of the human converts (meaning a transwoman would get turned into a stallion and a transman into a mare). As co-author Kizuna Tallis pointed out, it could be read as a potshot at Chatoyance, herself a transwoman who's sometimes expressed Otherkin tendencies. Making this funnier (or more disturbing) is that the transwoman that this is demonstrated on was named Jason when she was male... which is widely believed to be Chatoyance's birth name. Author TB3 later clarified that it was all coincidental, but Kizuna, Doctor Fluffy and Vox Adam all agreed it was hilarious nonetheless.
  • The ultimate potshot is leveled at Chatoyance in the story "The REAL Conversion Bureau"; this is because a character named Cat's Eye is quietly removed from a position of power, drugged up to the gills and locked away in the rubber room for calling for the mass ponification of the humans that kept showing up thanks to a Negative Space Wedgie. After all, only a small fraction of them were dickish enough to warrant the process; all that needed to be done was get most of them to fit in was to change the gaudy art projects they called money into good, honest bits and send them on their merry way.
  • The Fanfic The Conversion Bureau: Worlds Where It Wouldn't Work, involves "Xlestia" and the TCB going to other fictional worlds only for their attempts to convert the local population to end horribly.
    • The first reader suggestions chapter end with a fairly jarring one to "Fall Of Equestria".
    • There are many jabs at the very idea of the "Tyrantlestia" interpretation. Including, but not limited to, portraying her childish and hypocritical, comparing her to canon Celestia, and of course, having her plans fail miserably, get her and Equestria killed, if not worse, and/or having other characters telling her off.
  • Shinzakuras All American Girl briefly mentions an in-universe movie called The Converters directed by a misanthropic pony named Catseye. To add further insult, the film is depicted as a common propaganda film for the Purehooves (a pro-Equestriani/anti-human hate group).
    • The Fanfic also includes a Take That at the infamous Dark FicCupcakes:
    Discord: Would you care for a cupcake? Never cared for them myself. Too bloody.
  • Numerous examples in Diaries of a Madman, from comments aimed at other works showcasing humanity negatively, to taking shots at the plot of the show itself.
  • A Diplomatic Visit:
    • A minor one to Cupcakes when, in chapter 20, Pinkie mentions some rumors about her and meat cupcakes, which Rainbow Dash tells her were started by a PVE (Pony Vegan Environmentalists) member after she didn't fall for their way of thinking.
    • In chapter 4 of the second sequel, Diplomacy Through Schooling, to the canon set-up for the School of Friendship.
    Moondancer: "You're really putting in all the effort possible Twilight,"
    Twilight: "Well of course I am, I couldn't just announce I was planning to open a school with just the girls and myself out of the blue, could I?"
    • Season 9's plot of putting Twilight in sole charge of the country gets one in chapter 8, when Twilight says that "forcing one pony to run the country, with the help of assisting councils or not, is not something that any rational being would do", and points out that Starswirl asked two alicorns to run things together rather than just one for a reason.
    • Season 9's plot of putting Twilight in sole charge gets another zing in chapter 14, when Magic tells Twilight that another Celestia had told her Twilight, completely out of nowhere, that she and Luna were leaving the throne to her, and tells her to make sure her Celestia understands that she doesn't want to be running the country, even if there is another newer alicorn to rule with her.
    • Celestia's retirement plan from canon gets another zing in the epilogue. This time though, it's explained that the Diplomacy-verse's Celestia, though she would love to retire from her status as an active ruler, is not going to just abandon her responsibilities and hand them over to someone who's unprepared for them, and is explicitly willing to wait another thousand years for her successor to be ready if that's what it takes, or just to keep it up forever, because Twilight's happiness means so much to her.
    • The epilogue of the fourth story, The Diplomat's Life, has one to the Wonderbolts' habit of giving their members cruel nicknames, revealing that unlike in canon, Rainbow Dash did not just let this slide and informed them directly that it's what her foalhood bullies used to call her, thus prompting Spitfire to drop the whole thing.
  • My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic:
    • Titan blowing up Equestria and the author turning the main cast into losers who can't do anything without the Unicornicopians' help may be one, taking the Revenge Fic nature of the story into account.
    • A more explicit example is given later on. In a flashback chapter, we see the Grand Ruler as a teenager being constantly bullied by a unicorn with the name Dusk Shine (who would later grow up into King Sombra). Said character is based on someone who posted on fimchan and asked the author about various plot holes.
    • The entirety of Chapter 5 of Starfleet Magic 3 is a prolonged attack on all his critics.
    • Fall of Starfleet, Rebirth of Friendship, in turn, is a big one to the fic in general.
  • In Prince Staghorn's Known World, the Kingdom of Tricornucopia, home of the amphibious tricorns, is one to My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic itself. Tricornucopia’s immortal Grand Ruler Celesto styles himself as a living god and “rightful master of all things under heaven”, ruling with absolute power over a country that presents itself as the greatest of nations, defended by a grandiose Star Fleet. In reality, Tricornucopia’s an isolationist North Korea-esque dictatorship centered on Celesto’s cult of personality, the country itself a useless jag of swampland on the coast of the Badlands, home to nothing of any interest (not even the weird fauna found everywhere else in the world) and with no imports or exports. Celesto is a coward and a bully, and both he and his country are complete non-entities in world politics (although Equestria maintains an embassy to help oppressed Tricornucopians flee their country), and Star Fleet is just Celesto’s most blindly loyal and ruthless soldiers. To add insult to injury, tricorns as a species are descending into nonsapience.
  • Of Mares and Magic had some fun with the creepy fan-made game "Story of the Blanks".
  • The author for Pink Personal Hell And Altering Fate has taken a habit to referring to Hasbro as "Ha$bro".
  • The Powers of Harmony takes a stab at a major plot point of The Immortal Game (Celestia manipulatively training Twilight to be the greatest warrior ever) when Luna asks Celestia if Twilight knows any offensive magic:
    Celestia: If she does, she didn't learn it from me. We covered a few theories on why certain spells have been declared forbidden, but it's not like I was prepping her for war. The next thing I'm going to hear you say is that I was secretly turning her into a brilliant military strategist so that she'd rise up and become the ultimate weapon.
    Luna: Now that's just absurd.
  • The Unexpected Love Life of Dusk Shine contains more than a few, but probably the most notable are the two that Vinyl Scratch and Pipsqueak deliver. You see, Pipsqueak was raised by his parents to be a teen pop star, releasing a song loved by fillies everywhere that went by the name of "Baby." And he hated it. Likewise, Vinyl didn't have the singing talent, so her parents invested in autotune to make a video of her singing "Friday."
  • There are a lot of Take Thats aimed at the infamous Dark Fic Cupcakes in MLP fanworks, ranging from the gentle (The Light in the Darkness) to most of the things described here:
    • Cupcakes A$$ Kicking is a massive jab at Grimdark fics and their writers in general.
    • Progress makes a jab at the story.
    • As did Rainbooms and Royalty's sequel Hot Heads, Cold Hearts, and Nerves Of Steel, (yes, it's a Long Title) when the bushwoolies mention that they wanted to bake Pip, Alula, and Dinky into pastries. Pinkie's reaction borders on Berserk Button-pressingly angry, adding the double-whammy as Pinkie Pie was the antagonist of the Cupcakes story:
      Pinkie Pie: Trying to bake ponies into pastries? That's disgusting AND stupid! Who would ever even THINK of doing a thing like that?!
  • Hands: At one point, Andrew and Nurse Redheart are discussing literature, and Andrew states his hatred for The Catcher in the Rye, calling it boring and deriding the protagonist as a whiny hypocrite.
  • The Rise of Darth Vulcan: The titular Villain Protagonist serves to point out flaws in the setting that fans of the show have ever noticed and complained about, as well as flaws in several versions of Equestria in Fanfiction, mostly regarding the actions of the Mane Six and Celestia, and how Celestia is perceived by the fandom. That being said, at one point he also takes the time to deride The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, seeing both as overrated and running on plot holes. That last part, however, is not the author's opinion, but the character's; the author is fond of Lord of the Rings, and the Villain Protagonist is an arrogant teenaged bully who thinks he's more clever and knowledgeable than he actually is, and his ignorance regarding why the Eagles didn't take the fellowship to Mordor may actually be a stealth jab against pretentious people that have levied those complaints before.
  • The Two Sides of Daring Do: AK Yearling mentions a past adventure she had that closely resembles the plot of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. When she published a Daring Do book about it, her fans thought it sucked.
  • Integration: Sunset, both Twilights, and Dog Spike all react to disgust and horror seeing fan art of Daydream Shimmer and Midnight Sparkle doing things to each other. Sunset also complained earlier that despite humans having every computer in the world connected the majority of people just use it to complain about tv shows, a certain example being not liking the newborn (an obvious take on the recent real life fan reaction to the birth of Shining and Cadence's daughter Flurry Heart).
  • The Origins of Sentient Life as narrated by Discord briefly mentions that AOLon of Marville origin was destroyed. Discord comments that no one really should care that it was destroyed.
  • ''My Little Pony: Totally Legit Recap:
    • Celestia describes the girl's toy aisle as an unholy land, where friendship means nothing and only money matters.
    • The Narrator repeatedly criticizes Equestria Girls not because Hasbro decided to do the project, but because they could have put a lot more effort into making dolls of the same quality as their Monster High competition.
    • "If just talking things out was a viable plot option, the teen-drama genre would just disappear into thin air."
    • The Humane Five make fun of "Brad" (Flash Sentry) in his first scene in the sequel and even tell Sunset that while they can get over the whole turning into a demon thing, they will give her crap for dating him.
    • Also from Rainbow Rocks:
      Adagio: Aria, if you can figure out a way to absorb negative energy through the Internet, we can take over the entire fucking multiverse in a day.
    • The second part of Rainbow Rocks has the girls playing "Nookie" by Limp Bizkit, with Spike calling it "shit." Rainbow Dash says that rap rock is just a genre that works when it's done well; Applejack counters that rap rock is never done well, and that playing it at the Battle of the Bands will give everyone AIDS.
  • ...That's It? is all about Twilight Sparkle having this response regarding Starlight Glimmer's Freudian Excuse (in contrast to her canon reaction). When Starlight says that the reason she almost caused The End of the World as We Know It is because her friend Sunburst moved away when they were kids after he got his cutie mark, Twilight is utterly dumbfounded, reacting with the fic's title. Twilight proceeds to explain how childish, petty, and selfish this all is to Starlight, who listens.
  • The Flash Sentry Chronicles: At the end of Season 6, the author's notes refers to My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Legend of Everfree as "the legend that never should have been written". The author has announced previously that the film is his least favorite in the series, due to how it mistreated Flash Sentry (his favorite character), and that he plans to "right the wrongs" that were done to him in it for his adaptation.


  • In A Teacher's Glory, combines this with an aversion of Never Speak Ill of the Dead, in which Asuma and Anko bash Kakashi, or better said, his potential teaching style (which is what he did in canon), who had just been accidentally killed by Team 7 during the bell test:
    Anko: Imagine Kakashi trying to deal with this bunch!
    Asuma: He'd have shown up late, given them minimal instruction, wandered off to read his porn, ignore the girl and the Uzumaki, and tried to pretend Sasuke was Obito as a young genin.
    Anko: And ruined the boy, alternating indulgence, attention, ignoring cries for help and applying misunderstood discipline. He'd been such a prodigy in his own that had no idea how normal kids develop. How many potentially good teams did he fail, five, six? He was a good jonin, and sometimes fun at a party. But he wasn't cut to teach anyone anything. Of his thousand stolen jutsus, how many would he have taught to his students, if he'd ever allowed any to pass?
  • Black Flames Dance in the Wind gives one to not only the typical '90s Anti-Hero but, to a lesser extent, the story's own design of Naruto. OC Ken exclusively wears dark armored clothing with lots of pockets, only goes by a nickname, and uses a mask with built-in voice changer to make himself sound more impressive. His teammate notes that originally, Ken seemed awesome and like "an anime antihero" but after a while it just comes across as annoying and immature.
  • The Omake at the end of chapter 86 of the AU Fanfiction The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn is one long Take That at Uke!Iruka, Purple Prose, Gratuitous Japanese, Wimpification, Beast Men, Mr. Seahorse and Yaoi Fangirls. The last part also counts as Self-Deprecation, since the fic is written by a yaoi fangirl for yaoi fangirls.
    Impatient, I reached over and pulled down the quilt, revealing my stunning, immaculate, Adonis-like, statuesque, perfect husband. I wasn't quite sure when we had gotten married – probably about the same time I had gotten pregnant – but I was fairly certain we were married.
  • The entirety of the oneshot Incense is how pathetic the kunoichi from the Konoha 11 are.
  • In Naruto: The Gamer Files, when Sasuke reveals the genjutsu used to weed out the hopeless prior to the Chuunin Exams, Kin outright calls him a complete dumbass for making more competition. After Sasuke gives his name and boasts about beating her in the exams, Kin insists his name is dumbass until he proves otherwise.
  • Escape From The Hokage's Hat jabs at Naruto being banished by the council after succeeding/failing the Sasuke retrieval mission. In the first chapters, before the advisors even explain why, Tsuande makes it clear it shouldn't be for "injuring that little traitor". She also doesn't cave in like most fics portray her as doing, and decides to retaliate by punishing all guilty parties who have attacked and even placed additional seals on Naruto, leaving the village with Naruto for "medical leave" while bringing Shizune and Hinata with her, and places Jiraya in charge of the village while she is gone to handle the advisors for her.
    • The Third Hokage's law is also jabbed, with Ino and Choji getting frustrated with their parents for not explaining why Naruto is hated. From their perspective, it appears as if the village simply hates Naruto and has done its best to abuse him and sabotage his career just for being annoying.
  • The Last Prayer takes a shot at Sakura's canon relationship with Sasuke, particularly Kishimoto declaring that Sakura would be a terrible person if she gave up on him. Ino uses blackmail she has on Sakura to break her obsessive love with Sasuke, stating that what Sakura feels for him is extremely unhealthy.
    Ino: I bet Sasuke could beat you, could try to kill you, could try to kill your parents, your teammates, or even everyone in this village, and you would still "love" him. Do you think that's normal? Do you? Because that sounds like the delusional fantasy of what some anti-social man thinks a woman's love is.
  • New Chance has LOTS of them, but worth mention is an omake that makes extensive use of Bland-Name Product to point out all the plot holes and incosistencies in the manga that many fans complain about.
    • There is one against Jiraiya when he's introduced, with Minato beating him for neglecting his duties as Naruto's godfather and not taking care of him all those years, as well as the poor training he gave Naruto during the timeskip in the original timeline.
    • Kushina goes to great lengths (up to threatening to castrate the Hokage (Jiraiya) and Iruka) to make sure Naruto doesn't end up in Team 7 again. She considers Team 7 from the original timeline "an utter disaster".
    • Also, when Naruto returns to Konoha after playing a big part in repelling the Iwa-Oto invasion, he finds the villagers outside and laud him as a hero. Kushina notes that this scene is similar to when Naruto defeated Pain in the original timeline, except that "there is no Sakura congratulating Naruto with a punch while the girl who always believed in him has to watch in the background."
    • When Naruto learns that they made a(n admittedly campy) superhero show based on Shino, Naruto wonders if he could convince the same producers to make a series about him, based on the data he has on the original timeline...but discards the idea, guessing that the series would end up completely focusing on the Uchihas.
    • Like The World's Greatest Chunin Exam Team below, there's another one to the infamous ninth OVA in which Naruto is banned from using Sage Mode in the Chunin Exam. Before the last phase of the Chunin Exam begins, Jiraiya proceeds to ban not just Sage Mode, but Bloodline Limits, specialized clan techniques, summons, Chakra Gates, animal companions, poisons, weapons and tools other than kunai and shuriken, and bijuu powers, for the sake of having a "fair fight". After the initial shock, Jiraiya reveals he was just joking, and that only a retard who doesn't get the true meaning of the Chunin Exam (a war simulation between villages) would do that.
  • Team 7 in A Political Perspective makes sure all their plans rely on an accurate assessment of their abilities, rather than rely on sudden and unexplained power ups in the middle of a fight, no doubt a shot at canon.
  • The Promise gives a quick shot to Naruto The Last when Hanabi talks about how obsessed Hinata is with Naruto.
    Hanabi: I’m telling you Naruto, if there was a genjutsu to make you fall in love with her, then she’d use it in a heartbeat. It’ll probably make you into the type of scumbag that would say he only liked Sakura because of Sasuke or something. Even I wouldn’t want you to claim that.
  • Son of the Sannin has quite a few:
    • The Fanfic's take on Uzushiogakure's downfall is one towards its general depiction on most other Fanfics, in which Uzushio is portrayed as a Mary Suetopia with the Uzumaki being an uber-badass Too Good for This Sinful Earth clan, ruled by an "Uzukage". In the story, it was Uzushio's leader's delusions of grandeur that brought the wrath of Kumo and Kiri upon his village when he declared himself a Kage and attempted to invade Kiri while they were busy fighting Kumo, with Konoha begging them not to do such a foolish thing, since their forces were spread thin and wouldn't be able to help Uzushio.
    • In the interlude between the Chunin Exams preliminaries and the finals, Shizune brings both Sakura and Karin to continue their training. When Karin asks why she brought Sakura too, Shizune replies "Just because she didn't make it to the finals it doesn't mean I should forget about her. What kind of neglectful sensei would do that?". It's even highlighted with a Sneeze Cut to Kakashi elsewhere.
    • In Chapter 67 there's one towards Rin happily welcoming Obito into the afterlife despite all the atrocities he committed in her name. The story portrays her visibly outraged and hurt for all the pain and deaths he caused, and makes it clear she'll do everything in her power to stop him.
    • The same chapter also includes a subtle one about how the fights in canon became more focused on power than strategy as the series went on.
    • The Chapter 68 omake has a potshot at the Filler episodes at the end of Part I of the anime. Itachi traps an Amegakure ninja in his Tsukuyomi to extract info from him, and proceeds to torture him by forcing him to watch the entire filler season of an In-Universe animated series, calling them "seventy-two hours of mediocre writing, forgettable characters, cheap animation and nonsensical yet predictable plots".
  • Sorry's Not Enough gives one to Naruto scolding Boruto for acting just like he did as a child when his reaction to his son Haku trying to paint to Hokage Monument is to take the rest of the day off and spend it with his family. Being Hokage is important, but being a father and a husband is more important.
  • Time Braid has one to Chunin Exam Day in the form of Sakura's number one rule: Don't act like a psycho. Especially noting that "spending years cutting out Sasuke's eye every loop" violates her "Don't act like a psycho" rule.
  • The World's Greatest Chunin Exam Team gives one to a Filler episode where Naruto retook the Chuunin Exams but was banned from using Sage Mode and lost as a result, costing him a promotion. Not only does Tsunade immediately slam the idea of making a rule that only affects a single ninja, but also points out the precedent it'd set, potentially causing future exams to ban Bloodlines or Clan Techniques. Besides, even if Naruto lost, no one would deny an experienced ninja who's also a Sage and possibly the World's Strongest Man a promotion for failing to beat up a few genin.
    • On top of the possibility of banning Bloodlines, Tsunade mentions that the Sharingan is way more overpowered than Sage Mode, as it gives its user new powers whenever the user needs them.
    • There's also another one against the "Naruto retakes the Chunin Exam, but end up fighting surprisingly powerful opponents" Fandom-Specific Plot. The story builds up a certain team from Kiri as a threat, who are more powerful than they look, and want to kill Naruto in revenge for Minato killing their parents during the Third Shinobi War. When they finally are about to fight, they reveal themselves and how powerful they are...only to be defeated by Killer B (one of Naruto's teammates) in less than fifteen seconds in a very anticlimatic way. Even if they were more powerful than the average genin, they had no chance to defeat an S-class ninja, much less three of them. To drive the point further, the author mentioned in a note at the end of the chapter how much he hates this Fandom-Specific Plot as well as superpowerful Original Characters, and the fact that he created these characters in an incredibly lazy way: he used a japanese random name generator to choose their names, as well as writing "Naruto OC" on Google Image Search to choose their appearance.
  • As the title suggests, the fic Why a Civilian Council is Inappropriate not only jabs at the concept of a civilian council, but also at how prevalent it is in Naruto Fanfiction and how it’s utilized.


  • In Shards To A Whole, when Tony and Ziva officially get together, Tony asks Tim (who enjoys an active if mildly kinky sex life with Abby) for advice when Ziva mentions that she is interested in "ropes and things". When Tony mentions "this book they're making into a movie soon," Tim immediately replies, "No, don't go reading Fifty Shades of Grey," saying that he and Abby read it and found it unintentionally hilarious but not even remotely sexy.
    • This becomes a Brick Joke in a subsequent chapter set about 2 years later (the story's a bit of a Door Stopper), when Tim is decorating a "harem" themed bedroom for himself and Abby.
      Tony: So what, Palmer and Breena have the real bedroom and this is your 'red room'?
      Tim: I told you not to read the book.
      Tony: I didn't. Watched the movie. Waste of eleven dollars.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Advice and Trust: Chapter 6 devoted a loooong paragraph to explain that Gendo's strategy used to fight Bardiel in canon was incredibly stupid:
    Shinji gripped the controls harder. He didn't like this. They wouldn't give him any information about what they were about to face, and worse, he couldn't even see his friends. His father had ordered them to deploy in a line, not across the axis of advance, but parallel to it, ensuring that they'd meet the enemy one by one instead of together. They were out there in front of him, somewhere, hidden from his sight behind the small hills and ridges of the area, but in such a way that none of them could cover the others until they'd fallen back from where they were located now. For all the cover and supporting fire he could offer, Shinji might as well have been back in Tokyo-3. He knew he was no general, but it made no sense to him. He really wished Misato was in command. Asuka was at the front of the line, in the position of maximum danger, and he couldn't even see her, much less support and protect her in a fight.
  • The fic New Champion Evangelion is one long truly Facepalm-inducing Take That! against Shinji as a character, intended to show what would happen if a "MANLY NON PUSSY guy" took his place. A more specific example when Ramiel (which is never named) is described as "A HUGE BLOCKY THING IT SEEMD KIND OF LIKE A REFRENCE TO THAT SHITTY MOVIE FROM THA 60S THAT WAS REALLY FUCKING BORING I THINK IT WAS DIRECTDED BY THAT GUY CUBICROCK OR SOMETUING"
  • Shinji And Warhammer 40 K contains a Take That! against Neon Exodus Evangelion.
    "I wanted a Shinji that could go; DJ Croft? Who's that?"

One Piece

  • In Marie D. Suesse and the Mystery New Pirate Age!, there are quite a few, especially against Mary Sue characters and One Piece Fanfic cliches. For example, Mar goes up against Hana and Slashfang, two obvious Parody Sues who are obvious copies of Luffy and Zoro, and who are driven by a desire to prove that their Abusive Parents were wrong about them. Even though the two are overpowered by One Piece standards and Mar has virtually no combat potential whatsoever, Slashfang dies because his Devil Fruit power is impossible, and Hana is knocked overboard, with her Water Devil Fruit powers not overriding the Super Drowning Skills granted by the Devil Fruit.


  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has several in story, in omake, or in expanded universe.
    • During the Whitney Oneshot, Whitney fights a Muk with one of her Miltank and harshly defeats it, stating that she'd never lose to a Muk. The Author confirms this was a potshot aimed at Ashes of the Past, though he does clarify he likes the fic overall.
    • The Author also commented during the Gary oneshot that he believes Pokemon Anime XY was better than Shudo's run.
    • One omake has a potshot against the Call of Duty series for its excessive reliance on multiplayer.
    • In an omake from the Ketchumverse, Bloodline Ash and Ranger Ash arrive in the Twilight universe, which is explicitly stated to have the rule of "everything must revolve around Bella Swan." Since the two of them don't worship the ground she walks on and can't be punished for their "transgression" by the laws of the universe, their presence causes a reality-breaking paradox which results in the place falling apart. No points for guessing what the author is trying to say about the series.
    • The Argenta one-shot is a rather big one towards competitive battling (which in the more recent years features less and less variety, with most players using only a handful of Pokemon with the same moves), and Smogon in particular (for encouraging this mindset). Though it's softened somewhat in the end with the message that everybody should be free to choose and use their preferred Pokemon, even if it's from the strongest tiers.
    • Belladonna was partly based on an incarnation of Harry Potter from a Fanfiction called "The Ilvermorny Champion". This version of the Boy Who Lived had a bad habit of doing some awful things to those who hurt his friends and family, so the author created a character with a similar mindset whose actions are portrayed as wrong.
    • The Falkner oneshot has a very subtle one towards the use of Legendary Pokémon in competitive battling (and most likely Tobias as well): when Satsuki asks Falkner what does he plan to do once he catches Ho-Oh and Lugia, he assures her that he won't take them to the Pokémon League and "use them to crush the dreams of some hapless kid half [his] age".
    • Many jokes of the first chapter of the Wild Boy For Sinnoh take potshots at Bidoof.
    • The first Ketchumverse Omake suggests that all the Worlds where the Pokemon Coma Theory is a thing have been taken over by 'the Ashs of Darkness' as part of a evil Multiversal Empire.
      • Chapter 30 throws another pot shot at it, making some jokes at the idea of Brock being a representation of Ash's sexual urges.
    • The first part of Ash's Dream Sequence in Chapter 24 has a Take That! towards Betrayal-fics that are common in the Pokemon fandom.
    • The April Fools 2017 chapter takes its time to be a Take That! against Executive Meddling.
    • Giselle Interlude contains one against those who insist that you don't capitalize Pokemon Species names.
    • The Gladion Interlude takes some potshots at more contentious erotica series, such as Fifty Shades of Grey and Gor.
    • The Omake of Chapter 27 has this towards 'Archive of Our Own' for its poor layout and excessive tags, and the abuse thereof. The author also casually admits to hating the site in the Author's Note at the beginning of the chapter. While Cross admits he would not be against a Archive version of Reset, and one did eventually come, he basically says that someone else would have to manage it.
    • Chapter 27's end commentary has a few aimed at things that annoyed the author during the long writing period. Among them is Marvel Legacy's removal of Parker Industries and their resetting of Peter Parker's status to his everyman roots (with a snark about Tony Stark's personal reboots thrown in at Marvel's expense as well), as well as the Jimquisition video from Jim Sterling about it being moral to 'pirate Nintendo's stuff'.
    • The Clair Oneshot has one aimed at Pocket Monsters: The Animation and the rules for gym leaders within, with Clair snarking about her possibly having a third loss in a row damaging the gym's rep, to which Yari snaps that they "don't live in some silly universe where three straight losses would lose the family gym".
    • Chapter 29's end has one at Harem Fanfiction tendency to not only describe the main male character as being well endowed as a selling point, as well as having other characters be the opposite, particularly ones the author doesn't like.
      • The omake of Chapter 36 took a further potshot at the former by pointing out that the idea of Fanfiction writers doing so basically puts a Caterpie in a person's short (10-12 inch penises are not uncommon in Fanfiction, which is as tall as a Caterpie. And an Eevee. And a Froakie. And a Pichu). The omake basically compared the entire thing to having a Pichu sticking out of your crotch.
    • Chapter 29 also has Sabrina referring to the original timeline Indigo League as "utterly incompetent from the managing side".
    • Chapter 29, again, had a few jabs at some of the Shudo-era moralizing: when Sligoo is shown to be terrified of Ariados Janine notes that such a fear was something that wasn't that was easy to pick up, as Ariados are not common in Kanto like a Raticate. As such Janine notes that going into a speech about how Ash should have known that to be pretentious.
    • Chapter 31 has Misty reference the anime tropes that would have Misty yell at Ash for accidentally seeing Iris naked (as common in harem comedies) with her specifically saying that doing that, particularly with awareness that it was an accident would make her an utterly unpleasant individual.
    • The Tracey oneshot is a big one towards toxic criticism that ends up putting authors down instead of being helpful, though also pointing out that it is possible to take something good even out of it if you know where to look at.
    • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: The Movie - The Fanfiction has quite a few, notably one against Shipping Wars which even the embodiment of bad Fanfiction trends 'Darkern Edgier' doesn't want anything to do with.
  • A Professor and a Student has one aimed at the infamous G.S Ball, referring to it as 'The premier example of a failed research experiment'.
  • The (Edit) War for Ash’s Freedom to not be Betrayed has several.
    • The entire fic is one against those who use Darker and Edgier in their fanworks to an unrealistic and childish degree. Betrayal fics in particular are treated harshly.
    • Darkern also continually mentions high-ranked and "fierce OU" Pokemon and “downgrades” Ash makes from high-powered moves, taking a jab at overly competitive players.
    • One occurs against Ashes of the Past, when Arceus briefly mentions a terrible timeline where the entire Squirtle line became anime fanatics.
    • Arceus tells Darkern that, if he likes pain so much, He could always send him to Zashono Academy.
    • A jab is made at Whitney's Miltank, which Darkern claims is a demon cow. Though as it was Darkern who says it, how much it was meant as an actual take that is debatable.
  • Beautiful Light contains a scene where Saturn complains about how he hates the Show Within a Show Kanto Shore. The author's note states that it's a riff of Jersey Shore.
  • The one-shot Tobias Is Arrested, Yo is a jab against the Fandom-Specific Plot where Tobias is stripped of his Sinnoh League win. As Tobias points out to the two cops that are trying to arrest him, if it was really illegal to use a Legendary-only team to do the League challenge, he would have been informed and/or stopped way before his win. When they call him out for denying Ash Ketchum a victory, Tobias admits that he admires Ash, even if he has a tendency to handicap himself when it comes to major competitions. And then it's revealed that "Tobias" never existed in the first place; the identity was created by a group of Legendary Pokémon that wanted to try out the League challenge for themselves. Darkrai in particular is peeved at the officers for trying to claim their win wasn't legitimate.

The Powerpuff Girls

Power Rangers

  • Power Rangers GPX has several, some of them humorous, some of them not so much. There's one bit early on where the main characters trash the pizza they're eating and Code Geass as well. The fic also takes shots at the franchise it was inspired by, calling the show a "twenty-minute toy commercial".

Pretty Cure

Professional Wrestling

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

  • In Prelude to Caribbean Rim, none of a Mexican bar's patrons care when Madoka pulls out a gun "because, seriously, it’s Mexico".

Regular Show

  • The fan fic Potty Mouthed Pops did a not-so-subtle jab at King of the Hill by having Benson and Skips mentally express their displeasure of watching the show. Pops, on the other hand, liked it.


  • Emergence:
    • After Sam comments that he doesn't think the show RWBY is that good, Cliff points out Sam loves The Expendables and proceeds to blast its shallow plot and over-reliance on action and explosions.
    • Blake uses the alias Bella in high school, only for her classmates to laugh at her for having the same name as the main character of Twilight. Blake is annoyed as she doesn't like Twilight either. Later, Weiss says it is a piece of shit.
    • After watching Season 2 of the real show, Weiss finds Neptune repulsive and doesn't understand why her animated counterpart likes him.
  • In Wizard Of Ships, Ozpin takes a jab at the popular fan theory that he let Jaune into Beacon Academy because he 'saw his potential'.
    [in response to Jaune suggesting it] Ozpin burst out laughing. "Hahahahahahahahaha *snort* Ahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh, dear Monty, I haven't laughed like that in a long time. Thank you, Mr. Arc, I needed that."
  • Jaune in The Entertainer can't figure out why Pyrrha has feelings for him as the only noteworthy thing he's done is pretend he didn't know she was famous and thinks to himself how ridiculous it would be if that was her reason.
  • RWBY: Destiny of Remnant
    • A small one to RWBY Volume 4. In chapter 46 Neptune wonders if one of their Semblances brings bad luck, Qrow (who suffers from this in canon) tells him not to be stupid.
    • This fic essentially is a Take That! to how the writers of RWBY handled Pyrrha's death, her character arc, and the second half of Volume 3's story and Volume 4 as a whole.

Sailor Moon

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

  • Cat-Ra: Catra turns the sword into a collar in Season 4, saying that making it a bracelet like Adora in canon would make it way too easy for an enemy to take.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Netraptor's Door Stopper series of Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfiction "The Netraptor Sonicverse", contains a few generally subtle ones, generally towards the Sonic fandom. Perhaps one of the more notable examples would be Amy's subplot in "In Pursuit of Revenge", where she attempts to play Operation: Jealousy by attempting to go out with three different people, Tails, Shadow, and Metal Sonic. Tails goes on one awkward date, but really is more interested with machines than anything else. Shadow lets her stay with him for awhile, but is far more busy with his own subplot and quickly grows tired of her. Metal Sonic (who had long since performed a Heel–Face Turn), turns her down on the spot, albeit in the least rude way of the three, as he is far more interested in his subplot and taking care of his chao.
  • Sonic X: Dark Chaos has several examples in both its setting and its prose.
    • The entire Angel Federation is a truly enormous Take That! to Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Especially the Emirate of Mecca, which is basically a damning insult against Muslim theocracies in general and Islam itself as a whole. It's such a huge Take That!, in fact, that it sometimes crosses into borderline racism - the Jews and Muslims are depicted as groups of Future Primitive brown-skinned Human Aliens who prefer fighting each other all the time over petty tribal squabbles, for example. All three countries represent the author's beefs with their religions, even though the recent rewrite balanced their depiction by making them the gray to the Demons' black.
    • The pre-rewrite versions had numerous Take That! moments towards 4Kids Entertainment, who originally dubbed Sonic X. With the recent bankruptcy of 4Kids Entertainment, the author decided the insults weren't needed anymore and removed them.

Star Trek

  • Bait and Switch (STO) mentions that the USS Bajor has a completely redesigned warp core whose ejection system relies on the deadman switch principle, referencing the inevitable Failsafe Failure in the canon shows.
  • The Headhunt:
    • Eleya is overheard ranting at somebody who wants to have the Bajor be used as the set for a movie, which meant to poke fun at one of the other prompts in the literary challenge The Headhunt was written for. The author mentioned in a forum post he couldn't see any of his characters letting that happen.
    • A pair of them directed at the Vocal Minority wanting to see Constitution-class and Miranda-class starships playable at endgame in Star Trek Online, an idea to which the author is vocally opposed on the forums. The fact that the Miranda-class USS Brisbane is still in one piece despite being over a century old is described as miraculous, while the USS Bajor, a Galaxy-class starship launched in 2409, delivers a massive Curb-Stomp Battle to the USS Enterprise-A, even after letting the enemy shoot first.
  • Reimagined Enterprise: A few aimed at the canon Star Trek: Enterprise for which the work is a Fix Fic.
    • The rest of the crew can't stand this "Faith of the Heart" song Rocia listens to...
    • In "The Giant's Foot", Mayweather pretends not to know the name Rigel in order to get a rise out of Al-Hamdani, who points out it is one of the most well-known stars in Earth's night sky. This being a reference to how the canon pilot episode "Broken Bow" bizarrely seemed to think Rigel was an alien name that none of the human crew had heard of before.
  • "Shakedown Shenanigans" aims one at Star Trek: Generations regarding how stupid it was to launch an unfinished starship.
  • "Solaere ssiun Hnaifv'daenn" has one aimed at another Star Trek Online Literary Challenge author, for writing his captain stealing a Hazari vessel that responded to her distress signal. Tovan tells Jaleh in passing that the Eireth nnea Ortaimainote  just issued an arrest warrant on charges of piracy and war crimes, and Jaleh derisively wonders aloud who the hell made that guy an admiral.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil

  • The writers of Janna vs. the Forces of Evil are pretty open about their dislike of the actual show from season three onwards in the authors' notes, with this occasionally slipping into the Fanfic itself. One such example is Pony Head, who is never seen and only described with phrases like "the worst person you know multiplied by cancer" when others ask about her. Another is when Marco and Jackie go on a date and end up at a carnival pier. Marco notes that if their lives were a TV show, despite just having spent a fantastic time together, this would be the moment where they break-up. Jackie laughs and immediately says that such a thing would be terrible writing.

Star Wars

  • The Unabridged Memoirs of Darth Plagueis the Wise: When story commentators brought up the possibility of Darth Maul still being alive, like in the Disney Canon, the author made it perfectly clear that Maul is dead in this universe, and that no amount of "handwaving or space voodoo" is going to change that.

Steven Universe

  • The Darkness Between Stars, as a Hate Fic and Deconstruction Fic, is filled with these. Though an Alternate Universe Fic, it follows the canon plotline quite closely, with several scenes being direct analogues but portrayed very differently, with characters pointing out how awful and morally bankrupt Steven would be if he behaved the way he did in canon. Particular examples include:
    • The canon twist of Rose Quartz secretly being Pink Diamond is called out as absurd and impossible on multiple levels, with the Crystal Gems ending up shocked that the diamonds are stupid enough to believe it when they come up with it themselves.
    • Connie performing a similar manouver against Blue Diamond as she did in canon results in her being swatted like a fly by the titan, gruesomely injuring and nearly killing her. Bismuth also points out how irresponsible it is to let her fight alongside the Crystal Gems at all when, as a human, she is so much more vulnerable.
  • Flawed Crystals is a fan-made text-based RPG that straddles the line between Fix Fic and Hate Fic. For the most part though, any jabs made are restricted to the postmortem developer's commentary.
    • When talking about the creation of the battle system, the developer segues a comment on Garnet being a Game-Breaker in Attack the Light into a sarcastic jab at the direction Steven Universe took in its final episodes and particularly in Steven Universe Future:
      "And [letting one party member steal the show is] totally antithematic to Steven Universe! This show is supposed to be about working together and valuing everyone's contributions, not one person being the center of the universe and single-handedly solving every single problem with overpowered abilities!" *looks directly into the camera*
    • The developer commentary contains more jabs specficially at Attack The Light:
      I called [Pearl's energy blast attack] "Meteor" instead of "Fireball" because I don't pigeonhole cool ideas into bland RPG tropes, Attack the Light.
    • According to the author's notes, Steven's blithe acceptance of his transformation in the bad endings is meant to be a metaphorical jab at the fans who saw nothing wrong with the show's tonal shift in the final episodes.

Comic Book/Supergirl

  • Kara of Rokyn:
    • Dream of the Endless sets in motion a plan to save The Multiverse by altering the outcome of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Anti-Monitor gets destroyed, Dream's sister Death claims the Superman of Earth-Two instead of the Supergirl of Earth-One and all infinite worlds continue to exist... including a particularly awful reality, defined as a nightmare.
      There was, of course, another reality in which terrible things happened. In that realm, Kara Zor-El never existed. Barbara Gordon was shot in the spine by the Joker, and lost the use of her legs. The Joker went on to beat the second Robin with a pipe, and then blow him and his mother up with a bomb. The Batman would have his back broken by a hulking villain, have to be replaced for a time, and then have his spine reconstructed so that he, impossibly enough, could go back to crime-fighting. Nightwing's and Starfire's wedding would be polluted by a Raven gone demonic. The noblest Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, would go crazy and kill his best friends, try to take on a role like unto that of the Anti-Monitor, and mold his Truth's destiny into a different shape. Superman would die, and not be taken by Death, and would return to life. Millions of others, in Coast City, were not so lucky.
      And the Dreamsmith of that realm died, too.
    • There’s another "Take That!" aimed at the fan misconception that Pre-Crisis Lex Luthor hated Superman because of his alopecia:
      Starfire: So your cousin essentially wanted to conquer the world, and kill Superman, and kept at it all these years, just because he lost his hair?
      Nastalthia Luthor: It's not just that. It's losing that early life-form he made, too, but it's not just that. I think it's like... scratch that, I know what it is. It's a competition. Lex is showing that he's as great as the most powerful guy on Earth, and he's doing it just with the power of his mind. But there's more to it, now, even than that.
  • A Force of Four aims a subtle shot at an infamous storyline where Superman executed three Kryptonian criminals. As the last law-abiding Kryptonian alive, Power Girl has to decide what must be done with three Kryptonian criminals. Rather than executing them, she gets them thrown in the Phantom Zone.

Super Smash Bros.

Teen Titans

  • New Tamaran
    • In chapter 37, Control Freak becomes a piss-take at Adam Conover.
    • Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl both at one point say, “Sometimes we need to destroy what we hate to protect what we love” – a blatant inversion of a line by Rose Tico.
    • Chapter 8 of Justice Returns has jabs at Teen Titans Go! And Titans (2018).
    • Abner Smith from Wonder Girl’s origin is a middle finger to Bradley/Chelsea Manning and Wikileaks.
    • Conversely, Cheshire’s origin begins as a condemnation of drone strikes and civilian casualties in The War on Terror.
    • In Bumblebee’s origin, her followers devolve into a parody of Black Lives Matter and Antifa
    • Kid Flash’s origin involves a school shooting, and contains some harsh commentary on how modern society responds to mass shooters:
    “Then it was just me and the shooter. I knew I should have just left him bound for the authorities. But this was hardly the first school shooter in my lifetime, and I recalled what had happened to the others. All given life in a luxurious prison cell, three square meals a day, letter correspondence with their admirers, and voting rights. I didn’t want that scum to get off so easy.”
    “The nation couldn’t stop talking about the shooting. Gun control advocates used it to push for stricter gun bans (even though the shooter was too young to legally purchase any firearm, and anyone who pointed that out was accused of hating children). On the flip side of the spectrum, alternative radio hosts accused the shooting as a government set up, and the grieving families were crisis actors who needed to get summer jobs.”
    “Thankfully, Aunt Iris finally shut the media off. She knew what we needed was time to grieve. To realize that we couldn’t save everyone, and how rage can easily take us over.”
    “This man … whose sole job was to protect the students … failed to do so … acted like a coward … and was showing no remorse for it. A second later, Uncle Barry was standing where that coward was - right leg sprawled out in front of his left, his right arm punching forward – and the coward was replaced with a blood explosion.”

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Total Drama

  • In Keepers of the Elements, the author makes jabs at Twilight and Rebecca Black more than once. She also has one that takes a jab at the show Jon & Kate Plus Eight.
    Deanna: Yep. My boys Tony, Adrian and Eric are identical triplets. After that experience, what sane person would want more?
    Heather: Jon and Kate?
    Deanna: Like I said- what sane person would.
  • Monster Chronicles This story takes several shots at Duncan and Gwen's relationship arc, as both characters receive heavy criticism for their actions along with the fact that they inadvertently caused Cedric to be released.
    • This story can be also as this for Duncan's story arc in All-Stars. Like in All-Stars a dangerous person is in the game, yet Duncan is more focused on still being seen as bad boy rather then stoping them. This was seen as very cowardly and dumb in the story, with even Cedric calling him out on his actions. Duncan realizes this and decides to give up his reputation in favor of stopping Cedric, even performing a Heel–Face Turn.
  • In Chapter 35 of You're on Total Drama Island, Charlie Brown!, when Chris McLean greets the campers in the morning and asks how they're feeling, everyone responds with retorts like "Bite me," "Stick it down your throat," and "Eat it, McLean." When Izzy snaps, "Go watch Jersey Shore!" Tyler yells, "Izzy! Too harsh!"


  • Luminosity: Edward and rational!Bella discuss what to name their child. They want to root her to the family, since she's going to be so rare a species that she may only see someone else like her once. The obvious way to do so is to combine Bella and Edward's mothers' names, but they decide that any combination of Renée and Esme sounds like a Pokémon.
  • Since As Dreams Are Made On starts from the premise of a fictionalized version of the author landing in the body of Bella Swan on the day of her arrival in Forks, and the protagonist has read the books (as well as some supplementary material and Fanfic), there are a few instances of this scattered throughout the story. Most notably, when the protagonist Cass explains hybrids to Carlisle, and goes on to explain how vampires and Quileute shifters are meant to have additional chromosome pairs compared to humans, Carlisle blinks before remarking, "All of that sounds extremely unlikely."

The Vampire Diaries

  • In first chapter of "The High Road", Damon says Katherine is like Snooki...with fangs


Warhammer 40,000

  • In The Age of Dusk, there's a fair few to both the parent work and other works:
    • Warhammer 40000 writer Matt Ward takes a few whacks courtesy of The Age of Dusk. One of the more notable examples is having Kaldor Draigo become of the highest Angyl Princes of the Star Father (the God-Emperor who has died and become a ruthless Chaos God of Order) while the other Grey Knights oppose the Star Father, claiming he is an affront to the Emperor and all he stood for. Oh, and the famous saying that Matt Ward only created Draigo because he wasn't allowed to bring Roboute Guilliman back to life? In this story, Roboute Guilliman does just that, gives Draigo the asskicking of a lifetime and then banishes his sorry ass back to the Warp.
    • One of Matt Ward's other poorly-received creations also gets this treatment. The Dreadknight was a sort of Humongous Mecha introduced in Codex: Grey Knights, and while powerful, the model was mocked for having an exposed head for the driver. In this story, Brother-Captain Stern is killed piloting one with a single headshot from a lasgun, probably the weakest weapon in the entire setting.
    • There's also a big one to The Salvation War. A war is fought between the Tau Empire and their allies against the Chaos Realm of the Terran Hells. The allies are convinced the war will be a cakewalk as they are armed with modern tanks and energy weapons while the Daemons are armed with spears, bows, axes and other Iron-age weapons. They are wrong in that assumption.


Yin Yang Yo!

  • PenGator3 has Michael Eisner attacked savagely on three separate occasions so far in Re: Yin Yang Who?.

Young Justice

  • Now We Can Be Diamonds Together is one towards the Fan Dumb portions of the Steven Universe fandom. Will Harper's daughter Lian draws her dad as "Orange Diamond", and Will puts it up online to share with their friends. While a number of the comments on it are positive and encouraging, there are also plenty of assholes who bash the drawing for various reasons ("only girls can be Gems", "Diamonds OCs are super lazy", "you stole my gemsona", "you're a fake fan who's ruining the fandom", etc.), insult the quality of the art (it even ended on a "bad SU fan-art" blog, which is how most of the jerks found it), and outright call Lian racial slurs, never mind that she's three. The worst offender (which sets off the Papa Wolf/Mama Bear instincts of the entire team) is someone who threatens to track down Lian and do vile, unspeakable things to her; he's later shown to be an unpleasant person who thinks it's his job to harass fans who "deserve" it (and is implied to have participated in the online bullying and harassment of Zamii070) and uses a "Just Joking" Justification towards it. Needless to say, no sympathy is spared for him when Barbara leaks all his "jokes" to every person he's ever known after wiping out his bank account and Cheshire kills him.


  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Thousand Year Door and its Redux have a few:
    • The original version had Wanda Underwood, who was a fanmade sister to Weevil Underwood. The majority of her dialogue involved trashing the character, and every single conversation she was involved in ultimately led to Weevil being bashed.
    • Chico considers the "Palace of Heart" card to be a bad remake of Splatterhouse. He is embarrassed after saying that since the game had a remake that flopped.
    • Grodus levels an unsubtle one directed at Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series by completely disagreeing with its opinion that a "children's card game" being Serious Business is, by villain standards, a bad thing. This is despite the fact that many villains and enemy mooks woudn't need to play a usually luck-based game to take out the heroes due to their power, particularly when they don't need them alive anymore.
    • Grodus levels yet another take that against fans who feel the heroes cheat just as much as the villains do by pointing out that his associates got their cards from evil sorcerers working from Graz'zt. In other words, what the author feels is exactly what characters like Dartz, Saiou, and the like did with their powerful cards. This is despite said fans' theories claiming the protagonists stack their decks and rig their draws in their favor, which itself would be cheating.
  • Yu-Gi-OH: Legacy of the Sorcerer Kings treated atheists as Always Chaotic Evil, including the Big Bad who was only damned because he refused to believe in higher powers.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh: Tilting the Balance has the character Fuu, who's a rather harsh parody of the character Jade Valentine from Occam Razor's Yu-Gi-Oh Jr. series. Like Jade, Fuu is a blonde American self-proclaimed samurai who speaks in samurai-movie cliches; many of her cards are taken directly from Jade's deck. She's also an Occidental Otaku, her armor is made of cheap plaster, main character Gerald notes that all of his heritage is Western European and he still looks more Asian than she does, and when she's called on to commit seppuku, she breaks down crying and admits she can't do it. The author of Tilting the Balance, Man Called True, made no secret of the fact he hated Jade; Occam Razor, for his part, was very unamused by Fuu.

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