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Tabletop Game / Zombie Fluxx

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One of the many variants/expansions of Fluxx, this permutation themes itself as a zombie movie, where the Goals involve such things as boarding up the windows, escaping in your car, and stockpiling supplies.

This was the version of the game to make Creepers (cards you are forced to play) a big part of gameplay, but in the spirit of the original game, shifting rules and goals mean that they can go from liability to boon very easily. Unlike the original game, getting rid of Creepers is more a matter of "how many you can kill" instead of when you do.

Many of the keepers not only fulfill goals, but can kill or attract zombies, meaning there's slightly more long-term strategy involved than the basic version.


Tropes included in this game:

  • Author Avatar: The Friend Keepers are based on Andrew Looney and his wife.
  • Brain Food: A Brain is one of the Keepers, and since this is Fluxx and many goals are puns, Brain Food is an actual goal. You win if you have the Brain as well as the Sandwich.
  • Downer Ending: Several of the goals (including "I Alone Survived") are this, but particularly the Ungoal (where all the Zombies win).
  • Obvious Rule Patch: One action card allows you to choose one opponent and steal all of his or her zombies. In a 2-player game, the card is Nerfed so that you can only steal one zombie from your opponent.
  • Unwinnable by Design: There is an Ungoal card where the zombies can win (i.e. the players all lose).
    • Unless the Zombie King card is in play, in which case that player wins if the Ungoal is met.
  • Written Sound Effect: Keepers which can be weapons later are denoted by a POW