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Jang Tae-San is a subordinate for the crime boss Moon II Sook, currently working at a pawn shop with two other members. However, he gets a surprise visit from his ex-girlfriend, Seo In-Hye. Having been dumped her 8 years at the abortion clinic, she asks for him to take a blood test. It seems that she kept the child, Seo Soo-Jin , who now has a leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. Want to do something meaningful in his life, he agrees to be her donor when the blood test match.


However, it seems Moon II Sook had other plans, framing Jang for the murder of a girl who seduced him for proof of his and Jo Seo-Hee's secret meaning. Even after being put into jail, Tae-san learns Moon Sook is still sending men but this time to kill him. Not understanding why, Jang narrowly escapes, both Moon II and the police on his trail. With this in mind, he needs to survive for two weeks until the operation.

  • Anti-Villain: Killer Kim had been Chi-Kook missing son who had been kidnapped and memories lost by Moon II
  • Arc Words: Everyone has a story that they can't tell.
  • Bishounen: Jang Tae-San. He is definitely a favorite at the host club, despite not even working there.
  • Break Her Heart to Save Her: Why Tae-San broke up with In-Hye. Moon II forced Tae-San to take the fall for the assault on Jae-Kyung's father. Otherwise he would kill both of them. Tae-San lied that he was sick of her and their baby and tried to force her into an abortion, so she could start fresh while he rotted in jail.
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  • Chessmaster: Jang Tae-San becomes one near the end of the series. Park tries but failed a lot at the beginning
  • Dark And Troubled Backstory: Jang Tae-San. His father abandoned him and his mother before he was born. His mother saw him as a burden and committed suicide on his birthday. He became a gangster soon after and had only one friend. Before meeting In-Hye and he is forced to break up with her due to Moon II.
  • Determinator: Jang Tae-San. Nothing will stop him from saving his daughter. Nothing!
  • Distressed Dude / Defiant Captive / Distressed Damsel : Tae-San, Jae-Kyung and In-Hye in that order
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Tae-San's attitude towards In-Hye. The reason why despite still being in love with her, he never tries to get her back.
  • Indy Ploy: Jang Tae-San is a master of these, which explains how he was able to escape the police for two whole days when he was handcuffed and had no resources.
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  • Love Triangle: It's a Korean Drama. We have one between Tae-San/In-Hye/Seung-Woo. It's unusual one, as at first, In-Hye loathes Tae-San for his past actions and he never tries to get back together with In-Hye. But as the series goes on Tae-San and In-Hye are forced to work together to save Soo-Jin's life. This and In-Hye better understanding of Tae-San's reasons for his past actions, make her fall of him again. All the while Seung-Woo understandably feels nervous over this and in the end, he gives up, knowing that he can't win.
  • Maybe Ever After: Although Seung-Woo gives up, Tae-San doesn't end up with In-Hye. Feeling he has too much to answer up for before he can be a worthy father for Soo-Jin and decides to leave so he can get his life together. But the ending hints he, In-Hye and Soo-Jin become a family
  • The Mole: Where do we start? Im Seung-Woo tries to hand over the camera to prevent Soo-Jin and In-Hye from being targeted , Park Chul-Kyu
  • Nice Girl: In-Hye, the reason why Tae-San fell for her.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: In-Hye fell for Tae-San's inner kindness and as she sees his inner kindness again as the two weeks pass, she falls for him again.
  • Sympathetic Inspector Antagonist: Played With Seung-Woo is In-Hye's fiance trying catch Jang Tae-San. He loves her and her daughter and hated Tae-San for abandoning Seung-Woo in the past. At first his Black and White Morality makes him pretty grating, with him refusing to believe that Tae-San was framed, which only worsens when he starts to suspect that Tae-San is Soo-Jin's father growing more and more aggressive. But he starts to grow sympathetic after getting told off by Jae-Kyung and he starts to see Tae-San's side, dropping his aggression.
  • Tomboy: Park Jae-Kyung is is a prosecutor who isn't afraid to get herself deep into the investigation (like searching through the mountains to jumping off a cliff). Also, she dresses very much like one, even her suits.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Soo-Jin easily deduces things. For example, she figured out her real dad was alive, despite her mom telling her so. That's because when she started dating Im Seung-Woo, she ripped up her photo instead of burning it.


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