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The Immortal was a short-lived 1969-70 TV show based on a series of stories by James E. Gunn, who also wrote the novelization. It was canceled mid-season by ABC, but has been reshown more recently by Syfy.

Ben Richards (played by Christopher George) is a race car driver who has special blood characteristics. He has every antibody to everything, Cancer, Old Age, etc. After a wealthy, dying man receives a blood transfusion from Richards, he realizes how much better he feels from it. But the effects of the transfusion wears off so he'd need regular transfusions of Richard's blood, and must keep Richards alive in order to use him as a livihg blood bank. So he sends out his henchmen to capture Richards, but he dies. The henchmen approach another wealthy old man named Victor Maitland, and now he hires them to get Richards for himself.

So now Richards has to go on the run from Maitland's mooks, plus there's another reason: He has a brother, and if his brother has the same extremely rare blood, he needs to be warned lest Maitland grab him instead.


This series is the mirror image of the Ben Gazzara series Run For Your Life, where Gazzara was traveling because he had a terminal disease and was dying, Richards has to run because, barring accidents, he will live forever, and so would anyone receiving regular transfusions from him.

Not to be confused with the equally short-lived The Immortal (2000), a Highlander clone starring Lorenzo Lamas.

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