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Self Demonstrating / You No Take Candle

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"Yes, but please first learning how to better English."

"Friends wondering why Nopon talk so strange? Well, we take high ecclesiastical form of Late Modern Noponese and map grammatical patterns onto Hom Hom language. This give us adorable yet expressive Nopon speech... Actually, me just made that up. Though you must admit, it pretty impressive theory."

If there be people who from other place or who not so smart, but still got speaky power, people speaks with messy-sounding, little words. They be speaking maybe words they heard from other people, or they maybe speaks with words that taken from their people, but with ugliness, or they made up words theyselves. Trope is seen from book-man Chaucer, and so now trope is Older Than Print.

If creator say that one people better than other people, then better people speak Spock Speak or Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe because having betterness over others. "Primitive" or "barbarian" races talk-talk primitive form of language, maybe often shown by pidgin English and omission of articles, auxiliary verbs, possessive pronouns, and sometimes prepositions. Speakers also often referring to selves in third person. This bear big similarity to Hulk Speak, though even non-combatants are using. In some cases is form of Aliens Speaking English, in which creatures have own language and speak English only as very poorly learned second.


Also being rarely pointed out: that omitted speech elements not actually being necessary many times. Is big important fact that many languages already okey-dokey without them (e.g., Chinese, Russian, American Sign Language). In English, "Me go Seattle three day ago, visit Uwajimaya, buy fifteen manga. Me new manga very good; you want read?" - you still get! In some languages not even being most uncommon. Already is being precedent for people copying syntax of native tongue into English (e.g., native speaker of Italian, Gaelic, Yiddish, German).

One might also be considering English long time going by conventional Latin rules (which be where "no split infinitive" come from - Latin, like most languages not English, have single-word infinitives which no easy split), and that for long time Chinese and ASL sometime considered "deficient" languages because they lack extra words English use (not mention tenses, some degree).


Supertrope to couple Race Tropes: Red Man speak-um Tonto Talk, Asian Speekee Engrish. (Heap Unfortunate Implications, bad medicine.) Unrelated to You Can't Get Ye Flask, except in sense that we not good like computer overlords. Compare to Hulk Speak and Strange-Syntax Speaker. If being that is Intelligent or otherwise not mentally inferior is speaking primitively, then is Eloquent in My Native Tongue.


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