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As popular as Star Wars is, it can still be pretty polarizing.

  • There is a schism between fans who enjoy the prequels but find the originals to be outdated, the fans who insist that the original trilogy is the best and that the prequels can piss off on account for their lower quality writing and the fans who believe that the entire series is good.
  • With The Force Awakens and the rest of Disney's new Star Wars movies on the horizon, the schism has only grown. There are also fans who still consider the Expanded Universe the real canon and those who don't care for it/prefer the Disney version. More generally, there is a related but not identical schism between pro-Lucas and anti-Lucas fans.
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  • Expect a schism to grow between fans who loved The Force Awakens and fans who loved Rogue One.
  • Two of the home video releases, the 2006 "Limited Edition" DVD release and the 2011 Blu-ray release. Most other releases were either generally liked or hated.
    • For the 2006 "Limited Edition" with the original theatrical versions, some fans were gleeful/grateful that Lucas finally let them see Han shoot first, see Sebastian Shaw's ghost instead of Hayden Christensen's, hear Jason Wingreen as Boba Fett, watch Jabba's performers sing "Lapti Nek", etc. Other fans were extremely critical about the poor quality of the originalsnote  and believed that Lucas was intentionally creating an inferior product to suit his own purposes.
    • For the Blu-ray versions, on one hand, you have the picture quality, the boatload of extras and the opportunity to watch all six movies in brilliant hi-def. On the other hand, you have the various edits (and Lucas' refusal to revert old unpopular edits such as Greedo shooting first), horribly lame cover art that shows how much Lucas loves Jake Lloyd (however, as of 2015, there is a new cover art with a generic-but-still-awesome Darth Vader), and the picture quality.
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  • In general, are the original trilogy movies still watchable despite Lucas' extensive revisionism, or do the edits truly detract from the narrative and characterization? Some people in the latter camp aren't fed up with the edits themselves as they were with Lucas' anti-fan attitude in making such edits back when he was in control of the franchise, especially canonites because the newest revision of the movies is always the canon one. However, some fans believe that purists' complaints about the edits and religious adherence to the original versions can be just as bad as Lucas' refusal to respect their wishes, especially when they complain about edits that don't affect the story or characterization, with Boba Fett's voice being a prime example.
  • Anakin Skywalker in the prequels either had a well-developed fall or was too Wangsty.
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  • As far as an alien race goes, the Ewoks are tolerated or hated depending on the fan.
  • Is Hayden Christensen is a bad actor or a good actor given bad lines and direction?
  • The lightsaber duel scenes from the prequel trilogy are another intense point of debate. For supporters, they are exciting, look awesome and are a perfect representation of the super-human feats Jedi and Sith were capable of at their prime. Detractors, on the other hand, consider them to be ridiculously over-choreographed, to the point that they look like dance performances instead of actual fights. Also, they argue almost all of them lack an emotional core, so they don't care at all about what happens in them.
  • Fans are very divided on the untitled Anthology movie about a young Han Solo. Part of the fandom is excited about what his backstory will be in the new continuity, another part of the fandom thinks it's completely unnecessary and cheapens the character especially after his death in The Force Awakens, and another group lost interest when the shortlist of potential actors for young Han Solo appeared on the Internet, believing it to be entirely WTF Casting Agency. On top of that, Harrison Ford will inevitably be a Tough Act to Follow regardless of who they pick.
  • The choice of Colin Trevorrow to direct the ninth film and finale to the sequel trilogy. After the financially successful but critically mixed reception towards his work on Jurassic World, the fanbase is divided between those who loved that film and think he will do a great job, and those who hated it and don't think he's capable of doing it justice. Others are fine with the choice of him as director but dislike the possibility of him being involved in the writing process, citing it as the weakest aspect of his previous films.
  • Return of The Jedi. While it has gotten more love over time, some people still find it inferior to the previous two films, while others feel the critcism it gets is unfair. Even professional critics have defended the film. In his review of The Force Awakens, Angry Joe stated: "A lot of people shit on Jedi but they're WRONG, Jedi is awesome" and gave it a solid 9 out of 10. One lower than Empire and Hope and one higher that Awakens. Doug Walker also spoke out in his Disneycember review that he didn't understand why it was considered the light-hearted one when there was so much dark stuff in it and that he thought the film got a bum rap, and while there were criticisms to be made, that some of the stuff in Jedi was much better than the other films and had some of the best moments.
  • The Disney-era projects. Has Star Wars finally found its footing, or does it focus too much on Pandering to the Base at the expense of originality?
  • Should the franchise pander more to kids or adults? Star Wars has no specific demographic and is consistently marketed to all age groups, but some works clearly skew more towards certain subgroups, with Lucas leaning towards the former and Disney towards the latter. Within the main movie series, The Phantom Menace is the most kid-friendly of the bunch with the sheer amount of kid-appeal characters and comic relief, while the Disney-era movies (especially Rogue One) take on a more "adult" tone with their emphasis on realism, character depth and original trilogy nostalgia.
  • French and Italian are the two main languages in which the franchise got a large amount of dub name changes. As such, the dub names are highly debated by fans who speak those languages, especially since most (but not all) characters' names were reverted for newer installments. A common argument is that the English names sound better but the dub names are more nostalgic. In fact, when a poll was held in Italy on whether to revert Darth Vader's name for Revenge of the Sith, the vote was roughly split in half, with the dub name "Dart Fener" winning by a hair - which didn't matter in the end when the Italian dub of The Force Awakens reverted every character's name to the original. Averted in French Canada, where despite the fact that they didn't redub the original trilogy, fans are firmly on the side of the English names, and all material from The Phantom Menace onwards reverted them (including Vader's).
  • Within the Expanded Universe, there were schisms over various series. Some liked The New Jedi Order while others thought the tone was too dark, the character deaths too shock value-ish, and the villains were too different in tone from traditional Star Wars. The same thing happened with Legacy of the Force, especially with the demise of a very popular character.


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