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The Southern USA ISOT Mapgame (formerly the Tennessee ISOT Game) is one of the many play-by-post mapgames hosted on's "Shared Worlds" forum, that differs from most such games in its restricted scope: Rather than using Mass Teleportation primarily to bring entire countries to a virgin Earth, The players bring in all manner of individual towns, heroes, villains, artifacts, and topological features from all sorts of works and time periods to (as per the name) one of the States of the southern USA. Turns last one in-game week, and each turn the current player brings in a handful of new "entities" as well as describing how the already-present entities deal with both the newcomers and ongoing conflicts.


While at first everyone is just busy trying to survive in a Tennessee state devoid of human life, as more groups and towns arrive in the state alliances of both good and evil begin to form, and heroes and villains of all stripes prepare for a fight to the death to defend their new land... or to conquer it.

After 1 year of action in Tennessee, a new round of the game begins in a virgin Mississippi instead. But the events on Tennessee are not to be forgotten, for after another year the barrier between the two states will fall, and the alliances of both will get to meet and come to an agreement... or blows, who knows?

The story continues in the "Combined States arc", which showcases the various ISO Ts and events of Tennessee and Mississippi together after the barrier comes down. Soon, it spreads to include the rest of the [[Deep South]] in the game with its sequel which called New England Madness which is about events in the New England Region.


The game is currently in the 'California Dreaming' era which chronicles what is happening in the California and other states in the Western USA region.

The game can be found here for those who have an account on (not at all hard to get).

New England Madness and California Dreaming can also be found here in its separate threads: [1] and [2]

Also needs an account on to view those two threads, so have fun!


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