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Film - Animated


  • In Harmonic Feedback, Naomi says, "Anyone know what this is? Class? Anyone?" When Drea doesn't get the joke, Naomi says, "Please tell me you've seen Ferris Bueller." Later, when they watch it together, Naomi says Drea reminds her of Cameron because she's always worrying about things Naomi thinks are minor.

Live-Action Television


  • The music video for rapper Huey's "Pop, Lock & Drop It" begins with him asleep in class room with the teacher dullfully calling out "Huey? Huey?"


Web Original


Western Animation

  • The final segment of the Family Guy trilogy Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story features Stewie traveling back to the moment preceding the fall of the lifeguard tower at the Quahog Pool that resulted in a concussion. Once he realizes he only has a few minutes left before his family gets there, he tries following them as fast as he can, accompanied by a chase scene imitating the exact same of Ferris' actions in the movie, right down to the background music.

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