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Recap / The Venture Bros S 1 E 4 The Incredible Mr Brisby

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Episode - 1-05 (4th in Broadcast Order)

First Aired - August 28, 2004

The Venture family lands in Africa aboard the X-1 on their way to "Brisbyland." The boys are confined to the jet while Rusty and Brock meet Roy Brisby's mute bodyguard Mandalay. Mandalay takes them to Roy's office, where Brock is forced to wait outside. Inside, Rusty meets the paralyzed (due to a stroke suffered during an accident at his theme park) Brisby. Brisby offers Rusty some Panda milk from his pet "Companda," (Companion Panda) which he won from David Bowie in 1981.


Brisby reveals that he has summoned Venture wanting cloning technology, which Rusty's father Jonas was "dabbling" in before his death. Brisby wants any notes on the subject that Rusty has, but Rusty claims to have no such notes. Brisby refuses to believe Rusty, and reveals that his intel on Rusty shows that Rusty isn't actually a "doctor" and that Venture Industries has fallen on hard times. Irritated, Rusty calls the deal off.

Hank and Dean, bored on the X-1, begin to fight. As they fight, two soldiers notice them and sedate the boys.

Brock tries to start a conversation with Mandalay, who remains mute. Mandalay eventually offers Brock a cigarette, which Brock accepts. At that moment, Companda puts the belligerent Rusty into a sack. Brock hears the commotion and breaks down the door, but passes out due to a drug in the laced cigarette.


Rusty wakes up inside the Brisby Dome, a giant bee hive-like construction. Meanwhile, the boys wake up in the makeshift base of the "Orange County Liberation Front" (OCLF) soldiers, which is actually a community college gymnasium. The soldiers question the boys on what their father knows about Roy Brisby and explain that Brisbyland's expansion has destroyed their county, and plans to continue expanding into other parts of the world. OCLF soldiers place prototype mind control bee hats (stolen from Brisbyland) onto the boys and convince them to join the attack on the Brisbydome.

Brock wakes up in the care of his old friend, Molotov Cocktease, as she tends his wounds. The two immediately fight, but are evenly matched. As they fight, it is revealed that Brock killed Mol's father and took her left eye, while Mol is responsible for the death of Brock's old O.S.I partner. The two are, however, madly in love. They break off the fighting to make out, but it is revealed that Mol is wearing a chastity belt for some old Cold War reason. Brock masturbates in the bathroom while Mol informs him of the boys' location.


In the Brisbydome, Brisby gives Rusty a tour. Brisby explains that the dome is a template for a new society, for which Venture can be part for only a single clone. Rusty refuses, calling Brisby crazy. Rusty is injected with a truth serum, which interacts with his daily pill cocktail, putting him into his own little world.

Brock and Mol break into the hangar where the X-1 has been taken, but it takes off just as they arrive. Brock, via his wrist communicator, instructs H.E.L.P.eR to override the controls, but the robot misunderstands and ejects from the jet instead. Brock and Mol instead take her car to the Brisbydome.

The interrogation of Venture is interrupted by the the OCLF attack. Brock and Mol also arrive, but split up as soon as they get there. Brock battles his was to Rusty, but is stopped by Mandalay. Brock demonstrates his proficiency with his weapon, while Mandalay finally speaks to quit his job and leave the dome rather than fight Brock. Brock then finds the mind controlled Hank and Dean, then bangs their heads together to knock them out.

Brisby flees to his office and orders the preparation of his jet in order to escape. Molotov enters the room and demands that Brisby turn over a specific thing. Distracted by the conversation, Brisby backs into his office fireplace and catches fire.

The post-credits Stinger shows Molotov driving away in her car with the Companda in tow. She is on the phone with her client, revealed to be David Bowie.



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