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Recap / The Twilight Zone S 3 E 101 Cavender Is Coming

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Rod Serling: Submitted for your approval, the case of one Miss Agnes Grep, put on Earth with two left feet, an overabundance of thumbs and a propensity for falling down manholes. In a moment, she will be up to her jaw in miracles, wrought by apprentice angel Harmon Cavender, intent on winning his wings. And, though it's a fact that both of them should have stayed in bed, they will tempt all the fates by moving into the cold, gray dawn of the Twilight Zone.

A guardian angel is given a chance to earn his wings by helping a young woman.

Tropes Are Coming:

  • Actor Allusion: One of Agnes' fellow usherettes is named Burnett.
  • Be Yourself: Cavender turns Agnes into a very wealthy woman and a member of high society. After all of her old friends and neighbors fail to recognize her, she tells him that she was happy as she was, even though she was unemployed and behind on her rent. Cavender returns things to normal, telling Agnes that she is the richest woman that he knows and that money does not guarantee contentment.
  • Brick Joke: Agnes tells Cavender she goes bowling every Thursday night. At the end of the episode, Cavender and his boss watch her bowl and it turns out she's as clumsy at play as at work.
  • Fantastic Comedy: The guardian angel Harmon Cavender attempts to improve the life of Agnes Grep. They get into all sorts of wacky hijinks in the process.
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  • Guardian Angel: Cavender is assigned as Agnes' guardian angel to see whether he can improve her life in 24 hours and finally earn his wings.
  • Laugh Track: This episode featured a laugh track during its original showing and early syndication. It was removed from the syndication prints in the mid 1980s.
  • Poorly Disguised Pilot: This episode was the pilot for a sitcom that was never made.
  • Ripple Effect-Proof Memory: Cavender changes Agnes' life so that she is wealthy and successful. They are the only ones to remember the previous version of her life in which she was extremely clumsy and unable to hold down a job.
  • Shout-Out: Like Clarence Oddbody in It's a Wonderful Life, Cavender is assigned to help someone so that he can earn his angel wings.
  • Talking with Signs: A variation. Cavender writes "Guardian Angel" in the air to prove to Agnes that he is telling the truth about his identity.

Rod Serling: A word to the wise now to any and all who might suddenly feel the presence of a cigar-smoking helpmate who takes bankbooks out of thin air. If you're suddenly aware of any such celestial aids, it means that you're under the beneficent care of one Harmon Cavender, guardian angel. And this message from the Twilight Zone: Lotsa luck!

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