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"A farting clown, a French ninja, and a beaglewerewolf... This is if World Heroes or Power Instinct snorted ClayFighter."

—A random YouTube comment summing up a some of the more peculiar aspects of this game.

Alien Challenge (Also known as Huang Fei Hong) is the first video game made by Taiwan based International Games System (IGS) in 1994.

The next (and better acclaimed) fighting game by IGS was 1998’s The Killing Blade, which was then followed up by the much-loved Martial Masters, which would be released in 1999 (with releases in arcades in Japan in 2000 and North America in 2001).

This game provides examples of:

  • Anime Chinese Girl: Melanie is arguably an invocation of this trope, being that she has a few moves similar to that of Chun-li and also dresses herself like that of the legendary Chinese hero Hua Mulan.
  • Bald of Awesome: Stevareno and Claus.
  • Braids of Action: Nic-San, a male example, keeps his hair in a mandarin queue.
  • Chrome Champion: Stevareno, who has golden skin.
  • Dub Name Change: All the characters, save Jean-Paul, have Chinese names different from their English ones:
    • Burnie is “Firefox”
    • Drew is “Blackjack”
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    • Dougster is “Thunderbolt”
    • Fang is “Werewolf”
    • Melanie is “Mulan”
    • Nic-San is “Wong Fei Huang”
    • Stevareno is “Thousand Faces Man
    • Claus is “Old Man of the Arctic”
  • Eagleland: The football player Dougster plays this straight. Largely averted by Stevareno who doesn't embody any particular stereotypes of Americans.
  • Excuse Plot: The opening Wall of Text explains who the fighters are and why they in combat with each other: "Long time ago, eight arrogant gods always found each other's faults which annoyed the Celestial World. Finally Celestial the age demoted and excelled (sic) them as eight fighters in the mundane world. They were expected to discipline themselves with enormous mundane experiences and challenges then serve as eight loyal guards in the Celestial World after completing their toils."
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  • Expy: Melanie is modeled on the legendary Hua Mulan.
  • Fartillery: As the quote above shows, Drew does such a thing as a part of some of his attacks.
  • Fighting Clown: Drew is a literal example as he is a clown in a circus.
  • Final Boss: Claus
  • Improbable Weapon User: Nic-San throws paper airplanes at his foes.
  • McNinja: Jean Paul, who is a man from a western country who has learned ninjutsu.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different: Fang in his intro will go from human to werewolf form, but when defeated turns into a beagle.
  • Playing with Fire: The HumanTorch-like fighter named "Burnie".
  • Prehensile Hair: Nic-san and Claus use their hair in battle, though in the latter case he uses his Badass Beard.
  • Punny Name: Say out loud "Nic-San"... does it sound familiar? Like a former President of the United States?
  • Rubber Man: Stevareno can stretch his limbs inhumanly long and can also shapeshift himself in to other forms (such as a hammer). Drew can also stretch out his neck.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Melanie is the only female fighter on the roster.
  • Torpedo Tits: Melanie is able to use this as her projectile attack.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Burnie, Fang, and Stevareno.
  • Widget Series: While there are fairly standard archetypal characters such as a Chinese martial artist (Nic-san), a character based on a legendary and/or historical figure (Melanie), a ninja (Jean Paul), an athlete from a non-martial arts sport (Dougster) and an Elemental Embodiment (Burnie) (and even these characters have odd moves like paper airplanes and breast missiles), then there some stranger fighters such as flatulence-weaponizing clowns (Drew), a werewolf who can enlarge his head and also turn into a beagle (Fang), and someone who looks like a giant Oscar trophy (Stevareno). And then there is the final boss himself who is revealed to be... Santa Claus? Or at the very least someone who looks weirdly similar to old St. Nick and happens to have lighting based powers and a prehensile beard. Also Claus' stage appears to be based somewhere in China and has Sun Wukong flying in the background who can take whoever defeated Claus to turn that character into a copy of Claus to fight a Mirror Match against Claus. Really watch the video (starting at 11:26 into it) linked in the page quote above if you don't believe this.


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