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Recap / The Spectacular Spider-Man S2 E13 "Final Curtain"

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Green Goblin: Rule 1: Spidey must splat!
Spider-Man: Rule 2: Ignore rule 1!

Spider-Man is in a heated battle with the Green Goblin's "pumpkin-head" henchmen as they raid a warehouse for weapons. Though Spidey captures the majority of them, they provide no information as to where the Goblin is, and one of the pumpkin-heads also escapes with a truck's worth of guns. All Spidey knows is that he needs to save his missing friend Harry Osborn from his own Globulin Green-induced insanity.


Back home, Peter Parker apologizes to Liz Allan for missing the school play due to "work". Liz tries to be supportive and subtly hints that perhaps Peter's emotions for her are actually meant for someone else... like Gwen Stacy. Peter's love-life issues are interrupted by an urgent call from Gwen to meet her at her house: Harry Osborn is with her and he needs his help.

Peter arrives to find Harry sitting on the couch. Harry explains his addiction to Globulin Green to Peter and Gwen and how he believed himself to be the Green Goblin as a result of the chemical warping his mind. However, Harry now claims that the Green Goblin is a separate person from himself and had kidnapped him, explaining his recent absence. Harry is encouraged by Gwen to confront his father Norman for help. After Harry leaves, Peter and Gwen spend some time recognizing their feelings for each other, unaware that Harry is listening with a jealous expression.


Back at the Osborn home, Harry begs Norman for help but isn't getting any. Spider-Man, however, shows up and accuses Norman of being the Green Goblin, recalling last Halloween when he saw Norman exit a secret passage in the home... which turned out to be a wine cellar instead of a supervillain lair. Norman calmly defends himself by stating that he was present when the Green Goblin stole the inhibitor prototype device from Oscorp and walks away.

The balcony suddenly explodes and the Goblin flies in with finger-zappers blazing. After a short fight that ends with the Goblin's escape, Spidey confronts the Osborns again. With both of his prime suspects innocent, Spidey asks them if anybody else has access to Globulin Green. Norman mentions Donald Menken, an employee at Oscorp, but Menken has vanished and his company records were erased.


The next day at M3, Peter's feelings for Gwen only grow deeper, and he is ultimately forced to end his relationship with Liz. Though she publicly makes a show of the break-up to save face with her peers, Liz is privately brought to tears. At E.S.U., Peter and Gwen meet with Dr. Curt Conners but are saddened to learn that he and his family are moving to Florida and his research is now in the hands of Dr. Miles Warren, whom Curt's wife Martha does not seem to trust.

That evening, Spidey is given Menken's location by Norman and pays him a visit, with Norman and Harry following via helicopter. When Spidey confronts Menken, gas suddenly floods the apartment, knocking them both out as the Goblin arrives. What follows is a heated battle above the rooftops of New York as Spider-Man and Green Goblin go to war with each other. With the water towers converted into pumpkin-bomb cannons and armed pumpkin-heads both on the rooftops and in aircrafts, Spidey is clearly overwhelmed by the onslaught and is barely able to keep up. Eventually, Spidey pulls off the Goblin's mask and reveals his true identity... as Norman Osborn!

Initially confused at seeing two Normans, Harry remembers how he apologized to them last night - the one thing Norman Osborn never does - and unmasks his passenger as the Chameleon, who promptly escapes. Back with Spidey, Norman explains that he had been Green Goblin the entire time, having treated himself with Globulin Green in gaseous form to circumvent the side-effects. He then brings up the events of last October when the Goblin stole his own inhibitor from Oscorp, when, coincidentally, Chameleon was disguised as Norman that night to steal company secrets for a business rival. Norman also took advantage of Harry's Green addiction as a way to dissuade suspicion towards being the Goblin, having dressed an unconscious Harry in the costume and broke his leg to give him the limp that Norman faked that night. In his defense, Norman claims that it was all to protect Harry and make him into the man he was meant to be.

Norman charges at Spidey, but Spidey snags a pumpkin-bomb and stuffs it into his glider's tailpipe. The blast causes Norman to fly out of control and crash into one of his pumpkin-bomb cannons, creating a horrifying explosion that both Spidey and Harry are made to watch.

At Norman's funeral, Peter, Harry, and Gwen pay their respects, but Harry bitterly blames Spider-Man's inaction for the death of his father. Fearing a relapse to the Green, Harry quickly - and a little too conveniently - turns to Gwen for support, leaving Peter unable to admit his feelings for her. In spite of all the losses and misfortune, Peter's only consolation is that the city will never be threatened by the Green Goblin again.

At the airport, the Connors are off to start their new life in Florida, while a stewardess apologizes to a passenger for a delay in his flight to Grand Cayman. He tells her not to apologize and replies slyly, "I never do."

This episode provides examples of:

  • Banana in the Tailpipe: In this case, pumpkin-bomb.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: Peter breaks up with Liz to finally be with Gwen, only for Harry to put a halt to that.
  • Downer Ending: Spider-Man may have stopped the Green Goblin, but his personal life is now at its lowest point. He's wrecked with guilt over (seemingly) killing Norman, which causes Harry to hate Spidey. His friendship with Harry is very likely strained due to both the aforementioned death and Harry manipulating Gwen into staying with him upon learning of her and Peter's feelings for one another. Peter and Liz's relationship ends on a painful note and it's likely that Liz will hate him once more. Essentially, Peter is alone. Meanwhile, due to Curt being blackmailed by Miles Warren, the Connors are forced to leave the lab and relocate to Florida, leaving the lab to Warren, whom they don't trust, and the last scene reveals that Norman somehow survived the explosion as he boards a plane.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Norman is heard in a phone call with a man named Gargan... as in Mac Gargan, aka the Scorpion.
  • Gambit Roulette: Norman reveals everything about Goblin during his fight with Spidey. Almost all of it was around convenience.
    • He modified the formula so he doesn't lose control when taking it.
    • He found Chameleon disguised as Goblin stealing his tech and decides to hire him and switch places.
    • He conveniently found Harry taking his formula as a steroid for his football games, allowing him to put the Goblin costume on his son. He then broke his son's leg to match the limp he feigned that same night, all to throw off suspicion.
  • Imposter Forgot One Detail: Norman is never one to apologize. When Harry recalls him apologizing to Spidey earlier, he quickly becomes suspicious and unmasks him, revealing to be Chameleon, leaving the other Norman fighting Spidey to not only be real, but Goblin.
  • It's All About Me: After learning that Norman framed his own son as Green Goblin at one point, Norman made an excuse that he did it to protect Harry due to leniency. Spidey instead accused him of using Harry to save his own sorry butt.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Spider-Man's reaction to destroying the glider causing Norman to crash into one of the pumpkin-bomb cannons, killing him (seemingly).
  • Mythology Gag: Gwen Stacy's classic black headband finally turns up in the last few minutes of the episode but throughout the show, she wears a headband and has a similar hair style to her comic counterpart.
    • The battle damage that Spider-Man suffers in his fight with the Green Goblin looks like it came from the film Spider-Man.
      • The funeral at the end of the episode is a reference to the film as well.
    • The Connors family decides to move to Florida. In the comics, that's where Curt was born and where they originally lived when the Lizard first emerged.
  • Not Good with Rejection: Peter tries his best to finally break things off with Liz as peacefully as he can. However, Liz counters this with a No Indoor Voice breakup declaration for her peers to hear because she refuses to be the dumpee. She then leaves to cry alone.
  • No, You Go First: Gwen tries to break up with Harry so she and Peter can finally be together, but she decides not to when Harry opens up to her about how grateful he is for her being by his side because otherwise, he would probably have picked up his old drug addiction back up.
  • Not Quite Dead: The final scene of the series, in which a disguised and definitely-not-dead Norman recites his catchphrase as he's boarding his plane.
  • Obfuscating Insanity: Norman reveals he's been doing this all along as the Green Goblin.
  • Sanity Slippage: Subverted, as Norman reveals that exposure to the Globulin Green in a gaseous form removes its addictive and insanity-inducing properties.

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