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Recap / The Office USS 2 E 7 The Client

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Michael and Jan meet with their most important client yet: a representative from Lackawanna County. They take a step forward in their relationship. Pam discovers Michael's screenplay, Threat Level Midnight.

Air date: November 8, 2005


  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: So far in the series, Michael has shown himself to be an incompetent, annoying, terrible boss who sexually harasses all of his employees and constantly embarrasses everyone around him. He's also a phenomenal salesman.
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  • Cannot Tell a Joke: Played with. Michael calls Pam to ask her to read him some standard jokes. Then as the meeting progresses, the client relaxes and laughs at Michael's jokes.
  • Did They or Didn't They?: Michael and Jan.
  • Dinner and a Show: A mild version. Pam and Jim eat grilled cheese and watch Dwight and Kevin light firecrackers.
  • Expy: Michael's idiot sidekick Sam is revealed to be one of Dwight when "Dwigt" appears in the character's place, implying that Michael used Dwight's name first and then ran a search-and-replace (which wouldn't have replaced the misspelled name).
  • Hidden Depths: For all his abhorrent personality traits and bumbling incompetence as a manager, Michael demonstrates in this episode that he truly is a great salesman who can get on his client's good side with ease, much to Jan's shock.
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  • Parlor Games: Michael, Jan, and Christian (the titular client) play Truth or Dare.
  • Product Placement: The second appearance of restaurant chain Chili's.
  • When She Smiles: Jan has been grumpy the whole meeting, but she finally splits into a huge, celebratory smile when Michael lands the sale.

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