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Recap / Stargate Atlantis S02 E15 "The Tower"

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I really need to stop making housecalls.
Dr. Beckett

The team makes friends with a planet full of humble dirt farmers who claim to be defended from the Wraith by the all-seeing Lord Protector in the Tower. Investigating further, they discover that the "Tower" looks exactly like the central spire of Atlantis - all that remains visible of a second identical Ancient city-ship.

While McKay and his trusty sidekick native guide Baldric stay behind to take energy readings, the rest of the team gets menaced by the Lord Protector's guards (when they try to top the former from beating innocent peasants). The situation is diffused by Otho, the Lord Protector's chamberlain, who scans them all and then forcibly invites Sheppard back to the Tower.



  • Boldly Coming: Sheppard.
    • He first assumes Mara is visiting him because he was worried "How's your father"... then realises she's there for hows your father
  • The Dandy: The Lord Protector's son... To clarify, he's very flamboyant in his mannerisms and frilly dressed even for a mediaeval society, not to mention he seems very concerned his sister has any progeny of her own that could usurp him.
  • Deadly Decadent Court
  • Dress Hits Floor
  • Evil Chancellor: Otho
  • Evil Redhead: Tavius, the Lord Protector's son, envies his father's throne. Turns out to be a Red Herring, as it was Otho who was actually poisoning the Lord Protector.
  • Feudal Future
  • Jabba Table Manners: The nobles eat like this - made all the more disgusting by its juxtaposition with the all-but-starving farmers who provide the food.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Otho dies at the hands of his own poison dagger.
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  • Macross Missile Massacre
  • Offered the Crown:
    Dr. Weir: They didn't offer you king?
    Lt. Col. Sheppard: I turned that down too!
  • Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions: Subverted.
    Baldric: I’m not so sure this is wise.
    McKay: Okay, I’m not interested in your primitive taboos, okay? It is a dark and scary place but it’s not cursed or haunted or anything like that. It’s perfectly safe.
    Baldric: Actually the catacombs are prone to earthquakes.
    McKay: (worriedly) They are?
  • Poisoned Weapons
  • Ready for Lovemaking: Mala, complete with Dress Hits Floor
  • Recycled Set: Justified; the tower and its catacombs are an exact replica of Atlantis.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Specifically, operate the Ancient drone weapon. Nobility is synonymous with possessing the ATA gene.
  • Stock Episode Titles: 9 uses
  • This Is No Time to Panic
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  • Wham Line: When Otho reveals himself to be the mastermind behind the plot:
    Otho: Mara is perfectly safe now. Tavius has been arrested for the murder of the Lord Protector. And you...really should have left when you had the chance.

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