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Recap / Robin Hood S 01 E 04 Parent Hood

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Whilst stealing horses from Gisborne, Robin and the outlaws come across a baby boy, abandoned in the forest. Minutes later, however, it turns out the horses are marked, and Gisborne returns; Roy is captured in the ensuing battle. Whilst in the dungeons, Roy discovers that Gisborne fathered a child with Annie, a girl working in the castle kitchens, and that he'd lied to her and abandoned the child in the forest, instead of taking him to Kirklees Abbey. Later, Roy is brought before the Sheriff and given an ultimatum: kill Robin Hood, or watch his own mother (who believed him dead) hang.


Robin and the outlaws head to the castle to save Roy, only to find him riding away, supposedly having escaped. In order to lure Robin away from the others, Roy invents a story about the baby's mother living in Knighton. Meanwhile, Marian attempts to deliver food to Clun, which the Sheriff has kept quarantined in spite of the fact that the illness is over. The guards stop her and she is only saved from reprisals by Robin and Roy's arrival. Robin is shot in the arm with an arrow while feeding the villagers, but he and Roy escape. Before Roy can kill him, though, they are joined by the rest of the outlaws.

Taking refuge in a villager's home, Roy tries to kill Robin but is foiled by Much and the others. He confesses that his mother is in danger, and Robin comes up with a plan to save her. The outlaws break into Nottingham Castle the next day, but are captured by the Sheriff before they can rescue Roy's mother. The hanging is interrupted when Annie arrives, having discovered from Allan what really happened to her baby. The outlaws try to make good their escape, but Roy is held at knifepoint by the Sheriff; he gives up his life so the others may escape. The outlaws help Annie and the baby start a new life elsewhere.



  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: Roy.
  • Foreshadowing: In this episode, Robin tells Marian why he left the Crusades; he was injured foiling an assassination attempt on the King's life, and awoke to discover the King had moved on. Later on, he has flashbacks to said assassination attempt. Notably, during these flashbacks you can actually see the assassin is Gisborne at one point.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Roy
  • Important Haircut: Marian's public haircut is her punishment for defying the Sheriff, and a payoff in return for the Sheriff not listening to suggestions she associates with outlaws.
  • Killed Off for Real: Roy.
  • Parents for a Day: The outlaws, with the baby.

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