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Recap / RWBYV 7 E 2 A New Approach

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Volume 7, Episode 02:

A New Approach
"Amity was built to bring the nations together, and it will serve that purpose once again."
Written by Kiersi Burkhart
Directed by Connor Pickens

"Ozpin believed the best way to fight Salem was to do so in secret. Whether that was the right choice or not isn't for me to say. But we find ourselves in a position of needing, well, a new approach."
General James Ironwood

Arresting people isn’t exactly the best way to make a first impression. However, once the initial shock has worn off, Ruby and her friends learn there’s a lot more to these Ace Ops - and even General Ironwood - than first meets the eye.

Tropes in this episode include:

  • Anger Born of Worry: Winter is incensed that the team stole the airship to enter Atlas, not because it was against the law or military property, but because they might have been shot down. It's made very clear that her anger is mostly worry about Weiss's safety.
  • Cooldown Hug: When Winter finds out that the protagonists illegally entered Mantle in their stolen airship, she points out to Weiss that they could have been shot down for doing just that. Weiss, however, calms Winter down by giving the latter a hug and assuring her they did what they had to do.
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  • Exact Words: When Ironwood asks Ruby if they learned anything from Ozpin about the lamp, Ruby tells him that Ozpin said the lamp can answer three questions but that the questions have been used up already. While it's true that they did learn this from Ozpin, what Ruby's omitting is that Ozpin wasn't being honest.
  • Hollywood Hacking: Watts is able to disable technology in Mantle with a simple push of a button, even if the technology is dramatically different, like road barriers and security cameras. He justifies it as saying that he wrote the code for the systems, and Mantle's digital security was not updated, so his old backdoors still work.
  • Info Dump:
    • During an argument with a fellow prisoner, the prisoner explains to the heroes and audience who Robyn Hill is. He covers how well trained she is, that she's running for a seat on the Council, that her priority in life is protecting Mantle, and that she has the backing of the poor and disenfranchised behind her.
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    • After he receives them in his office, Ironwood explains to the heroes his plan of action against Salem. He reveals that he's informed Penny, Winter and Ace Ops of Ozpin's Secret War against Salem and is currently re-purposing the Amity Colosseum as a high-atmosphere CCT satellite to restore global communications. He also explains that he withdrew his fleet to Atlas so he could safely defend his kingdom when he reveals Salem's existence to them. Once that's done, he and his military aim to spread the the news about Salem to the rest of the world and use his military to help protect everyone.
  • Internal Reveal: Ironwood spends a lot of time explaining to the protagonists who he's entrusted with knowledge of the war with Salem, and what he plans to do about it now that Ozpin is gone and the Relic of Knowledge is in Atlas. However, he doesn't realise the significance of Oscar's presence in the room until he says that he's doing the best he can without Ozpin here to guide him, causing the protagonists to fall silent. Qrow then makes Ironwood, Winter and Penny aware of what the audience already knows: that Oscar is the next Ozpin. However, Ruby refuses to let Ironwood learn the real reason why Ozpin is currently missing from Oscar's head, thus leaving Ironwood unaware of Jinn's revelations and thinking the Relic has used up all its questions.
  • Man Hug: After the heroes leave Ironwood's office, Ironwood goes after Qrow and catches him alone in the corridor. He emphasises that he meant what he said about it being good to see Qrow again and hugs him. Qrow stands still in shock for a moment before softening into the hug, rolling his eyes and patting Ironwood comfortingly on the shoulder with a smile.
  • To Unmasque the World: Since Ozpin is no longer around to guide them, Ironwood feels a new plan is needed: so, instead of continuing the fight against Salem in secrecy, he's going to reveal her existence to Remnant and unite humanity against this common enemy. Although the heroes were very angry with Ozpin's secrecy, their response to Ironwood's plan is to display similar misgivings to Ozpin himself over the potential chaos and panic revealing the truth to the world might cause.
  • Tsundere: Marrow claims that he's not happy about working with the group, but is then mortified to realise his wagging tail is giving him away.

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