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Recap / Pushing Daisies S 1 E 2 Dummy

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The Past

Ned is dropped off at boarding school, four weeks after his mother's death. Teased by the other boys, Ned concocts a revenge plan: he volunteers to help out in science class and secretly resurrects the frogs, causing mayhem. Though he quickly regrets his actions, he lies to the teachers about being responsible—having learned to lie from his father, who lied when he said he'd be back for Ned.

The Present

Chuck has many questions about being back from the dead, not all of which Ned is willing to answer. To Emerson's dismay, Chuck tags along on their latest case: automotive engineer Bernard Slaybeck, dead in a hit-and-run. Or so they think until Ned wakes up Bernard, who claims that he was killed by a dummy. Intrigued, the detectives investigate Bernard's employer, the Dandy Lion car company, where they meet his grieving girlfriend, Jeanine, and poke around the Dandy Lion factory.

Jeanine points them to a large pit full of discarded crash test dummies, but they barely have time to investigate before someone dressed as a dummy knocks them unconscious and, back at the factory, imprisons them inside body bags inside a Dandy Lion prototype.



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